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Chapter 5

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((AUG. 31st))
“Oh, that’s Kim with the girls,” Marshall said going downstairs. I followed him, Keith trailed behind. He looked back at me. I gave him a worried look. Kim and I have never really gotten along, I think she was jealous of Marshall and I back when we were together. Marshall always told me its just because I was 19 and she was just being stupid. “Don’t make faces, it’ll be fine,” he assured. I let out a sigh. “You don’t have to talk to her if you don’t want to,” Marshall said.
“Good. Im just gonna sit on the couch then,” I told Marshall.
“K,” he mumbled. Once we got downstairs I sat down on the couch with Keith.
“Who here mommy?” Keith asked looking up at me.
“Daddy’s girls,” I told him. He looked confused.
“Why does daddy have other girls?” he asked. He must have thought I meant older girls.
“They are his kids,” I said with a smile.
“Oh,” he giggled. Marshall talked to Kim for a while. Shortly after he came into the living room with his girls. He had a 3rd one, who I didn’t know.
“Girls, you remember Meleah?” Marshall asked them.
“No,” Hailie said confused while staring at me.
“I kinda do,” Alaina said. I slightly smiled at her. I was afraid that the girls wouldn’t like me, like they thought that I was going to take Marshall away from them, or replace their mother.
“Who’s’ this?” I asked the little girl who Marshall was holding, she got all shy and burred her face on Marshall’s shoulder. “Aww, is someone shy,” I asked softly. She clanged onto Marshall.
“Her name is Whitney,” Marshall said brushing her hair back.
“Hi Whitney,” I smiled. She closed her eyes.
“Aww come on,” Marshall said. She just whined. I looked sad. “Its ok honey,” Marshall said rubbing her back. She laid her head on Marshall’s shoulder. “She’ll be ok in a few hours,” Marshall assured. I smiled at him.
“Who is that?” Hailie asked pointing to Keith. Keith came running over to me, I picked him up.
“This is your brother,” Marshall told the girls.
“I have a brother?” Hailie asked, she seemed very confused.
“Yes you do,” I told her.
“Cool! Maybe he can be like daddy!” Hailie giggled with smile. Marshall laughed slightly. I smiled.
“That’s very possible, his is a lot like your dad,” I told her, I looked up and smiled at Marshall, he smiled back. The girls smiled, Alaina randomly took off down towards her room, Hailie followed.

FFT>> APRIL 10TH 2006 WED. (9:00PM)
UPDATES::: Meleah: 25, Marshall: 34, Hailie: 10, Alaina: 13, Whitney: 5, Keith: 6
Im nine months pregnant now, the doctor slipped and told me that I have a girl. Im thinking of naming her Urte, after my friend. We just got Keith to bed he has school in the morning. We were laying in bed watching the news. “Hey babe?” Marshall asked me.
“Yes?” I asked turning to him.
“Could you go pick up some groceries tomorrow?” he asked.
“Uh sure,” I said, I didn’t really want to, but Marshall cant really go into a store.
“I have some things I have to do down at the studio,” he said. I didn’t reply. I stared at the TV the were talking about some shooting downtown today, outside of some gas station.
“People need to stop killing each other,” Marshall mumbled while shaking his head.
“Yeah seriously,” I said. Once the news was over we decided to go to bed. We cuddled up together then fell asleep not long after words.
We woke up to the phone ringing. We both sat up and sighed. I looked at the clock, it was 6:30am. I sighed again then got out of bed and went downstairs to go wake up Keith to get ready for school. Marshall answered the phone once I left, I couldn’t hear what he was saying though. I got to Keith’s room, he was already up, there was clothes laying on the floor.
“What are you doing?” I asked him.
“I cant find my shirt daddy gave me,” he whined looking in a drawer.
“The Shady one he had made for you?” you ask him. He turned and nodded at you.
“I think its in the closet,” I said while going over to the closet, I found it hanging in the back. “Yep,” I said taking it down.
“Oh yey!” he said as I handed it too him. “You get dressed. Imma go get dressed then come back down to see if you’re ready,” I said with a smile.
“Ok,” Keith smiled.
I got back up to my room, Marshall was sitting on the bed with his head down, the phone on the floor. It looks like he was crying. “Babe?” I questioned softly. He didn’t even look up at me he just sat there. “Honey!” I said a bit louder. He looked up at me, he had been crying, his eyes were very red. “Marshall, what happened!?” I asked running over to him, giving him a hug. He was still crying, he fell into my arms as if he was very week like an infant who couldn’t hold himself up.
“Proof…hes….hes… dead,” he sobbed.
“What?” I whispered. He didn’t say anything, he just cried. I held him tight. We sat on the floor for about a half hour. Keith finally came up to the room.
“Mom!” he yelled. “You take forever!” he yelled. We both looked up at him, tears in our eyes. “Mommy, what’s wrong?” he asked. I stood up, whipped my eyes then went over to Keith.
“Umm, nothing…you ready?” I asked him glancing back at Marshall who was now standing and staring out the window with his phone in his hand.
“Yes,” he said looking over at Marshall. “What’s wrong with daddy?” he questioned.
“He…uhh… is fine, lets go to school,” I said. “Go get your coat, I’ll be down in a second,” I told him.
“Fine!” he said, he seemed a bit disappointed. Once he left the room I went over to Marshall, who was still staring out the window.
“Babe,” I say placing my hand on his shoulder. He jumped a bit then turned to me. “Im gonna take Keith to school,” I said softly. He nodded.
“Ok, they want me to come down to the hospital,” he mumbled. I could tell he was very upset, and that he really didn’t want to go down there.
“Oh, are you?” I asked.
“I have to, I don’t really want to, but I have to say my goodbyes,” he said almost crying again. I nodded. I gave him a long hug before I had to leave.
“Tell him that I love him and say goodbye,” I said softly with tears in my eye as I saw Marshall’s face, his eyes very red and watery. He nodded.

