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Chapter 2 Mystery Girl

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A girl has come for Nigel and that means doom for him

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Sonya cackled as they reached her house and she rubbed Timmy's floppy ears giggling.
Sonya(Giggling) Come on little sis I'll show you your new room, and then I have to give you a bath I mean you reek of boy and I hate it.
Timmy: But I'm a boy I mean what can you possibly do to make me a girl?
Sonya(Rubbing her hands together evilly) I have my ways cutey you better believe I have my ways.
Timmy didn't like the look of Sonya when she rubbed her hands together cackling as she fumbled into her pocket for her house keys.
Sonya(Grabbing Timmy's pawed hand) Well let's go Timmy so much to do and so little time.
Timmy made to grab his hand back but Sonya just tugged on it harder.
Sonya: Sorry Timmy but no expploring until your a sweet little munchkin, I have five phases for me to give to you.
Timmy: And what if after all these phases I still be a little puppy boy?, what then little witch girl?
Sonya(Shrugging her shoulders) I guess having a little brother could be fun too, but I doubt you'll be able to resist all five phases.
Sonya giggled as she led Timmy to her room as she lifted her arms and a little bed appeared next to a bigger bed as Timmy gulped.
Sonya: You'll be sharing a room with me now little sister, so let me show you around shall I?
Sonya led Timmy around the room as it became bigger and Timmy saw the bed had tons of stuffed animals and one side of the room consisted of toys and a table with a tea pot and saucers on it.
Sonya(Spreading her arms) Do you like it?, I decorated it myself so after phase 1 we'll have a tea party and it'll be the best seeing I have someone that will talk back to me now.
Timmy: Phase 1? and what's phase one might I ask?
Sonya(Grabbing her bunny costume) The Double Bubble Bath of course, when mommy get's home I'll have her mend your new PJ's for you.
As Sonya said this the door slammed downstairs and Timmy was pulled down the stairs by Sonya like he was on an invisible leash.
Sonya(Running at her mother) Hey mommy look what I found a little boy, can I keep him please.
Sonya's mother: Well you always wanted a sister so I say we keep him, I mean your devious enough to make him a girl anyways.
Sonya laughed evilly as she handed her mother the bunny pajama's and her mom smiled at them.
Sonya: They need mending so I was hoping you could do that while I gave the newest Mcdaniels a bath to make her sqeaky clean.
Sonya's mother sat at the sewing machine as Sonia dashed up the stairs to get Timmy a purple fuzzy towel and bunny slippers to go with his pajama's.
Sonya: Looks like someone's going to be mommy's new Funny Bunny, I always hated that nickname as a kid.
Timmy was running out of ideas as Sonia's strength surpassed his and she pulled him around like a dog on a leash.
Sonya: I would love to see the boy who can fight me, I mean I'm not even in my prime yet and look at all the muscle I have.
Timmy feared help would never come little did he know how right he was but Nigel Uno was sure going to try like hell to save him.
Nigel(Looking up at Sonya's house) This is it I know she has a boy about to be girl in there and I'm going to save him/her.
Timmy saw Nigel climbing the steps and so did Sonya as she placed Timmy in the bedroom and locked the door.
Sonya(Through the keyhole) Not a word if you know what's good for you.
Timmy did know what was good for him as Sonya skipped down the stairs and he started screaming at the top of his lungs for Nigel's help.
Sonya: He is so dead meat when I get back up there, I told him to keep his yap shut if he knew what was good for him.
Sonya opened the door grinning from ear to ear as Timmy's screams reached Nigel's ears.
Nigel: All right Numbah 83 or should I say ex Numbah 83 Sonya let the boy go and I may reconsider ever decommissioning you.
Sonya: Or I can keep the boy and you can get to know a friend of mine very well.
Nigel saw an evil glint in Sonya's eyes and he knew who she meant as he backed off looking scared.
Sonya(Producing a slilver whistle) Consider this a warning the next time you come here I'll call her, you decommissioned her and she's not very happy with you.
