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Chapter 3 Fanny's Triumph/ Joey's Demise

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Fanny's triumphed over a boy as Joey finds out what it's like to be peppy, giggly, and a little girl

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As Nigel was becoming Rachel's daughter Fanny grabbed a struggling John and pinned him to the nearest wall cackling at him.
Fanny: Nigel was the lucky one who didn't have to deal with me as a mommy, he has to deal with Rachel and well Rachel is the clingy type of mommy.
John(Struggling) Clingy type of mommy?
Fanny(Nodding) Mmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmm you know the type that kisses every boo boo, hugs and kisses galore, the clingy type.
John was pushed higher up as Fanny grinned up at him cackling.
Fanny: I'm the clingy type too which goes to show you that Rachel and I share everything.
John saw no way out as Fanny's face moved close to his and he counted thirty freckles each on both of her cheeks.
Fanny(Blowing her breath on him) Meet my finishing move sweetie, now take it all in because you'll have stinky breath when your my daughter.
John moaned as his eyes closed and Fanny dragged him across the dusty floor like a life sized teddy smiling down at him.
Fanny: Nigel was stronger than you but I guess that's why Rachel chose him to be her little princess and you got stuck with me.
Fanny reached a dark room as she turned the light on grabbing a small green nightgown, plaid underwear, fuzzy green slippers, a hairbrush, hair elastics, a fuzzy small towel, and Rainbow Monkey action figures as John started coming to with Fanny grinning at him.
Fanny: Well that was a quick nap soon to be daughter of mine, now let mommy show you how to use your dreampowers again.
John shook his head no as Fanny grinned nodding her head and lifting her armpits up as a huge blast of green smoke erupted from them and John once again passed out.
Fanny(Giggling) This little piggy was an agent, this little piggy beat me, this little piggy led me to the others, and this little piggy is now a piglet, while the rest of the piggy’s cry ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all the way to Rachel's daughters world he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeee.
Fanny reached the bathroom where she placed John on the toilet seat and filled the tub with bubble bath and hot water grinning.
Fanny: Wake up sleepyhead we have a bath to get through and then you have a dinner to attack and bedtime. Which will be your least favorite time at least it was mine since a newborn and nightmares to give.
John slowly opened his eyes to Fanny's smiling face as she grabbed him and he was at level with her freckles again.
Fanny: If you have anything to say as a boy I'd say it now because soon you're going to be a little munchkin my little munchkin and talking will be hard as a newborn.
John: Go to hell you stupid Irish bitch, I don't believe in you and that makes you imaginary to me.
Fanny(Grinning) You'd think so but I grow stronger and when I set my sights on you you're all mine.
John(Struggling) Then just go to hell and leave me alone.
Fanny: I've been there before very hot place, molten lava paves the streets, fire everywhere, and that's where your soul is headed once I'm done with you.
John screamed for help as Fanny cackled knowing none of the agents were going to save John because they were petrified of the KND bully herself.
Fanny(Pulling John's clothes off) Bathy time and then dinner and we finish it off with bedtime and nightmare giving time to my little munchkin.
John screamed in fear as Fanny smiled evilly and dropped him in the hot, sudsy, girly smelling bath as Fanny then grabbed a washcloth.
Fanny(Scrubbing John's feet) These are even dirtier than your mommy's feet but you know being a little munchkin gives you dirty everything especially feet.
John moaned as his feet and legs shrank and Fanny giggled tickling his baby toes seeing all the dirt disappear from them and she started scrubbing John's chest and tummy next.
Fanny: At this rate we may have time to play in here while I cook dinner, what am I saying I wouldn't leave my baby alone in the tubby that's just plain wrong.
John could feel baby urges rising inside of him as Fanny sensed them too and tickled his chin cackling.
Fanny: That's what you get for killing me, luckily you left the immortal and dead riser whistle behind and Sonya found it or I wouldn't be here today.
John(Moaning) Please- make- all- the- urges- stop- I'll- do- whatever- you- want- just- make- the- baby- urges- go- away.
Fanny(Kissing his cheek) Why would I do that?, I've been waiting forever to have a baby and now I can brag about you to all my friends.
John(Splashing Fanny with water) Take some of that you evil witch now melt and leave me alone.
