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Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed - A ...

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Hogwarts Exposed

Jamie grabbed two towels with which to dry off and tossed one to Alex.
She laughed. "You do know that my sister would be unmerciful if she saw you like that. Personally, I wish it stayed that way all the time."

"So do I."

Jamie and Alex both looked nervously about. They weren't alone.



Jamie dropped her towel and reached for her wand.

"You won't need that," said the ghost of a very glum-looking girl sitting cross-legged on the bed. "I'm just window-shopping for something I'll never have. You're very pretty."

"Thank you," Jamie said timorously.

"Not you!" said the ghost. She pointed to Alex who had hastily wrapped a towel around his waist. "Him!"

"You''re Moaning Myrtle?" Jamie said. "I've heard tell of you. Don't you haunt one of the toilets in the girls' bathroom on the first floor, the one that's always out of order?"

"The name is Myrtle," the ghost responded indignantly. "You'd have occasion to moan too if you'd spent the last sixty years existing in the U-bend of a toilet."

"You live in a toilet?" Alex questioned unbelievingly.

"All alone, ever since I was killed," she moaned. "There was a nice boy with black hair and glasses that I invited to share my toilet with me, but he..." She broke into tears. "He didn't die in the Chamber of Secrets like I had anticipated he would."

"Are you referring to Harry, Harry Potter?" Jamie asked.

"Yes," Myrtle said dreamily. "Harry was built nice like him." Myrtle cast voracious eyes at Alex.

"You wouldn't be planning on dying soon; would you?" she added hopefully.

"No he wouldn't," Jamie shouted protectively. "Is that all you do? Spy on Hogwarts boys as they bathe."

"No," Myrtle said defensively. "I spy on the girls, too. There isn't exactly a lot for us ghosts to do. I remember seeing you in the prefect's bath last year. You were only there that once; did I frighten you off?"

"No," Jamie said, the memory of that morning returning. "I simply preferred being with my friends in the dormitory, but I remember that morning and feeling as if I were being watched."

"That was me," Myrtle said, almost proudly. "You're different than most girls. Usually they clutch their towels to their bodies tightly and yell for me to go away. You're talking to me and don't seem remotely embarrassed."

"That's because I'm a naturist," Jamie proclaimed, "but if I promise to come visit you in the girls' bathroom, would you go away for now? I don't want to be rude, but Alex and I were sort of busy."

"Were you going to have sex?" Myrtle asked breathlessly. "May I stay and watch? It's something I've never seen and something I'll never get to experience."

Jamie hesitated momentarily, feeling very sorry for Myrtle, until she saw Alex's face. There was no way that they could be intimate in front of an audience, even a ghost.

"Myrtle, sex is something private between two people that are in love. We couldn't do it with you watching; it would make it seem sordid," Jamie said. "I promise you though that if you give us our privacy now, I'll come and visit you tomorrow and tell you what it feels like."

Myrtle was reluctant to leave, but decided that a descriptive conversation was better than nothing. "You won't forget; you promise?" Myrtle practically begged.

"I'll come visit you in your bathroom immediately after my last class," Jamie promised.

"Would it be possible for him to drop the towel before I leave?" Myrtle asked, almost pleaded.

"I don't think so," Jamie said. "Alex isn't a naturist. He's rather embarrassed for his privates to be seen."

As Jamie was speaking, however, Alex did something extremely unanticipated. He loosened his towel and let it drop to the floor. "Myrtle, if it's all right with you, I'd like to come and visit you with Jamie tomorrow," Alex said.

Myrtle stared at Alex, her face carrying an expression that actually resembled a smile as she stuttered, "Th... that would b... be nice," before disappearing, with a swooshing sound, down the drain.

Jamie just stood staring at Alex and shaking her head. "You never cease to amaze me Mr. Ward. What possessed you to drop that towel and tell Myrtle you'd accompany me tomorrow?"