Nigel ran from the house as Sonya stormed upstairs and pushed open the door grinning.
Sonya: Too bad I know his fears huh Timmy, now let's go I have a bathtub with your name on it.
The bunny pajama's were thrown at Sonia and she saw they looked exactly the same as when she first got them.
Sonya's mom: Sweetie get in the tub you mommy will be up in a few minutes.
Timmy ran off to hide as Sonya stared weird at her mom.
Sonya: I wanted to give him a bath mommy, I mean he did fall into my lap after all.
Sonya's mom: You are sweetie, how would you like to torture the boy more by making him your daughter and raising him like I raised you?
Sonya(Grinning evilly) I knew there was a bad side to you mom, I just didn't know when it would come out.
Sonya's mom(Handing Sonya some undergarments) We souldn't want our Funny Bunny walking around undieless now would we?
Sonya(Skipping off) Nope now I'm going to play hide and seek with my new daughter.
Nigel was almost home when he realized who he was Numbah one leader of Sector V of the KND and no girl would stop him.
Nigel(Walking across the street) Time to meet your maker Sonya Maryanne Daniels.
Nigel threw open Sonya's door as she ran upstairs to look for Timmy her silver whistle hung around her neck.
Nigel(Screaming) That's as far as you go Numbah 83, if your going to call her then do it just know that you can't scare me.
Sonya slowly turned around to face Nigel as Timmy ran from a closet to be by Nigel's side.
Sonya: You have a nice, hot, Double Sudsy bath waiting for you young lady, now if you think he can protect you I'd love to see him try.
Nigel(Grabbing Timmy) Yea and what's your attack whistling me to death?
Sonya blew shrilly on the whistle and giggled as a girl in an ornage skirt, green sweater, firery red hair, freckles on her face, a mustard gun, and a smug face joined Sonya.
Sonya: I pressent to you back by popular demand Numbah 86 smuggest mug and all.
Nigel had no time to think as Fanny's sweater sleeves grabbed him and he was held high in the air.
Fanny: Hmmmmmmmmmm what is a good bully prank for you?, the wedgie is too soft, running you up the flagpole could be nice, stuffing you in my gym locker with my smelly gym socks is a possibility, but no I think the best thing for you is to be my little girl.
Nigel gulped as Fanny smiled an evil smile and Nigel knew he was in trouble.
Fanny(nodding) Yep I think making you my little girl is just the thing you need.
Nigel: Look I'm sorry I decommissioned you Fanny let me make it up to you by making you an agent again.
Fanny(Showing Nigel papers) I've already been recommisioned and I'm Supreme Leader as Rachel took a job as World Leader the lucky sap.
Nigel: Then I'll be your boyfriend how would you like that Fullbright?
Fanny held Nigel higher in the air and to him her freckles looked like connect the dots as she smirked.
Fanny: No because everybody knows you and Rachel are like corn and mashed potatoes inseperable.
Fanny pulled a tape measure out measuring Nigel's torso, legs, chest, tummy, and feet as she smiled again and Nigel knew more trouble was coming.
Fanny: It's my lucky day Uno because your exactly the same size I was as a newborn he, he, he, he, heeeeeee.
Nigel: I could still be your boyfriend Fullbright I mean think about it, we could have fun.
Fanny(Shaking her head) Nope I won't do that to Rachel, and besides I'm saving these cute Irish lips for Wally Beatles, the cute Aussie with an accent to match.
Nigel: Then I'll be your slave I'll do whatever you want just don't make me a little girl.
Fanny(Kissing Nigel's cheek) Nice try Uno but I've made my bullying mind up, and you just became the newest Fullbright in the family.
Nigel made a disguted face after this and Fanny beamed as he gagged.
Nigel: Jesus Christ Fullbright what have you been eating Fish and eggs?
Fanny(Nodding) And liver, cabbage, raw hot dogs, anchovies, and pretty much any other stinky thing you can think of without brushing my teeth.
