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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6
“Hello?” you ask confused but still sobbing.
“Abby?” the man asks. “It’s Marshall. Are you ok?” he asks. You wipe you yes and take a breath.
“Does it sound like Im ok?” you yell at him though the phone.
“Hey, Im sorry, I was just concerned, you left so quickly,” he says. “Why are you crying anyway?” he asks.
“Why do you think Im crying you idiot,” you yell then start to feel bad for calling him a idiot, but hearing no reaction to that you really don’t care no more, you sit there and continue to cry just slightly.
“Is it because of me?” he asks softly.
“Its because…I…I want you, I want you badly, I want to be held by you when Im sad, I wanna know what its like to feel your touch I wanna be with you. But we both know that cant happen,” you say crying harder now.
“Look, we can fix this, want me to come over there?” he asks. You start to think about it, you like the idea but you just cant say yes.
“No,” you say. “We cant break the kids up just because we wanna be together,” you say.
“Yeah we can, we’re the adults,” he says.
“Marshall, I don’t wanna hurt them,” you say still crying slightly. He sighs…
“Yeah I guess,” he don’t say anything for awhile…
“Look, I know this is something that you say to someone when you break up with them… but why don’t we just be friends, see other people, try to move on, forget what happened today and see what happens in the future,” you say surprisingly calm.
“But I don’t wanna see other people!!! I wanna see you!!!” he yells sadly.
“We both know this, but we both know that they are just kids and that they cant stay together forever,” you say saying this makes you feel better knowing that there is a chance of you and Marshall getting together.
“Fine. I gotta go, bye,” he says sadly.
“Bye,” you sigh then he hangs up…. You sigh and look over at the door Jake is standing there. “Hey!” you yell at him which makes him jump. “Were you standing there this whole time!?” you ask him angrily. He hesitates… hes about to leave. “Don’t!” you yell. “Come here!” you demand. He slowly walks over to you with a sad face. He stops in front of you backing up a bit.
“I heard everything you said,” he says looking sorry.
“Jake, don’t worry about it,” you say.
“But, you seem so depressed, I want you to be happy,” he says.
“What ever you do don’t break up with Hailie just because I wanna be with her father,” you say staring at him.
“But mom, I hate seeing you like this,” he whines…
“Yeah but I don’t wanna see Hailie hurt, Marshall might not like neither of us if you hurt her,” you explain to him.
“Don’t worry about me, just be on with the relationship,” you say. He opens his mouth to say something but you stop him by putting your hand over his mouth. “We never had this conversation, now go be off, do your thing I gotta call Wanda back,” you say.
“Ok, fine…but I,” he starts you stop him again and point to the door… he sighs and walks out the door shutting it on the way out. You let out a big sigh.
Your phone starts to ring again, you look at it, its Wanda. “Hello,” you say trying to sound like your normal self.
“Hey, how come you didn’t answer when I called earlier?” she asks.
“Um, funny you should ask that, I was… talking to uh Marshall,” you hesitate to say.
“Ohhh,” she says you can tell what shes thinking.
“Its not what you think ok, nothing happened and nothing with ever happen,” you explain. “Now what do you want?” you ask.
“Well that was kinda rude to ask. Anyway what are you doing next weekend?” she asks.
“Um… probably nothing,” you reply.
“Then you can come up to Carols cabin with all us girls,” she says. You run your hand though your hair. Carol is kinda short, she has grey hair, but shes an older woman she has a granddaughter. She owns the cabin with her husband Tom. She a very niece lady also, you know her though Lisa, she works at the bank also she’s a teller. She has blonde hair and she has a daughter named Meleah her best friend is Megan. And you know that Meleah is completely obsessed with Eminem, now you know he’ll be a good birthday present for her, but not to keep. HELL NO!! (others will be explained later)
“Yeah!” you say quickly. “This will be good for me, all the girls coming?” you ask.
“Yeah,” she says. “Ok can I get a ride with you then?” you ask not wanting to drive to lake MI again, you did that last time you got so lost, it was dark by the time you got there. Not to mention you almost hit a hobo walking down the road in the woods.
“Yes, be at my house by 8am,” she says.
“Megan’s gonna get up by then?” you ask her surprised.
“Im her Mother I can make her do things,” she says. “I gotta go, see you Saturday,” she says.
“Yeah bye,” you say.
