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Chapter 4 Rachel The Snake

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Rachel has set her targets on the training agents, there goes the neighborhood

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As Rachel predicted she sent her picture of Trish to the training agents treehouse with a caption that said who's next as training agents found it hard to fall asleep.
Agent #1( Yawning) So- sleepy- can't- fight- sleep- much- longer.
Training leader( Sipping coffee) You have to fight sleep Numbah 362's back with a vengeance and her daughter looks downright sweet but she has Numbah 362's fight I bet.
Training Agent 1 was a boy named David Andrews and Rachel had it out for him for making people forget her when she left the KND.
Training leader: Just do what I do and fill up on caffeine, I mean it helps and I've been awake for going on one week now.
David shuffled to his room thinking there would be no harm falling asleep but he didn't know how wrong he was.
David(Covering himself up) He has no idea what he's saying, I mean she can't be back and this is just a prank one of the agents are playing on us.
The training leader was Billy Macarthur and he knew his team was in trouble especially David because he was more than likely going to sleep at that moment.
Billy: I just hope he knows what's in store for him when he falls asleep, she's been wanting to get even with him most of all.
The picture winked at Billy and Rachel's laughter could be heard as Trish cooed in the picture waving.
Billy(Crossing David's name off a list) I just have to keep the others awake somehow, there's no telling who Rachel will go to once she has David's soul.
Billy went to check on his sleepy team as they drank coffee, soda, energy drinks, and powered up on candy.
Billy: Brace yourselves agents Numbah 362 is getting who she wants for now but if we can stay awake she'll have no power over the rest of us.
The agents looked scared and stared at David's door as it locked and they knew that it was a great possibility that Rachel's soul locked the door so they couldn't get to him.
Meanwhile David was lightly snoring as a laughter rang throughout his head and he crashed through a roof of an old house.
David: What am I doing here and why does this house seem familiar?, I mean it's like total Deja vu here.
Rachel slowly walked down the stairs with Trish as Trish giggled swinging her scepter around and a white light erupted from it as Rachel smiled down at her.
Rachel: This boys mommy's but with your new dreampower I think you can get another agent down here for you.
Trish giggled blowing a breath from her mouth and in reality Billy slowly made his way to his room and fell asleep as Tristan clapped her hands knowing she did good thanks to Rachel's teachings.
Meanwhile David is walking down a long hall examining things as Billy fell in front of him and David jumped back in surprise.
Billy: You have to wake up David I mean I'm stronger in dream world I always was, but you're weak and I can't protect the both of us.
David(Acting Macho) And who said I needed protecting?, and who said Rachel wasn't back?, and who said the picture was a prank?, it was all me and I don't know when you're going to start believing me.
Billy: All right genius who's house do you think we're in?, why does this house seem familiar to you?, why can't you take the fact that Rachel's back?, because your so macho that you think you can take her again but your wrong.
David: Oh puhlease she wasn't that tough before what could five years do to her?, I mean she's just a stupid girl anyways.
The hall became longer and Billy noticed as he gulped and Rachel grinned following David's every move.
Rachel(Whispering) Your dead meat now David Andrews, making people forget me was bad but keeping me at bay was worse and it's about time you paid the price.
Billy stopped at Trish's nursery door to take a break as the door opened like a gust of wind opened it and it slammed shut locking itself with Trish in her crib waving her scepter like a magic wand.
Billy: I have a really bad feeling about this, and I think David's last fight with Rachel isn't going to end well.
Trish cooed as she stood up in her crib her blue eyes connecting with Billy's eyes and he was tranced to follow Trish to the ends of the Earth but he walked to her crib instead.
Trish: Goo goo gaa gaa, goo goo gaa gaa gooooooooooooooooooo!
Billy(Petting Trish's hair) Aren't you cute, so do you know a way I could get out of here?
Trish nodded her head yes as Billy hugged her and Trish hid her scepter behind her back cackling like Rachel did to Nigel when he became her.
Billy: All right then sweetie let's get us out of here and then I'll make you Numbah 1 again and then maybe you'll listen when I say trouble's brewing.