"Everyone makes fun of her; calls her 'Moaning Myrtle'." Alex said. "Jamie, she was no older than us when her life was taken from her. She never got to experience love like we have. What if that had happened to one of us? And now she's destined to spend eternity in the Hogwarts plumbing system.

"I feel sorry for her. If dropping my towel gave her a smile and made her existence more bearable, I'm glad I did it," Alex admitted unashamedly.

Jamie had a tear in her eye. "Add another entry to the long list of reasons why I love you," she said. "Meet me in the middle of the bed, and I'll show you just how much."

"Do you suppose they've done it by now?" Hermione asked as Harry held her tightly stroking her pregnant belly.

"I'm sure," Harry said. "You and I would be on our third go round by now."

"Yes, but Alex might not be a sex maniac like you," Hermione suggested.

"ME! Are you insinuating that you weren't an enthusiastic partner in our sexual antics?"

"No, I'm not saying that," Hermione admitted. "Sex with you will always be on top of my list of favorite activities."Hermione paused briefly and then said. "Harry if anything ever happens to me, promise that you'll remarry. I don't want you alone for the balance of your life."

"Is this a case of 'do as I say and not as I do'?" Harry asked. "If I recall correctly, two years ago you had sentenced yourself to die an old maid. Besides, I thought we had a pact to die together."

"We do, but something other than battle could take one of our lives. Women sometimes die giving birth," she offered as an example.

"That won't happen to you," Harry asserted. "Poppy and Caitlin wouldn't allow it."

"I know. That was just an illustration," she said. "It's just that you're so young. I wouldn't want you to be alone the rest of your life."

"Nor would I you," Harry agreed. "I just don't think it would be fair."

"Fair?" Hermione questioned.

"To marry someone when your heart will always belong to another," Harry said. "I can't picture myself ever holding or kissing another woman without thinking of you and wishing she were you. That wouldn't be fair to her. What woman would want to enter a relationship knowing she would always be second in someone's heart?"

"One that loves a man very much and is willing to be second choice rather than not be a part of his life at all. Katie Bell is that sort of woman," Hermione confirmed.

Harry looked at his wife in a confused manner. "We're not talking about us any more, are we? I mean Katie and I were together for a while during the summer between my six and seventh year, but that was more a case of convenience and desire for sexual fulfillment rather than real interest or love."

"No, I'm not talking about us," Hermione said. "Severus asked my advice, and I didn't know what to tell him to do."

"Then he is seeing Katie; the sly old dog. I thought there was an awful lot of smiling and winking going on between them," Harry said.

"He is, and likes her quite a bit, but he can't seem to get over Ginny and move on with his life," Hermione said, sounding rather frustrated with the situation. "He keeps thinking what if...."

"Weird isn't it?" Harry commented. "To my mind there is only one sensible choice. Forget about Ginny, because she'll never be fully over Draco, and go on to someone who loves you beyond a doubt: Katie. Only problem is that I wouldn't have taken my own advice."

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked, looking at Harry disbelievingly.

"If I had returned to the wizard world and found you and Ron married, I wouldn't have gotten on with my life and sought out a wife," Harry said truthfully. "I would have been supportive of you and Ron because you were my best friends, but I wouldn't have been able to stop loving you. I think my heart would have broken a little more each time I saw the two of you kiss or hug."

"When I was living in the Muggle world, I kept having a recurring dream about you and Ron." Harry said shaking his head. "At times it seemed so real. The two of you had, of course, married shortly out of school. He was a famous Quidditch player and you were a successful Healer."

"My parents had always wanted me to be a doctor," Hermione said.

"I know," Harry replied. "That's probably where I got the idea. Anyway, to make a long story short, you both fell out of love and he cheated on you with his agent. They ended up getting married and having loads of kids."

"Did you and I eventually get together in the dream?" Hermione asked, kissing Harry's cheek.