Fanny belly laughed at this and rubbed John's black hair making it red and one half covering his eye as we see he has a green eye on the other side.
Fanny: Not too long now you're going to be my daughter, and then the baby boys of the KND will cower in your prescience like they did with me.
John moaned as his stomach shrank and his chest became flatter and Fanny's eyes danced evilly with his as she laughed at him.
John: You'll never get away with this people are going to wonder where I am, and then you'll go to jail for kidnapping.
After he said this Fanny grinned wider and thrusted John's birth certificate in his face and then crossed his name off a list that said reality agents.
Fanny(Tapping John's arm with his birth certificate) It's- all- legit- sweetie- pie, It- seems- your- mom- is- sick- and- tired- of- you.
John saw no way out as Fanny lifted his armpit and started cleaning it with soap and his arm's shrank and he felt his voice going next.
Fanny(Singing) Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky, twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are.
John's eye's started drooping as his voice left him and Fanny lifted her green sweatshirt as his soul shot into her chest and she shot a green light into him making him newborn her.
Fanny: That was always my favorite lullaby as a baby and it looks like it's yours too, now let's get you out of this tub and into some PJ's and dinner, then I'll tuck you in for the night.
John cooed and hugged Fanny as Fanny was tickled pink at him showing her affection and she hugged him back like she would never let him go.
Fanny(Laughing triumphantly) I told you I was a clingy mommy like Rachel.
John giggled as Fanny giggled at him and she tossed a plate of baby food to him as he giggled and opened his mouth to be fed.
Fanny(Smiling triumphantly) The other training agents are going to meet a little girl by the name of Trish when they meet me.
John giggled as Fanny cackled evilly and we see the training agents all looking scared but no more than Joey Beatles and Tommy Gilligan who were both already targeted.
Joey(Yawning) How- about- this- Tommy?, I- keep- you- awake- and- you- can- keep- me- awake.
Tommy groaned as his eyes closed due to Fanny's breath power and Joey was next as Tommy fell into Lizzie's old house, and Joey fell into Kuki's old house.
Fanny(Cackling) And the boy who can save them just inherited my genes, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeee.
Tommy grew a fearful look as he saw his older brother Hoagie squirming and he ran up to Hoagie who's eyes were fearful.
Tommy: Hoagie I'm here just tell me what to do and I'm there, I'm like a rock in the KND so just let me save you.
Hoagie(Screaming) Run Tommy she's looking for a daughter too, she already has me don't let her take you too.
Tommy: Who already has you Hoagie?, I mean she has to have a name right?
Hoagie moaned and screamed as if he was in pain and his gut started getting bigger as the clothes he was wearing started ripping.
Hoagie: I can't say her name because that would give her the liberty of living forever and she won't get that either now get out of here.
Tommy: Not without my big brother Hoagie, you saved me from so many nightmares now it's time to save you.
Hoagie(Grabbing Tommy) Look Squirt it's too late for me save yourself before she hunts you down too.
Tommy didn't waste time as he ran out of the house and darted up into his own bed as Lizzie's cackle echoed from Hoagie's room.
Meanwhile Joey is wandering in Kuki's house as Kuki followed behind him in her shadows finding the perfect bargaining chip for Mushi.
Kuki: I won't be a little sister to Mushi but I found a volunteer.
Joey found a smiling picture of Mushi and Kuki together with a baby he didn't know was about to be him hanging on a room door and he walked into the room of his demise.
Joey: This room's spooky maybe I should get out of this house before the owners find me and I'm forced to do as they ask.
Kuki grinned coming out of the shadows shutting and locking the door as Mushi appeared on the bed giggling.
Mushi(Bouncing on her knees) You were right Kooks he's perfect to be a Sanban so I won't turn you into my little sister, this boy on the other hand will be my little sis.
Joey(Gulping) Little- Sis?, what are you talking about weirdo?
Mushi(Measuring Joey) Perfect fit now I'm going to get my old Halloween costume form earlier this year sis don't move an inch.
Mushi unlocked the door giggling evilly and skipping off as Kuki grabbed Joey by his red hoodie and smiled down at him.
Kuki: You're really saving my buttocks here Joey, and don't worry Wally your big brother is doomed too because Fanny's in love with him.
Joey(Screaming) Wally fall asleep, fall asleep, fall asleep and get me out of this madhouse.
