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Chapter 16

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Chapter 16
Chev smiled at Mya. Mya ran down the hall after that. “She has that Marshall persons eyes,” he says looking at Brandy like hes irritated. You give him a dirty look.
“Oh I didn’t mean it like that,” he said trying to save his ass if you will…You sigh.
“Could you please not mention him. Im tying to forget,” you say sadly, as you get a picture of the last time you saw Marshall in your head, a tear runs down your cheek, you wipe it away before Chev notices.
“How can you forget? Hes your baby’s daddy,” he says.
“Chev!” you yell making him jump. “You’re not helping,” you mutter.
“Look Im sorry!” he yells. “I just hate him,” he admitted.
“Then why do you keep bringing him up?” you ask pissed.
“I don’t know, can we change the subject?” he asks.
“Fine, but don’t yell around my baby ever again,” you grumble.
“You started it,” he says, now hes being childish.
“We’re not in 1st grade,” you remind him. “Don’t act like a child,” you demand.
“Fine. I wanna help you tho,” he reminded you.
“Well if you’re going to help me, we cannot fight, or act like children. That is not going to help anything, when it comes to raising a baby,” you noted.
“Wow you matured,” he said surprised.
“I matured once I got to Detroit, and I wish I was still there,” you sigh. “I hate my stupid brother,” you wine.
“No, you just miss that thing,” he says.
“His name is Marshall and hes not a thing, and its not his fault that I had to come back, its Nick’s,” you say starting to cry. “See what you did,” you say pointing to your eyes. He sighs.
“Im sorry, I wont fight with you or bring him up again,” he says pulling you into a hug. You let him hold you as you cry in his arms. He places his hands on your shoulders and pushes you away. He stares at you then kisses you, surprisingly you kiss him back. You liked it, you never thought you would ever be kissing Chev. You pull away shortly after. You stare at him confused. “Im sorry,” he mutters.
“No, its fine,” you say. “In a strange way… it… made me feel better,” you say confused.
“Really?” he asks.
“Yeah, I don’t know,” you say. He looked down at the ground.
“Does this mean you like me?” he asked.
“I…maybe,” you say.
“Ok, you wanna…” he paused for a second. “you know…” he stated again.
“Go out with you?” you asked.
“Yeah, like be my girlfriend?” he asks.
“I…” you look down at the floor, then at Brandy, then back at Chev.
“Well?” he asks.
“Sure, maybe it could turn into something,” you say. You are kinda just doing this to make yourself to not feel lonely and make Chev happy.

4 YEARS LATER Aug 19th 1992>>>> (Marshall is 19, your 18... Marshalls almost 20.. Ohh Chev is 18 also)
You’ve been dating Chev this whole time. Brandy is now 4, she is very beautiful and into music, like her daddy, unlike her daddy she likes Country music, and she wants to be a singer. Its so cute. You still haven’t told her that Chev is not her dad. You don’t know how, shes only four years old. What are you supposed to do. Oh yeah Brandy, by the way Chev is not your father, your father lives in Detroit, he don’t know you. It makes you sad every time you hear her call him Daddy, knowing that someday you’re going to have to tell her the truth.
So on with what you do… you really got into photo taking, you that photos of things for different magazines. You really love it too. Who knew at 18 you could be doing that, but your mom knows this guy. (lol that sounds bad)
When Brandy was first born you quit school to take care of her, when she was 1 you decided to go back, and you actually graduated early. Which was pretty fucking awesome for you. So you skipped a year and you graduated with your class. Just this year. Yey for you!!.