"Yes, but I had to chase off to Brazil after you," he said. "You were so obstinate and independent."

Hermione smiled. "That's why you and I are so good together. You let me be an individual and don't try to direct me."

"Speaking of direction," Harry said, changing the subject. "What course will our lives take if you are unable to convince the governors on Friday to consent to Amanda remaining in school?"

"You know me too well," Hermione said, nestling closer to Harry.

"I don't have any plans to quit my job in protest, if that's what you asking." Then she added, looking dismayed, "Severus doesn't think our chances are very good. The real stumbling blocks will be Phineas T. Buster and his wife, Balla. They've been on the Board for over a century and both loath change. Severus says Balla is a real prude."

"Does that mean that your pictures and the little detail that we are nudists will be more of an issue than Amanda being pregnant?" Harry asked.

"Probably," Hermione said disgustedly.

"I can't do this!" Ron grumbled. "People are only supposed to be naked when they have sex or take a shower. Not when they sit down to dinner."

"You never seem to have a problem with me being nude the majority of the time," Samantha protested.

"That's because you're a girl, a very attractive girl. Girls look good naked, but it's gay for a guy to parade around like this," Ron argued. "What will Timmy think?

"I don't know," Sam admitted. "I only know that if we're going on this cruise, you have to start somewhere and being nude at home in front of Timmy and me seems the logical first step."

"Maybe this whole cruise thing was a bad idea. Perhaps we should just forget it and see if we can get our money refunded," Ron suggested.

"Is that what you really want to do?" Sam asked, dejectedly. "I'll have Hermione check into it, if you like."

One look at the disenchanted expression on Sam's face and Ron realized he couldn't back out. "It's just.... Look at me! I'm a tall scrawny, pile of freckles. Maybe if I was some Greek Adonis it wouldn't be so bad."

"Ron. You're not skinny. I happen to find you extremely handsome. Besides, being a nudist isn't about having a perfect body. There will be people of all ages, sizes and shapes on the cruise. No one will take notice of you."

"Yeah! Sure!" Ron said, not sounding the least bit persuaded. "With my pallid skin and bright red hair, it should be effortless for me to just blend in with the crowd." Ron just shook his head in a combination of frustration and amazement. "I don't know how Harry does it? He hugged you when you were naked at Christmas and didn't seem the least bit disturbed."

"He's become desensitized," Sam responded. "Most guys relate female nudity to sex. Harry doesn't anymore because he's become accustomed to seeing Hermione and the girls naked all the time. After a few hours on the ship, you'll be the same way."

Ron sincerely doubted this. He found it impossible to believe that he could ever become acclimatized to seeing bare buns and bouncing boobs without having a response. Just the very thought gave him a reaction - just as Timmy came bursting into the bedroom.

"Mum! Daddy's nudie like you and me." Timmy said excitedly. Then his eyes became engorged as they came to rest on Ron's organ.

Little Timmy looked up at his Mum in amazement. "Daddy has a great big wee-wee."

Sam couldn't help but giggle as Timmy stared in wonder at Ron who had turned crimson red and was trying to hide his erection. "Yes he does. He most certainly does," Sam said lifting Timmy into her arms and giving him a big hug.

Friday, February 18, 2005 10:00 AM

"Do you have any idea why the change of location for the meeting?" Hermione asked as Severus and she hurried toward the conference room.

"It was made to sound like it was being done out of deference to you," the Headmaster responded, "but I imagine it's more of a surprise inspection of the school."

"I'm sorry Severus," Hermione said guiltily. "I didn't mean to make trouble for you. It's just that I couldn't sit idly by and let Amanda be tossed out of school without even trying to prevent it."

"There's no need for you to apologize," Severus said. "I totally support your viewpoint. I'm just concerned that this meeting may turn out to be more about Professor Granger than Amanda Pierce. The board was rather backed into a corner and compelled to keep you on after the Playwizard incident. They might see this as an opportunity to vent their frustration."

