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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
“Lily wake up, your gonna be late for school!” your mom yells shaking you… You open your eyes slowly….
“Huh?” you ask. “Its Monday already?” you ask confused thinking that it was only supposed to be Sunday…
“Yes, you must have been very tired last night,” you mom says with a smile……
“Yeah cause I don’t remember even going to bed,” you say. wait… that sounds very bad you think to yourself… your mom just smirks at you.. You give her a funny look she ignores it and walks out the room.
“Get dressed!” you hear her call back. You sigh and stand up… You slowly walk to the bathroom. You walk in and shut the door.. You stare at yourself in the mirror.
“Why cant I remember anything….” you whisper to yourself…. “I must of been so tired I passed out or something….” you mumble while washing your face off… you lightly put on some make up, brush your hair and teeth then go to the bathroom, wash your hands then leave the bathroom (lol). You go back to your Nick is already gone… you go to your dresser grab a nice blue tank top…. And over that a darker blue swear shirt… you slip on a pair of jeans then go out into the kitchen… your father has left for work… “Wait why aren’t you at work?” you ask your mom who is feeding Mya…
“I have the week off remember?” your mom tells you.
“Oh.. Right…” you say and laugh at yourself…
“Hungry?” she asks you. You shake your head…
“No I’m just gonna get my things and walk over to Marshalls catch the bus there,” you say while putting on your shoes…
“Ok you be careful tho,” your mom reminds you.
“Don’t worry mom I’ll be fine,” you say…. “I’ll see you after school, if not I’ll call you,” you say…
“Ok honey love you,” she says.
“Love you too,” you say grabbing your coat and heading out the door…..
You walk down the road… no one is out yet…. You remember that your out about 10 minutes early and you figure that’s why… you arrive at Marshalls… you hear yelling so you hesitate to knock on the door…. You try and figure out what they are yelling but you cant make anything out.. You stand there for a few seconds…. You decide to knock… the door flys open and there stands Debbie with an angry look on her face..
“Uh, M…M… Marshall here?” you ask.
“Yeah you’ll just have to wait,” Debbie smarts off.. You stare at her and spot Marshall in the living room picking some things up… He looks over and spots you, he smiles slightly…
“Mom would you let her in its cold….” Marshall says… She moves over you walk past her and go over to Marshall he hugs you. “Just sit on the couch I’ll only be a minute,” he whispers in your ear as you hug him. You go over and sit on the couch… He cleans up the living room in like 3 minutes… Then he goes in his room and come back with his shoes and coat on….
“Come on,” Marshall says motioning you to follow him out the door. You stand up and you both walk to the door, before you can even get the door open…
“Hey!” Debbie yells.
“Now what?” Marshall sighs…
“You come home after school today,” she says pointing at him. He gives her a look.
“Why?” he says very annoyed.
“Cause you are coming with me to go shopping,” she says as she sits down at the kitchen table and lights a cigarette.
“Ummm why do I have to go?” Marshall asks.. She takes a puff and blows out smoke…..
“Because I said so, now get outta here,” she demands. Marshall sighs and opens the door you walk out and Marshall closes it behind him.
“I don’t understand why she cant do to the store now,” he says as you two walk to the stop. You don’t respond… you get to the stop and lean against the building nearby.
“Hey,” you say looking over at Marshall who is building up snow against the building… it snowed last night and theres about an inch of snow on the ground…
“What?” he asks.. Stopping what he was doing and looking over at you.
“You didn’t give me my morning kiss,” you say with a smile.
“Well maybe you don’t get on today,” he says.. You give him a look of sadness… “I was joking,” he says and leans over and kisses you, you kiss back then he pulls away… a nerdy lookin kid comes to the bus…
“Hi,” he says looking over at you two… Marshall just stares at him then looks back down to the thing he was doing with the snow before..
“Hello,” you say just trying to be nice….
“Im new,” he says…
“That’s great,” Marshall says as if hes annoyed… the kid ignores Marshalls words..
“What is your name?” he asks looking at you.
“Lily,” you say… he reaches out his hand but you don’t take it do to the fact that Marshall is glaring at the kid.
“Oh ok… sorry..” the kid says sort of backing away form you two…. “Im Tyler,” he says… “Did you two know that more humans deaths due to animals are caused by snake bites than from any other creature,” he says..
“Well that’s nice… look, we don’t care about that,” Marshall says angrily.
“Well you a pleasant person. Whats your name?” Tyler asks..
“Marshall. Now leave us alone, and stop look at her like that,” Marshall says. He grabs you an pulls you closer to him then grabs your hand and laces his fingers with yours…
“You shouldn’t force girls on you like that,” Tyler says. “Maybe she don’t like you,” he says..
“Shes my girlfriend,” Marshall snaps..
“Oh.. Sorry I didn’t know,” Tyler says and turns away from the two of you.
“Well now you do,” Marshall says.. “An I expect you to stay away from her,” he adds… “Stay away from him, I don’t trust him,” Marshall whispers to you.
“I was planning on it. I was just trying to be nice,” you say. “You got a problem with that?” you ask while staring at him.
“No, just hes.. Creepy.. You know what I mean?” he asks while looking at Tyler.
“Yeah…” you say.. Marshall looks back at you and kisses you again you kiss back…your interrupted by Tyler……….
“I don’t like when people kiss in public,” Tyler says.. You stop and pull away you and Marshall stare at him..
“Well, don’t look and you wont see it,” Marshall says… and does a motion with his finger like turn around… “Some people,” Marshall says…

“Whos that new kid,” one of the blondes at your table says pointing to Tyler… \
“His name is Tyler,” Marshall says..
“How do you know?” she asks Marshall.
“Hes at my stop… you know you two sit here everyday but none of know how you are,” Marshall says…
“Oh, yeah,” she laughs… “Im Kate and this is my sister Jessi,” Kate says…
“Oh ok,” Marshall says.. “Why did you ask about Tyler?” he asks beginning to be all curious about it…
“Because hes hot,” Kate says…. Marshall looks over at you with a what the fuck look on his face…
“You should ask him out then,” you say….
“What do you know about guys?” Kate asks….
“I have a boyfriend don’t I?” you ask while pointing at Marshall who is eating some potatoes…
“Oh, I didn’t know that..” Kate says..
“Yeah, they do say that most guys want the girls to ask them out, so go do it!” you say.. She stands up.. And walks over to Tyler… She comes back later…. “He said yes!” Kate says.. “Hes gonna sit here, if that’s ok?” Kate asks…
“Great,” Marshall says….. “But whatever,” he says….

“Where’s Marshall?” your mom asks as you walk in the house…
“Shopping with his mother,” you say….
“Oh how cute,” she says.. You give her the oddest look.
“Cute?” you ask her like what the fuck….
“Yeah, I don’t know,” she laughs….
“Right,” you say leaving the room and going to yours, Nick is not home yet you throw your bag on the floor and lay down on the bed and stare at the ceiling………
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