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Chapter Eight.

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Rated for drug and alcohol abuse. Growing.

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Chapter 8

“Gerard, stay in the car, I’m going to find Charlie,” Mikey said as they rolled to a stop outside of the address Frank had given them.

“Why should I? I’m older and I know what party people are like, if anything you should stay in the car,” Gerard retorted. Mikey sighed and unbuckled his seat belt. He knew Gerard might run into another coke dealer, he didn’t need his brother high and his best friend possibly drunk.

“Stay here, Charlie might be wasted and we’ll have to get her home,” Mikey said firmly. Gerard crossed his arms and pouted, but nodded to his brother. Mikey took this as a good sign so he got out of the car and approached the door. The music was loud and when he opened the tarnished door he could smell the party atmosphere, it mainly consisted of booze and smoke. He took a step into the apartment and closed the door. He glanced around the crowded and dimly-lit two story apartment, he didn’t see Charlie anywhere. Mikey slowly began pushing through the crowd, looking around for Charlie.

“Hey!” Someone shouted out over the blaring music, Mikey whirled around only to be caught by the neck of his shirt and dragged into a less crowded hallway, “What the hell ya doin’ here? I aint sportin’ minors!” A girl with bleached blonde hair shouted into Mikey’s face as she backed him against the wall. Mikey’s face crumpled in disgust at the stench of the girl’s breath.

“I’m looking for a friend, she’s a minor too,” Mikey shouted back. The girl looked infuriated at his statement.

“Who is it?” She asked.

“Charlie,” He responded, he was surprised to see that the girls face lit up.

“Oh! Um, brown hair, about yeh high,” She said holding up her hand around the top of Mikey’s chest, “Uh pretty girl, very polite and stuff. She’s such a fun girl though, that one. You know I thought she looked sorta young when she came walkin’ in my house, but damn that girls great. I’m Raena by the way,” She said. Although Raena looked like life couldn’t get any better, Mikey was horrified. He knew exactly what these people thought ‘fun’ was and he was terrified to find out what Charlie had gotten herself into.

“Where is she?” Mikey asked, his voice cracking in worry. Raena smiled and took his hand leading him a little bit farther down the same hall. She stopped at a painted white door and pushed it open. Mikey’s jaw nearly hit the floor. Charlie and four other guys were sitting on the floor of a bathroom laughing at only god knows what. There were red plastic cups across the floor and Charlie, who looked a terrible mess, had a joint in between her lips. One of the rather disgusting of the four guys had a needle poised right above a vein in her arm.

Mikey panicked, “Charlie!” He shouted and he pushed his way into the bathroom. Charlie looked up with a look of shock on her face, once her brain registered that it was him she smiled warily and lifted up and arm towards him, sloppily beckoning him towards her. Mikey hurriedly got to her side; he snatched the joint out of her mouth and threw it against the opposite wall. He pushed the guy with the needle backwards into the bath tub.

“Hey who do you think ya are?” One of the guys asked rudely.

“Shut up,” Mikey hissed angrily. He turned back towards Charlie, her eyelids were drooping and her mouth was slightly agape, “Charlie, come on, we’re leaving,” Mikey said as softly as he could, his voice was shaking horrible. Mikey did a mental comparison of Charlie and his older brother, she looked exactly like Gerard when he came home from parties.

“Hey man let her do what she wants, ya know what I’m sayin?” One of the guys slurred as he took another sup from his cup and nearly fell off the toilet.

Mikey shook his head. “Come on, Char,” He said and he hoisted Charlie up by her armpits. Once she was up Mikey slowly let go of her, she swayed dangerously and Mikey ended up pulling her into his arms bridal style.

Mikey walked out of the bathroom and past Raena who just snickered at him. He pushed through the crowd and scowled at those who he had to almost knock over to get past and those who bumped into Charlie’s head. He finally reached the front door and kicked it open, relieving some of his building stress. Mikey took a deep breath of fresh air and walked hurriedly towards the car. He waited silently for Gerard t open the door seeing as his hands were occupied, but Gerard didn’t, angrily Mikey kicked the door. Gerard jumped then stumbled out of the car.

“Damn she reeks,” Gerard said as he opened the back door, Mikey ignored him and got into the backseat holding Charlie firmly onto his chest. Gerard closed the door and got into the front, “Where are we going?” he asked as he started the car and pulled away from the house

“We have to take her home,” Mikey said. He was met by silence, Mikey sighed and sat his head back against the seat.

“Mikey… Mikey…” Charlie’s voice was muffled as she slowly lifted her head off of Mikey’s chest. She blinked slowly then focused on Mikey’s face. “I love you,” She said quite clearly. Gerard snorted and Mikey’s face turned bright red.

“Um, Charlie, you’re drunk.”

“But I still love you!” Charlie practically wailed. Mikey blinked in surprise and Gerard started laughing.

“Dammit, Mikey, she loves you, don’t you get it?” Gerard said his voice heavy with laughter. Mikey shifted uncomfortably, Charlie noticed and she moved so she was straddling his waist.

“Charlie, what are you doing?” Mikey asked in disbelief.

“I l-love you, Mikey,” Charlie slurred.

“I love you too, but you’re drunk okay? We’re going to take you home so you can sleep.”

“Can I sleep with you?” Gerard bit down on his lip, trying hard not to laugh.

“I- um- if you want too-“

“I want too!” Charlie squealed.

“Okay, Charlie, okay.”

“I love you, Mikey.”

“I understand-“

“No you don’t!” Charlie interrupted, “I love you so much, Mikey! B-b-but you don’t love me!”

“I do love you Charlie-“

“No! Don’t lie to me-e!”