Kuki(Shoving Joey down on the floor) He can't save you because if he falls asleep Fanny Fullbright will take him not me.
Joey started crying as Mushi skipped back up with her costume which was Cinderella and Joey hated the glint in her eyes.
Mushi: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think you'll need undies and an undershirt too, this was my favorite PJ's until I found some nightgowns that felt so much better.
Kuki(Smirking) Nightgown's huh?, I have some old one's when I was three that just might fit him Moosh.
Mushi giggled and jumped up and down excitedly as Kuki knew she had nightgowns plus a pajama shirt and pants with frilly sleeves and pant legs.
Kuki(Pulling the clothes out) Boy am I glad Joey came when he did or I would have to wear these again and they itch like crazy.
Kuki hummed Part Of Your World from the little Mermaid under her breath her and Mushi's favorite lullaby.
Kuki: Taduhhhhhhhhhhh girly PJ's coming right up, now you kneel on him making him sit still, after this your two big sisters will sing you a lullaby sweetie.
Joey felt all of the boyish urges leaving him as Mushi forced girl undies and an undershirt on him as Kuki forced the pants and shirt pajama outfit on him grinning.
Joey(Weak) You grill’s are crazy, what makes you think I'm going to be a little girl like you two?
Mushi cackled handing Joey a mirror and he saw his whole body small and he had black hair.
Mushi: Now for the lullaby and after some sleep your going to be a full blown Sanban.
Kuki(Clearing her throat) This one was one of our favorites Joey, now rest your head on my pillow seeing I don't live in this room anymore and let us lull you to sleep.
Mushi grinned knowing the lullaby as she stood next to Kuki who was smiling down at Joey.
Kuki(Singing) Look at this stuff
Isn't it neat?
Wouldn't you think my collections complete?
Wouldn't you think I'm a girl?
A girl who has everything
Look at this trove
Treasures untold
How many wonders can one cavern hold?
Looking around here you think
Sure she's got everything
I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty
Whozits and whatzits galore
You want thingamabobs?
I've got twenty
But who cares?
No big deal
I want more
Joey's eyes started to droop as he snapped them open again and Mushi decided to take the chorus giggling at him.
Mushi(Singing) I wanna be where the people are
I wanna see wanna see them dancin
Walking around on those- What do you call them?
Oh feet
Flippin your fins you don't get to far
Legs are required for jumping and dancing
Strolling along on a- what's that word again?
Up where they walk
Up where they run
Up where they spend all day in the sun
Wanderin free wish I could be
Part of your world
Mushi tickled Joey's feet after she said feet like Ariel did to Flounder's fins as he giggled and saw it was a girly giggle.
Kuki(Singing) What would I give if I could live out of these waters
What would I pay to spend a day warm on the sand
Betcha on land they understand
They don't reprimand their daughters
Proper women sick of swimming
Ready to stand
Joey yawned wide and loud as Mushi and Kuki saw his body shrinking and his sheets and blankets turned into Ariel sheets and blankets with Flounder following her.
Mushi(Singing) And ready to know what the people know
Ask em my questions and get some answers
What's a fire and why does it- what's the word
When's it my turn?
Wouldn't I love, love to explore the world up above
Out of the sea
Wish I could be
Part of that world
Joey lightly closed his eyes as Kuki walked from the room grateful to have her life the same as Mushi gently kneeled over Joey and kissed his forehead and pulling the covers up to his chin like her mother used to do to her grinning at him.
Mushi(Whispering) Tomorrow we're going to watch The Little Mermaid together sis, then like sissy and me you'll watch it over and over again.
Mushi cackled lightly crawling into her own bed and covering herself up waiting for her mom to come and kiss her forehead.
Mrs. Sanban(Kissing Mushi's forehead) Sweet dreams princess, and be sure to kiss your little sisters forehead and wish her sweet dreams too.
Mushi(Yawning) I already kissed her and I'll wish her sweet dreams after you leave mommy.
Mrs. Sanban smiled turning the nighlight in Mushi's room on and closing her door as Mushi looked over at Joey who was growing pigtails and molding into Kuki's pajamas.
Mushi: Sweet dreams Min and tomorrow is going to be a big sis showing you things you need to know day.
The owls hooted outside and little did Tommy Gilligan know that his nightmare was about to begin.
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