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Chapter 17

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…..Aug. 19th 1992. Around 6:15pm.

You go to the door and open it. (duh) Its your Mom and Dad. “Hey,” you say then let them in.
“Grandma! Grandpa!” Brandy shouts while running up to them. They give her a hug.
“What are you guys doing here?” you ask as your Dad picks up Brandy.
“We need to talk to you about your brother,” your Mother says quietly.
“What he do now?” you ask.
“Dane, put Brandy down and come in the kitchen with us,” your Mother said.
“Ok,” he says and put her down. You all go into the kitchen and sit at the table. Brandy went and watched cartoons.
“So what’s going on?” you ask. Your Dad took a deep breath.
“They let Nick out,” he says calmly.
“WHAT!?” you yell. “Why would they let him out? He killed someone!” you yell.
“No, that’s just it, he didn’t kill that man,” your Dad claims.
“Huh? Then.. Im confused,” you say.
“Turns out that guy just got injured. He was wanted by the cops,” your Mom explains.
“So they just let Nick out?” you ask. “Why’d it take so long?” you question.
“The cops had to go though some things, get some things set straight,” your Dad says.
“So where is he?” you ask.
“Here, hes in the car, he wants to talk to you,” your Mom says.
“No, NO! I cant talk to him,” you yell, you stand up and run out the room.
“LILY! Get back here Im still your Father you better listen to me!” you Dad screams running after you. He grabs your arm just as you’re about to go in your room.
“Daddy let go!” you yell.
“No,” he says turning you around. “I want you to talk to your bother, and work this out,” he says.
“But Dad, I cant,” you say. You’re very upset now, you don’t want to talk to your brother, you’re still pissed at him for ruining your life.
“Lily?” you hear Nick ask softly from down the hall. You look over at him. You don’t say a word you just stare at him. “Im sorry,” he says.
“Yeah good for you,” you say, you really don’t have any interest as to what he has to say.
“Could you please talk to me?” he asked as your Father walked way. You looked down at the floor. “Please look at me when Im talking to you,” he said.
“I don’t wanna hear it,” you say. (Nick 22 now btw)
“Come on. Im sorry, Im sorry that I fucked up everything, I shouldn’t have done that,” he says.
“Whatever,” you say.
“Come on, please forgive and forget?” he asks. “I’ve been clean for 4 years, my heads all clear and Im gonna go back to school, go to college to be a doctor,” he claimed, he comes I bit closer to you. “What will it do for you to forgive me?” he asks. You let out a sigh.
“Do you know how bad I hurt for months?” you asked turning to him and pointing to yourself. “I stayed in bed for a whole month because of it,” you say. “It still hurts, I still love Marshall, and its been four years, and I got pregnant. And now because of you, Brandy will never know her real father,” you yell then go into room slamming the door in his face.
“Lil,” he says loudly. “Open the door!” he yelled.
“No, go away!” you scream.
“What if I drive you to Detroit?” he asks.
“No, I don’t wanna. Marshall probably moved on, its been four years,” you say.
“So he might still be there and you can talk to him,” Nick said loudly. You got up and opened the door.
“You’d really dive me to Detroit to look for Marshall?” you ask.
“Yeah,” he says.
“Ok, I’ll do it,” you say.
“Ok, we’ll go this weekend,” he says. “And I truly am sorry,” he said again.
“I forgive you,” you say and give him a hug. He hugs back.
“Awww,” you hear your parents awwwing at you guys. You both look let go of each other.

MARSHALLS POV>> Aug. 21st 1992.… Thursday.
You’re going out of town to do this rap battle. In Dearborn MI…
“Kim!” you yell up stairs. You’re staying in your friends basement, because you have no place else to go. And your Mom lost it, and kicked you out, and shes basically psycho now.
“What?” she yells down the stairs.
“Where did you put my hoodie?” you ask looking around. Your place is mess, Kim said shes gonna reorganize it while your gone. So ok let her organize.
“Its over in the corner,” she yelled.
“Oh, ok thanks,” you say and grab it. Yeah its August its warm, but at night it gets cold, in basements and you’ll be staying in a friends basement for the weekend. You grab some things get go upstairs.
“You leaving?” Kim asks. A horn honks outside.
“Yeah,” you say and give her a kiss, she kisses back.
“Ok, see you Monday,” she says letting go of you.
“See ya,” you say and run out to the car, Goofy Gary is picking you up and you’ll be staying with him…

LILYS POV>>> Same day….
“Ok, Mom take care of Brandy, Nick is waiting outside, gotta go,” you say as your leaving your parents house.
“Bye bye honey Mommy will be home on Saturday,” you say to Brandy, you give her a hug and kiss then head out the door…
“Ready for this?” Nick asks.
“Yeah, I know I might not like what I see, but I gotta do this,” you say.
“Ok, lets go,” he says. After about 13 hours you finally arrive in Detroit, its around 9pm now. And you decide to go to the hotel and get some rest then go searching for Marshall in the morning.
Its morning now. (lol) First you go to where Marshall lived when you two were together, but he no longer lived in the same house. A old cat obsessed woman lived there now and told you that she had no idea where the previous family moved to. Once you lift there you checked the places you used to hang out. You were walking down the street by this place called the Hip Hop Shop when you run into this good looking black guy. He kept staring at you.
“Uh hello?” you asked after a few seconds of him staring at you. He looked at you and smiled.
“Oh sorry, you just look like this one… never mind,” he said. “Can I help you with something?” he asked like you were planning on going into the shop. You assumed he worked there or something.
“Uh, if your talking about the shop no. I was just looking for a old friend,” you say.
“Who, I probably know him, I know almost everyone in this city,” he said with a smile.
“Why do you automatically assume that it’s a guy?” you ask. He looks at you like hes sorry. “I was kidding,” you say then play hit him. You don’t even know the guy yet, but you think hes cute and hes being very nice. “Oh Im Lily by the way,” you say holding out your hand. He sakes it. He has this look on his face, like he recognized your name.
“DeShaun, but you can call me Proof,” he says. You smile.
“I like your name,” you say still smiling.
“Thanks?” he asks confused.
“Never mind,” you say.
“Ok. So who you lookin for?” he asks.
“His name is Marshall Mathers,” you state.
“Oh, you mean Eminem,” he says.
“Huh?” you ask confused. Sense when does Marshall actually go by that name. Yeah he named his drawings and other things by M&M and what not but he never really went by it. “Oh so he actually uses that now?” you ask.
“Yeah, who are you?” Proof asked confused.
“Oh, Im his ex,” you say.
“Oh…ohhhh, Yeah he had a picture of you, I thought you looked familiar,” Proof stated.
“Uh. Where is he?” you ask.
“Out of town,” he says. You looked over to your left and Nick was talking to some chick. You look back at Proof.
“Oh,” you say sadly.
“Yeah, uh, I should probably tell you that, Em has a girlfriend,” he said looking sorry.
“Oh, ok, well never mind then. Nick I wanna go home!” you yell.
“Im sorry,” Proof says softly. You sake your head.
“Its not your fault, at least I know what happened now,” you say.
“So?” Nick asked.
“Marshall has a girlfriend,” you tell him.
“Did you give him that letter to give to Marshall?” Nick asks.
“Shit!” you yell. “I forgot it at him,” you say pissed. Proof just stands there…
“Im sorry,” Nick says.
“Its ok…I’ll be sad later,” you say, remembering Ronnie. “Oh, do you know Ronnie?” you ask. Proof looks at you all sad and shakes his head.
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