"Amanda doesn't have a chance of staying in school, does she?" Hermione asked, aggravation evident in her voice. "I can't believe the Board of Governors would use her to get back at me."

"I doubt they would allow Amanda to remain under any condition," Severus answered. "Phineas Buster and his wife will, however, take great pleasure in making you think the outcome is because of you."

Hermione came to a sudden stop. "If they've already made their decision, why are we wasting our time?"

"Because Hermione, I believe in miracles, and I believe in you," Severus said, putting his arm around Hermione, encouragingly. "If anyone can pull this off, it's you."

"I wish I had your faith."

12:15 PM

"I believe that concludes all the business before the Board with the exception of the Amanda Pierce issue," Phineas Buster announced. "I move that she be immediately expelled. Those in agreement please signify."

"Excuse me," Severus said interrupting Phineas, "Aren't we going to discuss the matter first? Professor Granger has been waiting in the outer chamber for over two hours to address the Board on the subject.

The governors exchanged glances of varying surprise, most seemingly unaware that Hermione was planning to testify.

"Yes, I received your owl stating that the learned Professor would like to address us," Mr. Buster said patronizingly. "I really feel it is a waste of our valuable time."

"It most certainly would be," Balla Buster, concurred. "The little trollop got herself pregnant and thus must pay the consequences. Hogwarts is a school of witchcraft and wizardry, not a school of sin and fornication."

"But if Professor Granger has been waiting that lengthy a time to address us, we should at least afford her the respect of listening to what she has to say," Amelia Bones urged.

Much to the chagrin of Phineas Buster, many of the other governors agreed with Ms Bones.

"Very well," Phineas said reluctantly. "Headmaster Snape, will you please ask Professor Granger to join us?"

As Severus stood to go and get Hermione, Phineas commented not the least bit softly to his wife. "This should be good; the tart defending the trollop."

As Hermione entered the room, she glanced at the faces of the twelve governors, trying desperately to hide her feeling of total despair. At age fifty, Amelia Bones was easily the youngest board member; she at least acknowledged Hermione with a smile. As introductions were made some of the others gave her a polite nod, others simply glanced at her grumpily.

Hermione had immediately recognized Professor Tofty and Griselda Marchbanks from her O.W.L. tests and was shocked to discover that Neville's grandmother was on the board as well. The balance of the members, she had never met before, but they all shared one commonality; they were, for the most part, ancient.

"Professor Granger, the Headmaster informs us that you would like to address us prior to our expelling of Amanda Pierce," Phineas Buster echoed in an irate voice. "Please make it brief since it is already past noon."

Hermione had intended to maintain her composure, knowing that it would serve no good purpose to anger the governors, but the way this arrogant bastard addressed her made it sound like she was an annoyance and that Amanda was already out.

"I'm sorry that you feel I am wasting your time," she said, addressing the entire board, but directing her gaze at Phineas Buster, "but I feel a young woman's future is of more importance than stuffing our faces. I'm sure you can survive." Hermione looked intently at Buster's portly stomach.

Severus grimaced. He had doubted that Hermione had any prospect of convincing the board to allow Amanda to remain, but had hoped the meeting would at least be civil. Evidently, neither Phineas Buster nor Hermione intended to restrain him or herself.

"We have to guard the reputation of the school," Balla Buster said, smugly. "Perhaps Miss Pierce should have been more concerned about her future when she decided to act as foolishly as she did."

"And perhaps Hogwarts should take more responsibility in counseling our students," Hermione said testily. "Muggle schools at minimum offer proper sex education classes. We on the other hand, house our students in adjoining dormitories with no supervision and expect that there will be no fraternization."

"It is the responsibility of the parents to instruct their offspring in such matters, not the school," Phineas said passionately. "Our business is witchcraft and wizardry, not sex education, or have you gotten your career and sordid private life confused, Professor Granger?"

