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Late Dawns and Early Sunsets

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We find out a little bit more about what happened to Kichi and who are 'Them'?

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Mikey couldn't sleep that night. At some point during the night Kichi had moved closer and closer, until she eventually had her head resting against his chest. Her arm inched around his waist as she softly sighed.

He watched her facial expressions change slightly as she slept. Her eyes flickered with dreams that Mikey was curious about but left her thoughts to herself. Occaisionally she'd shift slightly and mumble words that he couldn't quite make out.

When dawn finally broke at precisely 6:14am (for he had been checking the clock every few minutes) Mikey decided it was early enough to get up without seeming completely crazy.

Frank was already up and dressed, drinking coffee.
"Dude, how early do you get up?" Mikey asked sleepily, rubbing his eyes.
"Early enough" he said, smiling into his coffee cup. "Was Kichi okay after her nightmare?" he asked, looking at Mikey with worried eyes.
"Yeah, she slept sound the rest of the night" Frank nodded looking happier now he knew she had been okay.
"Do you know what happened to her yet?" Mikey just shook his head.
"But you have your suspicions, right?" Frank asked.
"Yeah. I don't want to come out right and say it. I'm not telling Kichi about them till I have to. No point in worrying her till I, we, have to" Frank smirked into his coffe cup.
"Face the facts dude, your in love" Mikey turned to stare at Frank with wide shocked eyes.
"I am not" he hissed. Frank gave a small laugh.
"Don't even deny it. Everyone see's it just not Kichi"
"What don't I see?" asked a voice from the door way.
"Morning Kichi" Frank grinned. "Ya want coffee?" he asked. Kichi nodded enthusiastically and he just giggled.
"Coming right up" he giggled once more before heading off to the kitchen and subtly giving Mikey and Kichi a little alone time.
"What don't I see Mikey?" she asked, watching him with large grey eyes.
"Nothing" he said, his cheeks flamming with colour.
"Don't lie...Or do I have to search in here to find out? Kichi gave a small giggle as Mikey squeaked slightly.
"Please don't" he whispered.
"Well tell me then" she said, taking a step closer. She was wearing a pair of Frank's Batman pyjama pants and one of Mikey's tee-shirts. Her hair was everywhere in a cute mess and her voice was still sleepy.
"Well basically Kichi I lo-"
"Good morning!" yelled Gerard bouncing happily in the door. The looks he got from the both of them made him think that maybe he shouldn't have came in at that very moment.
"I'll just, uh, leave" he said, slowly backing out the door.
"What were you saying Mikey?" she asked, not letting the subject go.
"That I love you Kichi. I wanna be with you forever"

Okay I know this all about Kichi/Mikey but there is a shit load more drama coming into this very soon. And you find out properly what happened to Kichi. I promise.

xoxo Sam
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