Nigel(gagging) Ewwwwwwwwwww gross haven't you heard of hygene?
Fanny lifted Nigel higher and held him close to her face as she blew a breath under his nose.
Fanny: Get used to it Nigey you're going to have this breath too in nightmares, along with the ability to make you pursuer whatever you want.
Nigel moaned as he saw his one way out with Fanny and she grinned at him.
Nigel: What about Rachel you don't want to date me but you'd take me from her?, what kind of friend are you?
Fanny: Don't worry Nigel you're going to be forgotten when you become my little girl, but don't worry mommy will never forget you and neither will Moonbase seeing I'm going to sign you up for agent training as an infant.
Nigel yelped when he heard this and Fanny cackled blowing more stinky breath his way.
Fanny: We're wasting time Uno, so let's get you suited up for the Fullbright clan and then we'll get you a bottle for breakfast.
Nigel: Come on Fullbright think about it, I mean Rachel loves me and John's the one who should get tortured.
Fanny cackled as she saw a way to torture both Nigel and her tormentor John as Sonya led Rachel up the stairs.
Rachel: All right Nigey let's get you fitted and measured sweetie.
Nigel(Gulping) Fitted and measured for what?
Rachel: My munchkin of course, see being a World Leader is fine and good but being a mommy has it's advantages.
Nigel didn't have time to think as Fanny held him down and Rachel took the tape measure from Fanny's back pocket and twisted it around his torso, tummy, chest, legs, and got a foot measure from the shoe store for his feet.
Rachel(Grinning) Guess what Nigey your a perfect fit, now let's go make you a munchkin and then we can go to the World Headquarters and I can raise you like my mom raised me.
Fanny: And me Sonya I need your help to find John Ward, It's time he payed up.
Sonia giggled as she closed her eyes and a boy with black hair, tan skin, and a fearful look on his face appeared at Fanny's feet.
Sonya: Now excuse me but I have a daughter to spend some quality time with.
Timmy(Confused) Then why do you need a little sister?
Sonya: I don't you're becoming my little girl Timmy.
Fanny(Grabbing John) And you my little munchkin are going to be my little baby girl, he, he, he, he, he, heeeee.
Rachel(Pulling Nigel away) Come on Nigey let's see how a plum robe looks on you, then I'll have you fitted for a tiger sweater, a blue turtleneck, brown sandals, blue pants, and then we'll have to find a collinder with your name on it Nigey.
Nigel finally gave up as he went limp and allowed himself to be led into an empty room and the door locked.
Rachel(Humming Good Morning To You under her breath) Get used to the song lyrics too Nigey, this was one of my mom's favorite things to wake me up with.
Nigel: Wasn't I a good boyfriend Rache?, I mean why not just up your girlfriend game and torture me that way?
Rachel(Reading a note to Nigel) Dear Lizzy Rachel is so thoughtless and stupid that she has no idea what we're doing to her, ring any bells Nigey?
Nigel knew the letter and then a thought came to him as Rachel pushed him onto the floor tearing his clothes off.
Rachel: One thing I'm not is a fool Nigel, so I turned Lizzie into a tabby cat that my newborn baby will torture on a daily basis.
Nigel: But what about her parents their probably searching for her now.
Rachel(Grinning) Tommy Gilligan has her figure, And Hoagie's doomed to become Lizzie's babysitting client.
Nigel saw his team failing as he thought of Wally and Abby but Rachel also took care of them.
Rachel: Abby's rezined as the KND leader you made her, Wally's Fanny's problem, and Kuki let's just say Mushi's tired of being littelest and wants Kuki to have a turn.
Nigel: But you loved me once come on Rache give me another chance, I mean Lizzie's a tabby cat and I won't cheat anymore.
Rachel(Pulling out a mini plum robe) Perfect and no I won't take it easy on you, the way I am this is taking it easy.
Nigel moaned as he saw Rachel's wardrobe dance in front of him as Rachel giggled.
