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Frank continues to open up about how his parents died... How does Gerard react to this all?

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Franks P.O.V
Mikey drove us home.
Me and Gee sat in the back Mikey and M.r Winks in the front.
Every like 5 seconds M.r Winks would look in the mirror and wink at me i was freaking out so bad i just put my hand on Gerards

Hes not gonna mind. He likes you Frankie
What no he dosnt
Why did he kiss you back then?
Because he just did

"are you ok Frank?"
He said squeezing my hand

"Yeah, Fine Gerard"
"it just looked like you wernt awake or something"
"Yeah i was just thinking"
"Oh ok then"

I looked away from Gerard and saw M.r Winks hand on Mikeys thigh
Yuss!!! hes gonna stop winking at me
Our eyes meet in the mirror and he did it again

Calm down hes just being friendly
Yeah, Well he shouldnt its to fucking creepy. Id hate to see him being scary if this is him being friendly

Mikey killed the ignition and Mr Winks opened the door.
No way was i going in before him he might touch me or something.

Gerard walked in before me and i watched his ass as he did so

"Comming Franki- Frank"
I gave him a smile and walked threw his front door that he held wide open for me

We went straight up to his room

"Frank, Do you wanna stay the night?"
"Yea, If thats cool with you and Mikey and Mr Win- I mean Bert"

I looked at him and blushed.

"What were you gonna call him?" Gerard said with a smile
"Mr Winks"

Gerard let out a fearly loud giggle

"Oh Dont be afraid of his winking, Its like hes got torrets he does it to every one"
"Oh thank god then, That was really freaking me out"
"Yeah, its something that creeps every one out, He only does it to the most beautiful of people"
"So he does it to you all the time?"

I realized what i had just said, I spoke my mind without thinking about it first. What a tard.

"Oh Frank, Im not beautiful. I was meaning you"
"Well i was meaning you"

He gave me a smile

"how about instead of driving all the way back to yours you just wear my clothes it dosnt bother me."
"Oh, Ok then if thats cool"
"Yip.. And you can continue with your story if you want"
"Ok then" i said un surley if i really did want to or not

He sat down on his bed and patted right next to him. Motining for me to go sit with him i think
so i did as he wanted.

"Right we got up to what your Mom said"

"yeah so me and Craig hung out. sunday came and he was waiting for them to come home,
We were watching Batman in my bedroom when there was a knock at the door. We thought we locked it.
Craig went and opened the door. Uhh"

"Just take your time Frank its ok" He said as he put his hand on my leg again.

"Then Craig called my name out i went to the door to find two police standing at my door
They told me my parents had been in an acident and were killed.
Then the police handed me over there video camera where they recorded the whole thing.
My Moms waters broke and my Dad was touching Moms stomach telling her to breathe.

He looked away for a second and a truck hit them. The car rolled 8 times down a bank.
Aarons head was out and so he was bought into this world.
he was born at uhhh... 9:50 pm and died at 10:00 pm.
a minute after my parents died."

I looked at Gerard and he had more tears traviling down his face than i did.

but i went on with the story, He told me he wanted to hear it.

"The police took us down to the mourge to identify my parents.
They held up my dead baby brother who i hadnt even met yet. I got told i was allowed to hold his cold little body for the first and last time.

he was bundled up in a white blanket thing.
My Mom and Dad were in black body bags and then Aaron was in with my Mom.

He looked just like i did when i was little. But i think it was the fact that the family hype was all over this little miracle
a-a Gift from god i think my parents were calling him, and when he arived he had no one and the police service was just minutes to slow.

But on the tape just after he was born there is a little Cry and i heard my baby brother and i only saw him once he passed on"

Gerards arm wraped around me and pulled me into his chest

"You dont have to go on with the story Frank"

"No, I want to it feels like im leting something go talking to someone other that my dog."
"Ok then Hun, Only if thats what you want"

"Uhhhh Just before Aaron was born, My Moms famous last words were
'Im not going with out seeing my new son for the first time and im not going with out my Frankie Baby by my side'.

Mom and Dad had changed the batteries for the camera just before they left so they could tape the drive home,
so every time i watch it i see all of there bodies going i hear there cries for help, I hear my Baby brother i never met.
I hear there last words, And if i didnt meet Craig then i wouldnt have to See that or Hear it. Because i would have been there.

Gerard, I could have helped them. If i was there then Dad wouldnt have taken his eyes off the road and i could have helped Mom.
I was the one who insisted on them going. Gee, Its ALL my fault. If they didnt have me they would have been better off.

Aaron would have been with them right now, They would have been the perfect little family"

I was crying now and i didnt care how much of a pansy
i seemed around Gerard im hurting and i dont want to go on anymore.
I want it all to end.

To go away.
I wanna see my Mom and Dad and baby Aaron.

I Cried the whole way threw that story and now im feeling the pain, Just like i did the very first time i held my brother
Frank no, snap out of it. Its not your fault. God did this, Not you. you couldnt have prevented it at all
Please just leave me alone now is not the time
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