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Chapter Nine.

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Rated for whatever. Fear. UPDATED NOTE AT THE END.

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Chapter 9

Mikey was awakened in the night by the sound of thunder rumbling loudly. He groaned softly and opened his eyes; the pitter-patter of rain falling on his roof came from above. He gently tried to rub the sleepiness from his eyes as he glanced over at the clock, squinting enough to focus on the harsh green letters. 4:43 he read. Damn it was early.

Mikey looked down at Charlie who was curled against his chest, under his dark blue duvet, he smiled at her and placed his arms around her slim body. He had to change her out of her clothes and into something more comfortable before they slept. He was embarrassed to take her clothes off, Gerard laughed at him the whole entire time- Mikey had never seen real boobs before.

He gently pulled her closer to him, her warmth heating his side. He sat still; waiting for sleep to come again, when suddenly he felt her body shaking with small tremors. His brains sleepy fog evaporated immediately.

“Charlie! Charlie, what’s the matter?” He asked nudging her side and trying to shift so he could see her face.

“Mikey…” Charlie mumbled against his chest, “ I’m terrified of thunderstorms.”

Mikey let out a sigh of relief and pulled her body closer to his, “It’s alright, it’ll go away soon,” He murmured soothingly as he brushed strands of her hair behind her ear.

A lightening bolt flashed outside, the strong light creating a strobe effect in Mikey’s room. Charlie squeaked and clung tightly to him. Mikey shushed her and rubbed soothing circles on her back. The thunder came booming after and Charlie whimpered.

“It’ll be okay, Charlie, I’ll be here,” Mikey said softly. Charlie nodded fisting a handful of Mikey’s shirt in her palm.

“So, um, are you sober now?” Mikey asked hesitantly.

Charlie let out a sigh, “Yes, with a massive hangover might I add.”

Mikey smiled, “Yeah you were pretty drunk.”

“I’m really sorry, I hadn’t planned any of that. I’m sorry I got you into this Mikey,” Charlie said sincerely.

“Don’t apologize, any good friend would have done it,” Mikey said.

Charlie snuggled closer to him, taking a deep breath of his scent, “I’m glad that friend was you,” She whispered softly.

Mikey’s heart was beating so fast he was afraid it might hop straight out of his chest. He knew Charlie felt like total shit, but he felt like he could run a damn mile. Hell he could run twenty!

Lightening struck and thunder boomed loudly from outside. Charlie squealed and jumped. Mikey took a sharp intake of breath, she was now half draped over him and half sprawled on the bed. A couple moments after the thunder echoed away, Charlie’s body relaxed, her forehead dangerously close to Mikey’s lips. It was then, at that moment, that Mikey realized Charlie might not have remembered anything of last night.

“Char?” Mikey said softly.


“H-how much of last night do you remember?” Mikey stuttered nervously.

Charlie was silent for a moment- Mikey held his breath, “I remember you coming into the bathroom. You look really cute when you’re flustered,” Charlie said more to herself then Mikey, but inadvertently causing his heart to race, “That’s the last I can remember, everything’s really… fuzzy.”

Mikey sighed, if only she remembered the kiss, maybe then they could have been together.

“Okay,” Mikey said absently.

They both lay there silently, listening to the rain beat down above their heads. Sleep slowly beginning to creep back up on them. But a question had formulated in Mikey’s head.

“Charlie? Are you still awake?”

“Mmh,” She responded sleepily.

“Why are you so afraid of thunderstorms?” Charlie tensed, she was silent for a long time, and Mikey had begun to think she had fallen back asleep.

“When I was younger, my dad locked me out of the house during a storm. It was terrifying, being alone and all, I haven’t been able to get over in since then,” She said softly. Carefully and slowly, Mikey kissed the top of her head, the butterflies in his stomach zooming around happily.

“You always seem so fearless when you go home to your dad though, I always thought you weren’t afraid of anything,” Mikey said as he absently stroked her soft hair.

“Everybody is afraid of something, and I’m not afraid of my father anymore because I always know exactly what he’s going to do. Nothing ever changes, he hits hard, but not enough to do serious damage,” Charlie responded, Mikey winced at her response.

“Well you know, when a storm comes along it will always have lightening and thunder and rain, that doesn’t really change.”

“It’s not the unpredictable that I’m scared about,” She whispered.

“What scares you then?”

Charlie was quite, “It’s sort of hard to explain. It’s the sounds, sort of like the sky is going to fall in on us,” Mikey saw Charlie’s bottom lip quiver, “That flash of light that just blinds you. It makes me feel so… trapped,” Charlie’s eyes filled with tears.

“Sh… it’s alright baby, you’re fine, I’m here,” Did he seriously just call her baby? Mikey shook it off, he was just comforting her, he could say anything right now.