Rachel: These will be all you wear until your old enough to wear bras, panties, and then you'll want to show off as much as you can just like mommy.
Nigel(Squirming on the floor) And what if I refuse to be your little girl.
Rachel put lipstick on and smacked her lips then she knelt to Nigel's level giggling and it wasn't a girlfriend giggle either.
Rachel(Kissing Nigel's cheek) I used to hate being a girl too, my mom smothered me with love and that's how I became one.
Nigel screamed as Rachel's lips neared him again leaving grape lipstick on his cheek's.
Rachel: And I won't stop kissing until your my little girl, so keep fighting and I'll keep kissing.
Nigel stuck his tongue out at Rachel as she giggled seeing a four year old in Nigel as she came in for another kiss and he moved his face grinning.
Rachel(Holding Nigel's head in place) I know all the tricks Nigey and I have an idea now don't you move sweetie pie.
Rachel rubbed the lipstick and dirt from the floor off her lips as she put a green lipstick on and Nigel could tell what it was by the smell of it.
Rachel(Smacking her lips) That's right Nigey green apple your fave, now hold still and let mommy give you what you have coming to you.
Nigel had no choice as Rachel's hand came down holding his head in place as she giggled her lips coming down and kissing each of his cheeks as his feet and legs shrunk and Rachel smiled at him.
Rachel(Tickling Nigel's toes) See you're already losing the fight sweetie, I know what I'm doing.
Rachel threw the small blue turtleneck, tiger sweatshirt, lion skirt which she wore as a newborn baby, tiger booties, a lion onesie, and tiger hair elastics giggling as her stomach went up and down.
Nigel: Rache I think I've learned my lesson so let me go and I promise to never cheat on you again.
Rachel(Puckering up) My mom always told me winners never cheat and chaeaters never win, in this case I guess she was right.
Rachel's green apple lips kissed Nigel's cheek again as his stomach and chest shrank and Rachel saw it was time for Nigel to try on his new wardrobe.
Rachel(Lifting Nigel up) Say bye bye to your boyish urges Nigel, your about to have new urges and only your mommy can help you understand them.
Rachel tore Nigel's clothes off as he saw no escape as Rachel folded out a diaper and the lion skirt grinning evilly at Nigel.
Rachel(grabbing baby powder) First comes the diaper, then the onsie, the skirt, the turtle neck, the sweatshirt, the booties, and last but not least my little Tion's hair elastics and pigtails.
Nigel: What the hell is a Tion?
Rachel: Tiger and a Lion duhhhhhhhhhhhhh, anyways get all the talking you can out now before you become a baby and talking is an issue.
Nigel stuck his tongue out at Rachel again as she placed both of Nigel's squirming and kicking feet and legs into the diaper and giggled at her creation.
Rachel: Not long now Nigey, you're going to be a great little girl and you're going to act just like your mommy.
Nigel screamed as Rachel giggled louder and forced his head, legs, and arms into the onesie as his body shrank even more.
Rachel(Eskimo kissing Nigel) I told you that you were a perfect fit Nigey, now for the skirt that mommy wore everywhere when I was your age.
Rachel quickly wrapped the skirt around Nigel's waist, zipped it, and buttoned it as his waist, legs, and feet were baby size.
Rachel: Get where I'm coming from yet Nigey?, your going to be a beautiful baby girl when I'm done.
Rachel forced Nigel's arms up and then forced the blue turtleneck over his chest and tummy as they became baby size and Rachel pumped her fists in the air happily.
Rachel: I really have Sonya and Fanny to thank for this Nigey, I mean after all this was all their idea.
Nigel's eyes grew with fear as he saw his voice was gone and Rachel twirled up to him poking his small nose playfully and throwing the tiger sweatshirt over the blue turtleneck.
Rachel: Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I told you to get out what you had to say when you had a chance to say it Nigey, now it's bootie time and then pigtails and hair elastics time.