I got into my car not long after Meleah had left to bring Keith to school. All I could think of was not Proof, not Proof, not Proof, hoping that this was all a mistake and Proof was still alive. I drove to the hospital, it seemed to take forever. I felt like everyone was staring at me while I was at the red lights. I’d look over at them with no expression on my face, but no one was ever looking at me. Once I arrived at the hospital I hesitated to open the door. Once I opened the door I went into the hospital and slowly walked to the front desk. “Hello, how can I help you,” he young lady said with a smile. I gave her the look of, Im not in the mood not pull that smiling shit on me. Her smile turned to a normal straight face. “You must me Mr. Mathers, Mrs. Holton is waiting for you,” she told me. I nodded showing her that she was right.
“Follow me,” she said getting up, I trailed behind her dragging my feet, I never walked so slow in my life. She opened the door Sharonda (Proof’s wife) was standing there. She ran to me and we hugged each other tight. The nurse left the room.
“Im so sorry,” I said softly. “You know DeShaun was like a brother to me,” I said to her while looking at Proof, they had him just laying there. He seemed like a rag doll.
“I’ll give you some time alone,” Sharonda said leaving the room. I nodded while still looking down at Proof, tears in my eyes, I began to cry.
“Hi Proof,” I mumbled. “I miss you already,” I cried. “How could this happen, you were like a bother to me,” I said to him. “I love you man,” I said staring down at him, there seemed to be nothing left of him. “Meleah says hello, and she loves you,” I told him. I stared down at him. “Why!” I screamed getting randomly pissed more than sad. I punched the wall next to me then threw a table of tools on the floor.

“Dad, this is the 3rd time I called. Why wont you answer your phone, hello? Call me back please. Im starting to get worried about you!” I left him a message on his phone. I was getting worried that something bad happened to him. I went into the kitchen. My mom was in there getting dinner ready.
“Mom!” I yelled angry. She looked over at me.
“What?” he asked.
“Dad wont answer his phone!” I said mad.
“Oh…uh… that’s cause,” she hesitated.
“Cause why!” I demanded.
“Honey, go get Alaina, and I’ll tell you why dad wont answer his phone,” my mom told me. I went and got Alaina then went back into the kitchen with her not long after.
“Tell me now!” I demanded.
“Daddy is sad because, DeShaun,” she paused.
“What happened,” I asked I felt scared.
“He died,” she said.
“What!?” I yelled. “What do you mean!? ‘he died’!?” I screamed at her.
“He died, that’s why dad wont answer hes really upset,” she said.
“I wanna go to dad’s right now and see him!” me and Alaina demanded.
“I…” she started but paused as the doorbell rang….
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