“I’m not lying, Charlie!” Mikey shouted.

“Prove it!” Charlie wailed hysterically. Mikey sat back in defeat, how the hell could he prove it?

“I love you, Mikey,” Charlie said before sitting forward on his lap and pressing her lips to his. Mikey’s heart fluttered to a stop. He was so shocked it took him a moment to respond, and then he hesitantly kissed back. He had to be dreaming, there was no way this was happening. Charlie lifted her arms around his neck and pulled their bodies closer, causing Mikey to shiver at the contact. Mikey put one hand on her waist and the other side of her neck slowly beginning to deepen the kiss. He nearly died when she opened her mouth and let him slip his tongue in.

“Mikey, stop it,” Gerard warned from the front seat. Mikey ignored him, he had been waiting for this for so long now, he didn’t want his brother ruining it.

Mikey continued, ignoring how Charlie was sort of sloppy due to her being drunk, ignoring the taste of cigarettes and alcohol on her tongue, he had wanted this so badly and now he had it. He just focused on how nice it felt, feeling her tongue against his.

Charlie moaned softly into his mouth, causing Mikey to shudder and push lightly on her shoulders. He moved them so that they were lying in the back seat, Mikey stopped to look at Charlie beneath him. Then bracing himself he shifted, nudging Charlie's thighs apart gently and laying between them, leaning down to press his lips to hers again.

“Mikey! Stop!” Gerard shouted, when Mikey ignored him again he stomped angrily on the breaks.

“Shit!” Mikey hissed as he toppled off of Charlie and onto the floor of the car. Gerard angrily reached back and grabbed Mikey by his shirt, pulling him up so their faces were inches apart.

“What the FUCK are you doing?! She’s wasted and high off her ass! She probably won’t even remember this tomorrow!” Gerard shouted angrily.

“Leave him alone,” Charlie whined and she reached out, grabbing onto Mikey’s sleeve and tugging.

“I can do what I want Gerard! I’m not a kid anymore!” Mikey shouted back.

“You’re taking advantage of her, Mikey! I thought you knew better than that, but apparently not,” Gerard said as he let go of Mikey’s shirt and sat back into his seat, “Come sit in the front seat,” Gerard told him firmly. Mikey sighed and did as he was told. Charlie sat up, and then wobbly tried to move into the front seat also.

“No,” Gerard said as he put his arms on her shoulders and pushed her back, “You stay in the back.”

“But why?” Charlie whined and stomped her feet like a child as Gerard buckled her in tightly.

“Because, Charlie, you’ve been bad,” Gerard said as he moved back into the front seat and started the car. Mikey shifted around in his seat to look at Charlie, she smiled and waved drunkenly at him. Guilt plagued his heart, he had taken advantage of her, and he felt so terrible. Mikey’s stomach twisted into an uncomfortable knot and he moved back into his seat, staring out the front window and into the night sky.

“You know, I’m disappointed in you, Mikey. I honestly thought you had better morals,” Gerard said and he shook his head.

“You don’t think I hate myself for that?” Mikey asked angrily.

“Well I don’t know, you seemed to enjoy it,” Gerard retorted.

“You seem to enjoy getting high all the time,” Mikey said under his breath, but Gerard heard him.

“What did you say?!” Gerard shouted.

“You seem to enjoy getting high all the fucking time, Gerard! It’s ruining your life and don’t give me all this bullshit about you being disappointed in me! You’re the one who is throwing your damn life away!” Mikey shouted back.

“You know there was a reason why I stood up for you when you came to high school, a reason why I told you who not to hang out with, it was so you had a better high school experience than I did. I’m a fucking druggie, okay? I know that, I wish I had had someone to tell me who was right and who was wrong when I went to high school so I didn’t get mixed in with that shit. I’m just trying to make sure you don’t end up as fucked as me.”

Mikey sighed. “You’re not fucked, Gerard,” He said softly as he put a hand on his older brothers arm.

“Yes I am, Mikey, you’re just too kind. I shouldn’t have let you take care of me all these years, things are going to change. I’m going to quit and finally be an older brother to you,” Gerard said firmly. Mikey didn’t really know what to say, he was going to be honest with himself, and he didn’t think that Gerard would seriously quit, but he was going to be there for him either way.

They slowly pulled up to the house, Mikey got out and went to the back door. He opened the door and gently tried to get Charlie out. Once he did, she curled up into his arms willingly. Mikey carried her quietly into the house and didn’t stop until he reached his room and the door was closed. He gently put Charlie down on the bed and flicked on his bedside lamp, Charlie groaned and turned away from it.

“Sorry,” Mikey mumbled as he quickly tried to clean some clothes up off of his floor.

Someone knocked on the door, Mikey jumped. “Uh, don’t come in! I’m changing!” He shouted.

The door opened and Gerard stepped in. “Try not to sound so guilty, okay?” He said and Mikey nodded.

“What’s all the stuff for?” Mikey asked gesturing to the bucket and cleaning supplies Gerard had brought with him.

“In case she throws up,” Gerard said and he put the bucket next to the bed where Charlie was sleeping.

“So where are mom and dad?” Mikey asked nervously.

“Out on a date, they’ll be back soon though,” Gerard said as he looked at the blinking green clock. Mikey groaned he didn’t need his parents on his case tonight.

“It’s alright man,” Gerard said as he put an arm around his brother, “I’m going to help you.” Mikey sighed and nodded. They both sat their silent for a moment, then Charlie began to gag.

“You know,” Gerard said as Mikey moved to pull Charlie’s hair out of her face, “I’m starting to think that she may be a lot more trouble than we bargained for.”

With that Charlie puked up everything she had consumed that night into the bucket.

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