Nigel looked petrified as Rachel forced tiger booties on Nigel feet and she grabbed a brush grinning evily.
Rachel: Nigel meet your worst nightmare the snarl, ouchie, owie, sticky hair, and knot defender, snarl, ouchie, owie, sticky hair, and knot defender meet Nigel or should I say Trish because that's your new name sweetie.
Rachel sat Nigel in his new crib as she forced the brush through his hair and he saw why it was the snarl, ouchie, owie, sticky hair, and knot defender first hand.
Rachel: Grandma says a real lady has to have smooth, voluptious, bouncy, soft, hair and that means you too young lady.
Nigel started crying as Rachel giggled at him as she moved to the other side hurting him there too.
Rachel(Tisking) We are going to have to get you a hair cut missy, but until we do that wear it like mommy, the bangs longer than long covering one of your eyes, and straight but not for baby's munchkin.
Rachel cackled carrying Nigel to the nearest sink to give him a bath and Nigel could feel that soon his soul would be newborn Rachel's.
Rachel(Testing the water) Perfect come on Munchie I have a bath prepared for you then you can meet your pajama's.
Nigel shuddered to think what Rachel was going to make him wear but he haqd an idea that it had something to do with the pull up and the purple baby nightgown on the table with his plum princess robe and sceptor.
Rachel(Placing Nigel into the sink) Ahhhhhhhhhh isn't that water just comfy?, as a lady of the KND you're going to long for a bath every single day.
Nigel giggled girlishly splashing the suds as Rachel triumphantly smiled down at him.
Rachel: You're gonna be a lady, you're gonna be a lady, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Nigel's soul shot into the small purple robe as Rachel giggled and ruffled her daughter's hair.
Rachel: Now you own Nigel Uno, let's see how he deals with it shall we?
Rachel put her baby's hair in the sudsy water and then put baby shampoo into her baby's hair as Trish the new baby giggled seeing the hair shampoo turn into suds.
Rachel(Making silly faces at Trish) Look at mommy sweetie and smile at the camera, this is going to be sent to the sector V treehouse with the caption Who's Next?, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeee.
Trish splashed playfully smiling at a black camera as it snapped the picture and Rachel neglected to mention to Nigel that the sceptor was his own personal magic wand.
Rachel(Tickling Trish's chin) He doesn't need to know that does he munchie?, he would just turn Lizzie back into a human and me into a kitty speaking of kitties here comes Stripey now.
Lizzy definitely was a tabby cat with green eyes as Trish moaned and whined at Rachel reaching for Stripey/ Lizzy.
Rachel(Snatching Lizzy) You're going to learn Stripey that when my daughter beckons the whole world stops for her you stupid cat.
Rachel tossed Lizzy into the sink with Trish as Lizzie hissed and Trish copied her giggling and clapping her hands.
Rachel: Now you have a little wile in there to play with Stripey then mommy is going to get you changed for bed and show you how your sceptor works.
Trish playfully splashed Lizzy as Lizzy meowed to be let out but Rachel ignored her not seeing Lizzie's retractable claws come out and scratch Trish as she screamed in pain.
Rachel(Running to Trish) Awwwwwwwww my poorest little munchkin, and as for you stripey how dare you scratch a defenseless little girl.
Stripey hissed at Rachel as Rachel lifted Stripey out and swateed her butt.
Rachel: Next time learn not to hurt a poor little baby like my Trish.
After the bath Rachel lifted Trish out of the sink and dried her off before putting her purple nightgown on, her pull up, her silk plum robe, and her secptor in her hands.
Rachel: All right sweetness bedtime, tomorrow we move you into KND World Federation with your new mommy he, he, he, he, heee.
Trish yawned and rested her head on Rachel's shoulder as Rachel gently stroked her daughter's soft hair smiling.
Rachel(Whispering) With Nigel Uno gone the training agents are Fanny's for the taking while me, well I already have the agent I wanted he, he, he, he, heeeee.
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