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Gerard isn't taking it too well now he knows that his lovers parents are dead.

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Gerards P.O.V

I Was crying, But how could someone so BEAUTIFUL be in so much pain.
How could someone so little hurt so much

"Frank honey, I would have understood if you didnt tell me that. But im glad you did"

My hand was patting the left side of Franks face. I knew he was upset, and i didnt know what else to do but just sit with him

"I think i might just go home Gerard"
"No i-No your not leaving, Your in a terriable state honey, Look at you. Your not going any where except my bed for a sleep"
"Gerard i've caused you trouble now, I think its best you just erase me from your memory"

I turned to face Frank but he just sat looking into his lap.

"Turn around"

i couldnt believe what i was hearing
He turned but still looked into his lap
My hands softly took eather side of his face.
And his face nearly burned my hands

"Frank baby look at me" I help him lift his head

He nearly looked scared

"No, Frank i-i fucking no, You mean something to me Frank. Its like i need you because you've done nothing but made me happy.
Baby even now your upset and i want to help you but im still so fucking happy your still sitting here with me"

"Your just saying that"
"No Frank, Im meaning it, I have feelings for you.
I dont know how its possiable i bearly even know you, But to me it feels like you've been my friend since Pre-school"

"You have feelings for me?"
"Yes Frank, I do and i dont care what you say about that. They are not going to-"
"I have feelings for you too Gerard"

"I know you do Frank, I know you do"

He put his hand on mine.
Then he forced out a smile. so i smiled back
Before long last the Real Frank emerged from the other one.

His smiled beamed right across his face.
I took his hands and pulled him over by me. He was on his knees looking down into my eyes.

"Gerard, Theres something about you i love and i dont know what it is"
"Just be quiet and kiss me again"

His lips planted mine again, This time it was alot better than before not that there was a thing wrong about before
My hands took his bony little hips. and his hands went around my neck.

"No Gerard im-im sorry for leading you on"
"What are you on about honey?"
"For kissing you im sorry"
"I told you to that, I wanted you to kiss me"

"im sorry"
"Frank, Honey just stop saying sorry"
"OK Im-"

I pecked his lips.

"Come lye down with me"

I put my head on my pillow. Then Franks head was placed next to mine facing me to.
I put my hand over his waist. His hand was on the side of my face.

"I really like you Gerard"
"I really like you too Frank"
"You called me Gee"

"Is it ok if i call you that"
"Can you call me Frankie, Its nice to know someone will still be here to say it"

"Frankie, I promise i'll always be here to talk to when ever you need it. Or just pick up the phone"

He beemed when i called him Frankie, Maybe i was what he needed. to help him
i kissed his forehead

"go to sleep Hon, You had a long day"
"Ok Gee"
"Do-do you have work tomorrow" i dreaded asking that question
"No, Not tomorrow so maybe we can just hang out"
"Yeah i'd like that, Id like that alot"

I turned off my lamp and me and Frank got under the blankets. Frank was facing the wall so i put my arm over his waist
His hand took mine and our fingers locked
His sweet scent was enough to put me to sleep.
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