“Bye,” she says. You close your phone and set it down on the nightstand.
“Jake!” you yell not moving from your spot, he comes running to you. He stops in the doorway and just stares at you. “Come in here,” you say.
“What did I do now?” he asks like hes annoyed with being in your room.
“Nothing, wanna go out for dinner?” you ask him. He gets this smile on his face. “I’ll take that as a yes?” you ask somewhat guessing.
“Yeah where?” he asks.
“Where do you wanna go?” you ask.
“Umm Burger King?” he asks…
“Sure,” you say. “Lets go,” you say. You gather your things then head off to Burger King….
You arrive at Burger King. You order your food then go sit in the corner of the place.
“You know Mom, I talked to Hailie earlier, and told her about how you liked Marshall,” Jake says. You spit pop out of your mouth it goes all over the table just missing your food. “I told Hailie that you liked her dad,” he says calmly. “Whats the big deal?” he ask.
“YOU TOLD HAILIE THAT I LIKED HER DAD!?” you yell, people around you start staring at you. An old man in the seat behind you turns around.
“No yelling,” he says.
“Mind your business,” you say turning your attention back to Jake.
“I don’t see why you care?” he says. “She kinda already had the idea in her head,” he says.
“Yeah now shes gonna hate me,” you say.
“She don’t hate you. In fact, we talked about it and we decided that…” he starts.
“You didn’t break up with her did you?” you ask interrupting him.
“No, let me finish. We decided that its not that weird if you go out with him, I mean because you know were not related so I don’t see what’s wrong with it,” Jake explains. You just sit there staring at him not knowing what to say. You scoff.
“Ha, you’re a teenager, Im an adult, theres a difference on how adults and teens view these things,” you say. “Now can we not talk about it, Im fine, I don’t need to be with him,” you say. “Its just too strange for us,” you say. He sighs, shakes his head and continues to eat. You sigh and shove 4 fries in your mouth. You look up and you see to girls ordering food, they look familiar. One girl is wearing a shirt that says Eminem on the back, she turns around to go to the pop machine. Turns out that you do know her. “Meleah, Megan!” you call. They both stop and look over.
“Oh hi Abby,” Meleah says with a smile then turning back to fill up her cup.
“Hey, guys,” Megan says with a smile walking over to the table.
“Hi, what are you two doing here?” Abby asks.
“Stalking you,” Meleah says coming to the table next to you and Jake with the tray.
“Go away!” you yell joking around.
“Hey Meleah!” Jake yells.
“What?” she asks looking over at your son.
“My Mom knows….” he starts, you stop him by practically jumping over the table and covering his mouth.
“Knows who?” Meleah asks confused.
“No one, I don’t know anyone, uhhh we gotta go,” you say. You get off the table, and grab Jakes arm.
“Hey, Im not done”! Jake yells grabbing on to the rest of his sandwich.
“Ok bye,” Meleah says with a smile.
“Bye!” Megan says waving with food in her mouth, as you approach the door you hear them giggling like their crazy selves.
“Damn that was close!” you say as you both get in the car. You look over at Jake giving him a dirty look. He just stares at you for a few seconds.
“What? What did I do?” he asks backing closer to the door.
“You almost blew it!” you yell.
“What? Telling Meleah that you know Eminem?” he asks confused.
“Yes! We gotta keep it a secret. I wanna have them meet on her birthday so don’t tell her please,” you say. “Don’t even tell Megan,” you say.
“What about Megan’s Mom wont she say something?” he asks as you pull out of the parking lot. He takes bite of his food and stares over at you.
“I told her not too, just keep it a secret,” you say as you turn right.
“When is her birthday?” Jake asks you as you come to a red light.
“October 20th,” you respond.
“Wont she find out by the press?” Jake asks.
“Hope not,” you say. “Just as long as I don’t go anywhere to public with Marshall or disguise myself,” you say.
“All that just to surprise her?” Jake asks you like you’re crazy.
“Yes,” you say. “She’ll love it,” you say with a smile as you turn into your neighborhood.
“Are you sure Marshall will go though with it?” he asks. You pull up in the driveway you stare at your son….
“He has a huge crush on me, Im sure he will,” you say as you get out the car. You walk in the house and go up to your room…. Oh I should call Marshall and ask him if he can watch Jake this weekend, well not watch but so he can yeah whatever… you think picking up your phone and dialing Marshalls number.
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