Trish happily kicked her feet back and forth on Billy's knee as she pointed to the left and he saw a dead end and Trish smiled waving her scepter making the other part of the wall a dead end too.
Trish: Goo goo gaa gaa, goo goo gaa gaa gooooooooooooooooo!
Trish waved her scepter and pointed it at Billy as a blue light shot at him and his tummy was growing stuffing as his arms, legs, feet, and chest also grew stuffing.
Rachel(Smiling down at Billy) Well, well, well looks like my sweetie learned the power of her scepter and I found a way back into the KND.
Billy couldn't say anything as his voice left him and he grew fur, glass eyes, and a long purple robe and scepter like Trish as she hugged Billy and kissed him.
Rachel: KND training agents here I come, time to meet your makers Rachel and Trish Mckenzie.
Trish cooed and hugged her new teddy as Rachel skipped off to show David just how strong she became in the five years she was gone.
David(Panting) This- is- bullshit-, I- mean- why- did- Billy- have- to- go- and- get- himself- lost- anyways?
Rachel smiled wider seeing her hall take it's toll on David and she skipped up behind him her scepter raised and she grew a Freddy glove on her right hand.
Rachel: Exactly what I wanted now to chop this little piggy up.
Rachel's ungloved hand grabbed David and spun him around as her blue eyes flashed with triumph and happiness.
Rachel: Hmmmmmmmmmm what was your name again?, I tend to forget the names of people who make other people forget me.
David: It's David Andrews and it's about time you found me, I mean how long does it take one person to find a training agent?
Rachel grabbed David and pinned him against the wall gnashing her claws near his stomach cackling.
Rachel: Soon you're going to be an agent kabob, now I'm feeling generous so if you want to offer me your slavery now's the time to do it.
David put his hands on his head and Rachel knew what he was doing as she giggled at him.
David: Nigel help me I know you can hear me, please don't let her take me like she took the others.
Rachel stabbed David's stomach as he screamed in pain and a necklace he was wearing was pulled off and put around Trish's neck.
Rachel: No more immortality for you, the trick to calling someone is making sure their alive when you do it, or even themselves.
David(Weak) What- the- hell- have- you- done- with- Nigel- you- stupid- bitch?
Rachel(Producing Trish) Introducing the first of many daughters I will have, the one, the only, the Nigel Uno killer herself, Trish Ariel Mckenzie the 1st.
David moaned painfully as the glove went deeper sinking into his stomach as Rachel got eye to eye with him.
Rachel: Too bad there's not a next time for you, as for your little friends there's no next time for them either, I'm the new training agent leader and my will be done.
David forced the glove out as Rachel grinned coming up with a new plan as she showed David Nigel's anklet that gave him immortality.
Rachel: It looks better on me, now you and I have business so I'll put Trish to bed and be back in an a jif.
Once Rachel left David sighed relief that she didn't know his other dreampower as he swiped his hand over his stomach making the cuts disappear.
David: The stupid bitch doesn't know that I have immortality without or with the fucking necklace.
Rachel placed Trish in her crib with Billy as Trish cooed and kissed Rachel and Billy and then she yawned and her eyes drooped to good morning to you being played on her mobile.
David( Sticking a note on the wall) There let's see you find me now you bitch.
David snapped his eyes open as he was in his own bed and he saw that Billy made headline news.
Anchorman: And in a bizarre turn of events a little boy has gone missing from the KND treehouse today and will probably be forgotten sooner or later back to you Rachel.
Rachel cackled inside of the TV as the color's swirled and John's mom walked in stopping the nightmare.
David's mom(Feeling his forehead) Geez your burning up sweetie maybe you should stay home today and get some rest, I mean you certainly need it.
David(Weak) But- Billy- Macarthur- gone- missing- I- know- where- he- is- have- to- stay- awake.
David's mom: You will not be going to school today young man, and this Billy Macarthur you speak of must not exist because I've never met him.
David: Yes you have we've had sleepover's here, playdates, snowball fights, hot chocolate, he was my best friend mom.