Right now your out taking photos, for a magazine. You have to take pictures of flowers. Chev comes running up to you and Brandy. “Lily, I need to talk to you, you got a minute?” he asks.
“Yeah I guess,” you say confused.
“Brandy, stay there baby,” Chev says. She looks confused. “We’ll be right over by that tree, I gotta talk to Mommy alone,” Chev says. She sits down by the flowers and smiles. Chev drags you by a nearby tree.
“Babe, what is this about?” you ask.
“Don’t call me babe,” he says irritated. You look at him confused.
“Huh?” you ask.
“Exactly why Im here,” he says. Your confused as fuck right now. “Im going to collage,” he says.
“Yeah and your point?” you ask.
“Its all the way in California,” he says.
“What!?” you yell
“Yeah, so… us.. Not a thing anymore,” he says.
“So after four years of dating, that’s how you’re going to break up with me?” you ask pissed off. Theres no time for crying… not now anyway.
“Yep, see ya!” he says and runs away. You watch him leave the park.
“What a fucking asshole,” you whisper to yourself as tears roll down your eyes, you start bawling your eyes you as you fall to your knees, you put your face in your hands and just cry. How could someone you thought loved you just leave like that, just up and leave. You keep crying. Brandy comes up to you.
“Mommy?” she asks quietly.
“Why are you crying?” she asks.. “Why did Daddy run away?” she asks. You look over at her. You wipe you eyes.
“Its time to go home now,” you say quietly, you take her hand and stand up. You don’t even bother to answer her question just yet, you’re going to tell her once you get home. Your going to just tell her the whole truth, you don’t even care if she wont understand, she will eventually. Once you got home, to your own small house on the other side of town. (you never lived with Chev btw) You take Brandy to the living room. You sit her down on the couch next to you and start spilling out the truth…
You tell her how when you were 12 that you moved to Detroit and met the guy Marshall and that you started to go out soon after then not long after you had to move back to South Dakota. You found out that you were pregnant with Bandy… and then Chev is not her father Marshall is. Of course she didn’t really understand anything you said.
“So.. Daddy’s name is Chev, but hes not my Daddy?” she asked confused.
“Yes, your father’s name is Marshall, but it don’t matter cause I don’t know where he is,” you say. She just gave you a confused look then ran away to her room. You sighed. I knew she wouldn’t understand you think to yourself then lay down on the couch and start to cry again…

A few hours later you get up after falling asleep, you go check on Brandy, she fell asleep. You just leave her where she is in her bed then go from her room and go down the hall to the kitchen. You grab a piece of yellow paper, and a pen. You go to the kitchen table and write a note to Marshall you had to write it about 7 times before you got it right…
Dear Marshall…
First off, I miss you so much right now… Don’t be surprised if theres tear drops on this. Yes Im crying. As expected, I moved on, Im sure you have too. But I still miss you. I got in a relationship about four years ago. Then about four hours ago he just left me, he told me he was going to collage and then he ran away. I just don’t understand. I know you wouldn’t do that to me…. Anyway… I have something I should tell you. I don’t know how to say this, but we have a daughter, her name is Brandy shes four years old. Shes like you in so many ways, she has your eyes, and smile. She also into music like you, she told me wants to be a singer when she grows up. I just told her that you were her father, but she didn’t understand I knew she wouldn’t, but it feels better telling her the truth.
I don’t know why Im writing this, not like you will ever see it. Apparently Im not over you, in fact I still love you. I think of you everyday Marshall. I wish you were here right now. I could really use a hug. I wish I never would have left Detroit, I feel so stupid. I probably could have stopped my parents, but I was stupid. You know every night I sit up and think about you, I think, will I ever see him again? Do I really still love him? Does he still love me? Does he think about me? If we meet again will he remember me? Does he even care? Has he found someone else? Is he alive? Where is he? What is he doing right now? Every question you think of is probably a question I think of every night. I need these questions to be answered. They probably wont be, you probably wont even be able to read this. You’ll probably become famous and forget about me. That’s what happens when people become famous, they forget about everyone else around them.
Well if you are reading this, I hope you decide to see Brandy, and talk to me. Marshall, I still love you, I know I said that already but its true… I hope you still have feelings. I miss you so much, Im still crying, and I wish you were here to hold me. Well… I don’t know what else to say… but… I love you…if you do read this I hope you come into Brandy’s life… she needs her real father… well I guess that’s it… love Lily.
You folded the letter all special then went to your room and placed it in your dresser drawer. You go downstairs and make dinner, you wake up Brandy so she can eat… a few minutes after eating the doorbell rings…
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