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Dope Sick

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1st March 2010.
TL, 7:58.

So yeah, no post yesterday. Why? I was out most of the day, went to see Solomon Kane. Shit movie. Shit acting. Shit accents. And the fucking devil? Well that was a piss-take.

Today in school I decided to go off caffeine for at least 2 weeks. I was shaking and shit and all I could think about was coffee. I'm not joking, that shit keeps me alive. I had such a headache and I felt so sick I tried to sleep it off, my muscles were sore, I was breaking out in a sweat, it felt like I was gunna throw up at anytime. Horrible. I don't know why either, I alwayyyyysssss feel sick, but this was horrible. I finally gave in and went to make some black coffee, which I always used to drink before I turned to milkly coffee. Anywho, I feel much better now. Tired, but better. And still a little sick. I actually felt so dope sick. Which I imagine is a rather large exaggeration. Feeling dope sick would kill me. That shit's supposed to be fucking horrid.

Standing here, listening to Cheap Trick, it makes me sad. When do we actually get good music anymore? T-Rex, Deep Purple, Guns, Motley, Bowie, dear God there's many. That's what I happen to call good music. There's some now but it's mostly teenaged emo faggots which can't even play a guitar. I mean, I do like some shit like Elliot Minor, McFly, You Me at Six. So sue me, but if I had the chance fuck, I'd be living back in the 80s, in LA ofcourse. Not where I live now, If I lived back in to 80s where I live now, I'd better getting shot, bombed, battered.
It won't be the first or last time you'll hear me complaining about wanting to live in the 80s. Be warned.
Just got a craving to listen to some Bad Company and Anthrax.
I shoud probably go and see what shit I have to do for school tomorrow. Since I was asleep half of the day. I seriously wish I lived in America. Just because the schools are shit. I got moved again in Math, and the next time she kicks me out, I'm walking out of that shit place. She's phoning home too, I mean, seriously, is that supposed to be a threat? Seriously, what the fuck.

Have a nice day.
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