Charlie sniffled a little bit, “I’m sorry,” She whispered. Mikey nodded slowly and rubbed her back. It all felt so right to him, but he knew Charlie could never have feelings for him. Little did he know, that the same exact thoughts were running through Charlie’s head.

They both fell silent, listening to the rain. Charlie’s breathing evened out and Mikey knew she had fallen back asleep. He sighed brushing his fingers against the bare skin of her soft arm, he liked the feeling of her skin even if it did have bruises. He sighed and leaned his head forward gently kissing the side of her nose, he wished they could just stay that way forever. Mikey laid back in his bed, sleep tugging on his mind to take over, hoping he could sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.

But boy was he up for a rude awakening.


“MICHAEL!” Mikey sat up immediately in his bed casing Charlie to fall off his chest and stir awake. Mikey’s mother was standing in the doorway. Mikey opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He stared silently at his mother, she was wearing her nice church clothes and her hair was done.

“Mikey,” Charlie mumbled, her eyes still closed, “Lay back down,” Mikey felt his face flush red as his mothers jaw dropped.

“Um, ma? It’s not what you think,’ Mikey said slowly getting off his bed.

“Mikey, where are you going?” Charlie asked, as she sleepily sat up in the bed and opened her eyes, her face visibly paled as her eyes focused on Mikey’s mother. She snatched up the duvet and pulled it up to her chin.

Mikey turned back to his mother, “Ma? Say something,” He said desperately.

She blinked then carefully stuck her head out of the door, “Gerard!” she shouted causing both of them to jump. Moments later he came walking into Mikey’s room, buttoning his black dress shirt.

“What?” He asked angrily as he tried to force a button through its hole.

“Is that a girl?” Donna asked, pointing at Charlie. Gerard stopped and looked up from his shirt.

He nodded, “Yeah, it is,” and he went back to buttoning his shirt, not leaving Mikey’s messy room.

Mikey clenched his jaw. What an ass, he thought. But to Mikey’s surprise his mother smiled.

“Is she your girlfriend?” She asked expectantly, cocking an eyebrow at Charlie who was still sitting on Mikey’s bed looking between the two in fear.

Mikey sighed, how he wished that he could say yes, “No, ma, she’s just a friend.”

Donna smiled warmly at Charlie, “She’s very pretty,” Donna complimented, a pink sheen rose in Charlie’s cheeks. Gerard muttered a curse as he failed yet again to put his shirt button through its hole.

“Well come here, child,” Donna said gesturing towards Charlie. Charlie blinked then hesitantly stood; she walked across the room silently. Once she reached them she grabbed onto Mikey’s arm and stared at the floor.

“Michael, introduce her to me would you?” She said politely.

“Oh, um, ma, this is Charlie, Charlie Malmgren. She’s a friend from school,” Donna smiled at the two of them. Gerard snorted to himself, finally giving up on his shirt.

“It’s nice to meet you, honey,” Donna said holding out her hand. Charlie reached out and took it, smiling back.

“Well this couldn’t get anymore awkward,” Gerard said as he walked out of the room.

“We were just going to church, would you like to come?” Donna asked as she let go of Charlie’s hand. Charlie let it fall limp at her side, but the other hand holding onto Mikey’s arm was viselike around its circumference.

“Um we’ll skip this morning,” Mikey said, Donna smiled and nodded. Mikey internally winced, whenever she smiled this much he knew she was doing it out of politeness for his visitor and that he would be getting the whip later.

“Alright, sweetie,” That was it. The word. Sweetie. He was so in for it. “It was nice to meet you, Charlie,” She said politely before walking from the room.

Once the hem of her dress skirt disappeared from the doorway Charlie exhaled a large breath, turning into Mikey and wrapping her arms around his waist. Mikey’s heart began to race.

“I am so grounded,” He said without thinking as he wrapped his arms around her. Charlie lifted her head so her chin was resting on his chest as she looked up at him. She frowned.

“It’s all my fault,” She stated.

“Charlie, don’t worry about it.”

“No, Mikey, I’ve brought enough trouble into your life. I’m going to tell your mom it wasn’t your fault, that you were just being a good friend,” She said and she moved to get out of Mikey’s arms.

“No!” Mikey said his voice slightly cracking as he tightened his grip around her.

“I don’t want you to get in trouble,” Charlie said, still wriggling for freedom.

“What would you say?” Mikey challenged, “You can’t tell my mom that you were drunk and I helped you out! That’d get us both in trouble,” Mikey pointed out. Charlie sighed and gave up.

Her head hurt really badly and her body was aching like a truck had hit her, she wasn’t up for a fight in her currently hung over state. She leaned into Mikey’s arms, holding onto his warmth. They stood like that for a while, Mikey heard his parents and brother leave for church, but they didn’t move. They just stood there feeling loved in one another’s embrace. Suddenly Mikey’s stomach grumbled, Charlie jerked in surprise.

“Hungry?” She asked giggling as she looked up at her best friend.

Mikey blushed, “Yeah, just a little bit.”