Hermione was livid. Severus watched her nervously, ready to restrain her if required.

"Phineas!" chided Amelia Bones. "We are here to discuss Amanda Pierce, not assault Professor Granger."

"Thank you Ms. Bones," Hermione said, leaning her elbows on the table and rubbing her face. "But its okay. I'm becoming accustomed to having to defend my lifestyle. If Mr. Buster wants to deride me for being a nudist, he is welcome to do so, but only after we have finished discussing Amanda.

"Expelling Amanda is taking the easy way out rather than trying to solve a problem. A problem, by the way, that is only going to grow if not taken in hand.

"No, we are not their parents, but we have in effect, assumed the roles as their guardians. After age eleven, these students have contact with their parents two months out of the year. They enter Hogwarts as little more than children and leave here as adults.

"Our primary goal might be to teach them witchcraft and wizardry, but we must also tutor them to be responsible adults. Sex is part of being an adult and as one of my daughters said the other night, 'how are we suppose to know what to do if no one tells us or shows us.'"

"They should abstain," Bella Buster bellowed. "In my day a young lady never considered having sex before marriage."

Hermione studied Bella, who had to be at least one hundred fifty. "Was yours a prearranged marriage," Hermione asked.

Bella was caught off guard and became flustered. "Well, yes, but what does that have to do with it? Brides were all virgins. Our generation had morals."

"May I ask how old you were when you and Mr. Buster were married?"

Bella dithered before finally saying, "Thirteen."

"In your day some young girls were forced into marriage before they had even truly become women. Times have changed and even men and women have physically changed since you were married. We have now outlawed prearranged marriages and made consensual sex illegal until age fifteen, but at the same time, children now physically mature sooner.

"The majority of wizards and witches today wait until they are at least in their twenties before marrying. Although the conception of abstaining until marriage might be best, it is also naïve. Like it or not, we must accept as fact that a large percent of our students will experiment with sex and that many will become sexually active teenagers before they leave our school."

Balla Buster and a number of the other governors fidgeted nervously in their seat at this pronouncement.

"Our job is to help our students reach their full potential so that they can successfully make their way in the wizarding world. Denying them an education because they made a mistake is not helping, but rather hurting their chances of succeeding."

Amelia Bones seemed intrigued. "Professor Granger, what do you feel the school should do?" she asked.

"We have to stop living in the past and recognize that many of our students will engage in sexual activity while at school. Although we should certainly be encouraging abstention, we should also make students aware that potions are to be had that will prevent pregnancy. These should be available to young ladies without question or lecture. Potions that cure and prevent sexually transmitted diseases should likewise be available to any student."

"You, Professor Granger, are a disgrace to the teaching profession!" Phineas Buster blasted. "What you propose would have our students running naked in the halls and fornicating at every available opportunity. But then I imagine that would be consistent with your lifestyle."

Hermione was finding it difficult to remain civil with Buster continually insinuating that she was some sort of low life slag.

"I doubt that very much as I don't consider causal sex to be healthy and consider it to be quite the opposite," Hermione answered tersely. "Students should also be counseled as part of a general sexual education curriculum that having sex can have serious emotional ramifications and should not be engaged in lightly or without thought and certainly not without precautions. If these practices were in effect, we wouldn't have girls in the situation of Amanda Pierce."

"I think I can guess how you would handle that state of affairs," Amelia Bones remarked, "but for the record, please inform the other governors."

Hermione gazed around the room. Just looking at the expressions of consternation told her that the battle was lost. "As I'm sure you've noticed, I too am pregnant. I intend to work up until the time I go into labor. I think Amanda should be allowed to continue attending classes until she delivers and then return for the rest of this year and next."

"But a pregnant girl living in the dorm and attending classes. What kind of message will that send the other students?" Mrs. Longbottom asked.

