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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9
FFW Summer of ‘87 July 1st.
UPDATES:: You’re 13 now. Marshall is 14. You and Marshall have been going out for about seven months now. Not much has really changed, but everyone’s ages. However,… about a few months ago,…Something did change…
“NICK!” your mother screams from the other room. Both you and Nick stop what you were doing and stare at the door. You glance at the clock it’s about noon.
“You better answer her. Or you know what will happen,” you say pointing in the direction of your mother.
“Fuck that shit! I don’t need her and dad fuckin telling me what to do. Im 16 I can handle myself,” Nick yells at you and jumps out the window after packing up a backpack.
“Nick, come on don’t do this. All this crap has gone too far. And I miss the old you,” you say staring at him as he stops halfway in the yard. He just stares at you.
“Well I like what I do. And I don’t miss my old self. Now Im out!” he says and takes off running. This all started about a few months ago, Nick got around the wrong kind of people after breaking up with his girlfriend back in South Dakota. He hangs out with theses kids. They call themselves Energy Trick. This is the stupidest thing you’ve heard in along time. But him and his so-called friends smoke pot, drink and do other drugs. He clams that him and his boys are part of the Bloods, but they have their own park and that’s where Energy Trick comes in. He blames all his stupidity on school, dad and his ex. However, your father has done nothing to Nick but be a father. You’re starting to hate nick and you hardly talk to him. Mya won’t even go near him, when hes in the room with her she starts crying for you, mom or dad.
Your mom walks in the room soon after Nick leaves. “Where is that boy? Why won’t he answer me?” she asks looking all pissed off.
“He took off out the window with a bag,” you say pointing out the window. You can see Marshall coming.
“Damn it!” she yells stomping her foot. Marshall comes up to the window.
“Did I do something wrong?” Marshall asks.
“No, you didn’t it was Nick,” your mom replies trying to put on a smile that you can tell is fake and she has no interest in you and Marshall right now. You look up at your mom like can I go with him now. “Go, have fun,” your mom says. You smile at her and crawl out the window with Marshall’s help. “Hey!” your mom yells. You turn around and look at her. “Don’t be like your brother, and if you see him tell him I want him home NOW!” she yells.
“Ok mom!” you yell back. After you’re out of the sight of your house, Marshall grabs your hand and laces fingers with you.
“Your brother still bein stupid?” Marshall asks as you approach the path in the woods that you two always go walking on.
“Yeah,” you sigh.
“Well don’t worry about me, I don’t get into that shit,” he says. You have smile at him.
“I just wish my bro wasn’t so fucking dumb,” you say sadly.
“He’ll come around. Most of them do,” he says and you continue to walk deeper in the woods.
“I doubt it, you can’t tell him anything,” you say.
“He’ll learn,” Marshall says. “Trust me,”
“Yeah… Can we change the subject?” you ask. He smiles cutely at you.
“Yeah,” he says smiling and pushes you up to a nearby tree, he kisses you, you kiss back he grabs both your hands and holds onto them. You two make out for a while, you start to hear footsteps and talking, but you ignore it. They get closer….
“Hey!” yells some older woman. You pull away from Marshall and peak around him. He turns around and you both stare at the woman.
“What!?” Marshall yells.
“Don’t you think you’re a bit young to be doing that?” she asks.
“Um?” Marshall says. “No, it’s none of your business,” Marshall says.
“Well I don’t think children should be portraying public displays of affection,” she says.
“Well ok that’s your option and you’re entitled to that,” you say moving away from the tree. “And sense you have no right to tell us to do. I ask you to please get the fuck outta my face,” you almost yell at her.
“Young lady that’s no way to talk to your elder,” the woman says.
“Oh my god,” you sigh.
“Let’s just keep going,” Marshall says letting go of one of your hands and pulling you along. You follow him as you glare back at the woman. “Shes just stupid ignore her,” Marshall says. You move closer to him.
“Well Im just tired of people telling me that we’re too young to have a relationship,” you say.
“Well, they … don’t know love,” he says slowly. You stop forcing him to stop he just stares at you.
“Are you trying to tell me something?” you ask with a smile.
“Yeah, can’t you tell,” he says and gives you a peck. He touches his lips to yours. “I love you,” he whispers.
“I love you too,” you say with a smile then push your lips closer to his and kiss him. You pull away and he smiles, you smile back then continue walking.
You two walk to a table and sit down. “What do you wanna do today?” Marshall asks. “I got like 30 bucks,” he says pulling some money out of his pocket.
“Whoa! Where’d you get that?” you ask.
“Ha, I got it from my mom; she made me clean the whole house. So I took this,” he says with a smile.
“Wont she like kill you now?” you ask with concern.
“Naw. She don’t know she even had this money, she like put it away years ago and forgot about it,” he says.
“Ok, well how do you know?” you ask.
“Cuz shes dumb, and she forgets things cuz of the drugs. They fuck up her mind,” he says pointing to his own head. You shake your head.
“Ok then. How bout a movie?” you ask with a smile. He smiles….
“Ok what one?” he asks…
“I don’t know, lets go to the theater and look,” you say.
“Ok, before we go you wanna get lunch?” he asks standing up.
“Yeah sure,” you say with a smile, stand up yourself, and follow him towards Taco Bell that is close by.
You eat there then head to the theater to check out what movies are playing. He grabs your hand and pulls you closer to him. It is sort of a long walk to the theater. After about a half hour walk you arrive at the theater. “Ok so theres… uhh The Wild Pair,” Marshall says.
“Oh… that looks interesting what’s it about?” you ask. You walk up to the poster.
“A strait-laced FBI agent and a hulking, big-hearted narcotics cop team up to track down a drug lord associated with a militant hate group,” Marshall reads off the poster. (I’ve never seen this move BTW)
“Oh… that’s odd…” you say.
“Yeah…” he says. “But it’s the only one playing in like 10 minutes… I wanna wait a half hour for something else,” he says.
“Ok sure,” you say and you head into the theater. The movie ends. You’re walking out the theater with Marshall and you run into…
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