David's mom: You're delirious David you just need to get some more sleep that's all.
Before he could object his door closed and locked and then we hear David's mom's car pulling out of the driveway and he sighed agitated and sad trying to stay awake.
David(Turning on the TV) I guess the news hasn't forgotten Billy.
David found a Coke by his bed as he chugged it not knowing his mom spiked it with sleeping pills as the news came back on.
Anchorman: The next missing person in this bizarre case is Nigel Uno, and the next well that's for our anchorwoman Rachel Mckenzie to decide.
Rachel cackled as the colors swirled again and David screamed as the colors turned into a hand covering his mouth.
Rachel: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh you need your rest and mama Rachel will be sure to give it to you.
David was pulled back into the dreamworld with Rachel stepping on his stomach a triumphant smile on her face and in her eyes.
Rachel: You didn't think I was going to let you leave without saying goodbye did you?, that would be bad manners and us girls know our manners.
David(Pushing Rachel's leg off of him) Yea and I have no manners so meet my fist bitch.
Rachel: But I haven't even gotten to the best part of the nightmare yet, you're going to become me and you're going to help me feed off the souls of the KND training agents.
David(Grinning) Yea and what are you going to do to turn me into you?, use that stupid stick you think is so magical to manipulate me?
Rachel(Opening her mouth) Nuh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
David(Cracking up) What- am- I- you're- fucking- dentists?
Rachel opened wider as a white light erupted from her body and then she was gone as David smiled at the pile of dust that he thought was Rachel Mckenzie.
David(Jumping up and down happily) Take that bitch now the agents will sleep another night with David the Rachel Mckenzie slayer by their side.
Trish curled her lip at David pouting it about to cry as David cackled in her face and snapped his eyes opened not knowing his nightmare monster was now in reality with him.
David(Laying on his hands) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is the life, no school, no mom, no nightmares, and to cap it all off a whole day devoted to TV.
Rachel's POV(cackling) Sounds like fun to me, but you forgot poor Trish the poor thing thinks her mommy's dead let's show her differently.
David(Scared) Where the hell are you bitch?, and what do you mean show her differently?
Rachel relaxed inside of David's body as she shot another white light into it and he moaned falling to the floor.
Rachel's POV: I'm like a snake David I can shed my skin, and my little girl is sleeping thanks to me she's also stopped crying.
David(Weak) You- bitch- you'll- never- learn- that- I- will- always- win- and- you- will- always- lose.
Rachel's POV: Looks like I'm winning now David, soon I'll shed this skin and you'll be nothing but bones, what will your poor mother do without you?
David screamed in pain as Rachel's soul was getting closer and he saw his fingernails becoming sparkly and purple on one side and Rachel's clawed glove on the other.
Rachel's POV: See I'm winning and you're losing, it's about time you learned that you can't win every fight but I can I'm immortal he, he, he, he, heeeeeee.
David crawled from his room and to the bathroom as he slowly stood up and Rachel was making her appearance as David saw his clothes change to a jean skirt and a yellow top.
Rachel's POV: I think these clothes make you look slimming now for the final piece and then you will be gone and I will be able to kill the little training agent piglets.
David tried waking himself up as he reached for the hot water spout and Rachel cackled the spout turning into a clawed glove as it grabbed him.
Rachel's POV: Time to due away with the bad apples in the KND starting with you piglet.
David screamed as his skin was ripping and being replaced by Rachel's skin as she cackled inside of him.
Rachel: I told you I was like a snake David, now you get to experience me first hand.
David's leg skin ripped as did his organs and his eyes changed color as Rachel smiled thinly seeing David still trying to fight her.
Rachel(Ripping David's hands) I can see that you don't know when to give up David, so here let me help you and say give up.
David screamed in pain as his veins were ripped from his body and lastly his organs as Rachel puckered and kissed him his last kiss as his breath stopped.
Rachel: Poor, poor boy you should know by now that I only lose once, after that I'll succeed every single time.
David's skin and skeleton fell to the ground as Rachel laugh sounded evil triumphant and she walked from the house ready to enroll in the Kids Next Door.
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