"I think it will send a strong message not to have sex, at least not without serious thought and proper precautions," Hermione stated. "I doubt many girls will be tempted to follow in Amanda's footsteps. She will be a living poster girl for what not to do."

Amelia Bones nodded her head in agreement as did a few others, but Phineas Buster and the majority of the Governors seemed not the least bit converted. Buster cleared his throat for attention. Evidently he was tiring of the discussion and ready to put the matter to a vote. A banging at the door interrupted him before he could speak.

Buster looked extremely annoyed as Severus went to answer the knocking. The Headmaster stood talking animatedly for several minutes as Buster and the other Governors waited impatiently. Then Severus reluctantly allowed Draco Malfoy to enter the room.

"Professor Malfoy asks that he be allowed to address the governors," Severus said, worryingly. "He has information he feels the Governors should be aware of before they vote.

Phineas Buster shook his head crossly as he looked at the clock. "Very well, but make it brief," he bellowed. "We've already wasted more time on this matter than it is worth."

"Thank you, sir," Draco said smugly. "I just felt it my duty to advise the board that this issue has gone beyond a matter of simple expulsion. It seems that a few imprudent members of the staff have decided to support Granger in her effort to change long standing school policy."

"What exactly do you mean by support?" Buster asked heatedly.

Draco gave one of his unnatural laughs. "It seems that they intend to go out on a sympathy strike if Miss Pierce is ejected from the school."

"Fools," Buster said pompously. "We'll terminate the egg headed bastards. Severus, you have a list of qualified substitutes, do you not?"

"I have a few, but only for certain subjects," Severus answered. "Something like this has never happened in the history of Hogwarts. Exactly how many of the staff are we talking about?"

Draco wavered before saying, "Two."

"Two!" Phineas snorted as his wife chuckled. "We'll have them out on their arses if they miss one class," he said viciously.

Hermione sighed, starting to think this was all a bad idea. She wanted to help Amanda, but instead it looked like she might end up causes two of her colleagues and friends their jobs. What she despised most, however, was the grin on Malfoy's face. The bastard seemed to be enjoying this.

"I'm sorry," Draco said. "I'm afraid I inadvertently misled you. When I said two, I meant that only two of the staff hadn't agreed to the work stoppage."

The expression on Phineas' face suddenly turned to one of concern. "You mean that only you...." He hesitated as he thought. "Only you and Filch? You two are the only ones to show loyalty to the board over her." Buster gave Hermione a look of disgust.

"Actually, Argus, was a great help to me in obtaining everyone's support. The two teachers that haven't agreed are Potter and Granger. They weren't asked," Draco said with a smirk.

Phineas was livid. "If you think you can coerce this Board, you are quite mistaken young man. If necessary we will run this school ourselves," Buster said. The other members looked at him questioningly.

"Are you going to be teaching, cooking, cleaning, or doing the laundry?" Draco asked. "It seems the Potters are very well liked by the house elves, but you have more pressing problems. At lunch, I informed the students of what was transpiring and had them owl their parents. Is it true that a Governor can be recalled if the parents of over fifty percent of the students so vote?"

Buster was speechless, as was his wife. Hermione just stared at Draco. What had happened to the boy that thrived on calling her a mudblood?

"Professor Malfoy," Amelia Bones said, "before you entered we were about to vote on whether or not to expel Amanda Pierce. Although we normally just vote with a show of hands, I think perhaps under the circumstances it might be an excellent idea to record each member's vote. Severus would you be so kind.

"Also, I'm inclined to agree with Professor Granger when she says that the school should offer a sex education program. After we complete the vote on Miss Pierce, I suggest we discuss and vote on adding such a program to our curriculum."

Both Buster and his wife stared at Amelia, daggers in their eyes. They had a simple choice: either vote in support or face certain recall.

Hermione ran to catch up with Draco. "Draco," she yelled. He stopped and turned toward her.

"Thank you," she said, kissing him on the cheek.