Charlie laughed at him before pulling away, “Let’s go get food then!” She said before running out of the door and into the hallway. Mikey shook his head at her childishness and quickly followed after.

Mikey found her in the kitchen staring at the cupboards. He smiled and sat down at the table.

“What’re you doing?” Mikey asked as she began opening drawers.

“If I remember correctly, this,” She opened the cereal cupboard, “is where your food is and this,” She opened the silverware drawer, “is where the spoons are!” She exclaimed triumphantly. Mikey laughed as she grabbed out the Count Chocula and some bowls, Mikey stood and got the milk out of the fridge.

Charlie poured them both cereal and Mikey added milk, both of them smiling at each other while they ate their cereal in a satisfied silence.

“Mikey?” Charlie said suddenly, her voice slightly muffled because of the food in her mouth.

He quickly swallowed the cereal in his own mouth, “Yeah?” He asked, grabbing his cup of milk and washing down the food.

“Why am I wearing your clothes?” Mikey chocked on his milk sending some of it across the table.

“Oh god, are you alright?” Charlie asked as she sprung out of her seat. She slowly began rubbing his back soothingly as he coughed.

Mikey managed to get his coughing under control and carefully stood up, he walked past Charlie and to the sink grabbing a towel and wiping his mouth. He stayed silent and stared at Charlie. Mikey changed her into a pair of his clean boxers and his favorite Iron Maiden shirt the previous night so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable while she slept (or get puke on her clothes).

“Um, I, erm had to change you l-last night,” He stammered nervously.

Charlie was silent for a moment, “Oh,” was all she said.

“Charlie, I’m sorry, I tried not to look, but it’s harder than you think to change someone with your eyes closed, I don’t even know how blind people manage to do it,” Mikey said nervously, he realized he was rambling. He tended to ramble when he got nervous or was put under a lot of pressure, so instead of making a complete fool out of himself he just shut his damn mouth.

To his surprise Charlie smiled, “I told you your cute when you’re flustered.”

Mikey blushed, his stomach almost becoming uneasy from changing so quickly from nervous to happy. She had just called him cute! But had she meant it as cute like a child or cute like a boyfriend? Mikey frowned as questions and doubts came up in his mind. Maybe Charlie was just being friendly not flirtatious.

“Mikey?” Charlie said waving her hand in front of his face, Mikey blinked, suddenly noticing that Charlie had stepping closer to him.

“Oh, um, sorry,” He said not realizing he had blanked out.

Charlie smiled, “Mikey stop apologizing all the time, you never do anything wrong.”

Mikey smiled back, the butterflies in his stomach going insane.

Then he noticed Charlie had really beautiful eyes. A dark ring of brown surrounded the edge of her iris and as it got closer to the pupil the brown became lighter, almost like the color of honey. Mikey leaned in wanting to get a better look at them, he felt like he could get lost in her eyes for the rest of his life and everything would just be fine. Soon they were so close Mikey could feel her shallow breaths on his face. He tore his gaze away from her eyes and looked down to her lips. They looked so soft, so full; he suddenly felt the need to have them against his own. Mikey slowly leaned in closer, her lips not even an inch away now, Charlie’s breathing stopped all together. Then without any hesitation Mikey took his chance and moved to close the gap. At the very last second Charlie turned her head causing his lips to brush her cheek. Mikey felt a twinge of regret and pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” He whispered.

“It was my fault,” She whispered back.

After a couple more seconds, Charlie took a step back, “I should get going before my dad notices I’m gone.”

Mikey nodded, he didn’t want Charlie to leave. He wanted to fix his mistake. They walked back into his room, Mikey turning away as she changed back into her clothes. Once Charlie was done they walked outside. Because Gerard and his parents took the van to church Mikey had to drive his dad’s truck. The ride to Charlie’s house was silent, the air awkward. Charlie’s heart was pounding so hard she was afraid that Mikey might hear it. He had tried to kiss her. SO he had to have some feelings, right? Charlie wanted to badly to kiss him too, but that would have been cheating on Dev. She shuddered, she couldn’t break Devon’s heart, and he was too good of a person, if she hadn’t turned away it would have meant she had hurt him. Charlie had never hurt anyone before. Charlie sat there silently, thinking more deeply on the matter of Mikey and Devon, then she realized she had to be absolutely sure of what kind of feelings Mikey had for her.

“Mikey?” She said softly, turning her gaze from the passing scenery to his face. He nodded in response, keeping his eyes on the road and hammering his fingers against the steering wheel.

“Do you, um, like me? As more than a friend…” Charlie trailed off, Mikey’s fingers halted. Charlie began to panic, had she seriously thought she would get a decent answer? Mikey was too good for her, “You don’t have to respond,” Charlie said quickly.

Mikey knew he had to answer, he had to say something! But he just couldn’t tell her the truth, it could ruin their friendship. He had to lie. So he did.


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