"Don't go all mushy on me, Granger. It's still me, Ole Draco. I've not suddenly become one of the good guys."

"But what you did in there," she said, looking confused.

"Nothing has changed. At some future meeting, we'll undoubtedly be at each others' throats again," Draco said dismissively. "Some things will never change. I'm a pure blood and you're a muggleborn."


"I was concerned that you might have a fit and end up quitting," Draco admitted. "You might be an insufferable, know-it-all, but you're too damn good a teacher to lose."

Hermione simply smiled. "Protest all you want, but I think there still might be hope for you."

The passage of time, although always constant, does seem to vary depending on a person's perspective. The day that seems to fly by for the person on holiday at the same time drags for the person incarcerated.

Although not on holiday or imprisoned, Hermione and Emily had quite the same varying opinions on the passage of the next few months. Hermione, who was not at all enjoying being pregnant, thought May would never arrive.

Emily, who dreaded the thought of playing against her sister in the last Quidditch match of the season, couldn't believe how fast the months had flown. Despite their different perspectives, May arrived at the same time for them both.

The early spring Quidditch matches had been as predictable as a poorly scripted Muggle movie. Ravenclaw scored first in their game against Slytherin in March. It was, however, their only score as Slytherin won 200 to 10.

Hufflepuff faired no better when it met Gryffindor in April. It appeared that the Quidditch cup would be decided by the game everyone was anticipating, Slytherin versus Gryffindor, the battle of the sisters, and it was only one week away.

I hate sleeping in a windowless dungeon, Emily said to herself as she stretched and opened her eyes. Every morning looks the same whether it's snowing, raining or the sun is brightly shining. I wonder why no one has ever thought to charm the ceiling in here to resemble the sky like the one in the Great Hall does.

Emily seldom closed the drapes of her four-poster, preferring not to be so restricted. Her best friend Kim, on the other hand, not only closed her drapes tightly, but also charmed them to alarm her if they were touched. Kim didn't trust two of her dorm mates. She had this mental picture of herself sleeping while Denise and Janice gave guided tours pointing out her various body parts. Emily thought she was paranoid.

"Kim, time to get up," Emily shouted. "It looks like everyone else has already gone to breakfast." Emily put on her slippers and headed for the bathroom.

In a few minutes, a half-awake Kim joined her. "I like it when the other girls aren't here," Kim said. "I don't feel nearly as self conscious being nude."

Emily looked disappointedly at Kim, "I was hoping that you were getting used to being naked. It doesn't seem to bother you any more around Caitlin and me."

"You and your family are... well, I feel like I'm almost part of the family. It doesn't seem weird with any of you. The other girls still look a lot. Becky and Marta aren't nasty like Janice and Denise, but they still look."

"Becky and Marta don't mean any harm and the other two are just jealous. Hell, I'm jealous. Your twelve with the body of a fifteen year old," Emily said. She hesitated looking for the right words. "I was hoping that you felt different about being nude because I had something to ask you."

"What?" Kim asked.

"Well... you know we're going on a cruise for ten days in August," Emily started. "Mum and Dad booked two staterooms. One for them and another for Caitlin, Alex, Jamie and me."

"Alex!" Kim said in shock. "Alex is going on a naturist cruise and sleeping in the same room as you girls?"

"No," Emily said, sounding a little bit disappointed. "He really loves Jamie and said he could handle being nude around Caitlin and me, but didn't think he could do it on a cruise around all those strangers."

"I bet Jamie was disappointed," Kim said.

"She was, but she understood," Emily answered. "The whole idea was so that she would have someone her age. I guess Mum and Dad figured Caitlin and I had each other and wanted Jamie to have someone."

"What about Amanda?" Kim asked.

"That was Alex's suggestion," Emily replied. "Amanda wasn't that thrilled about running around naked for ten days either, plus she wants to spend the summer with the baby."

"Jamie has a lot of friends, but none as close as Alex and Amanda," Kim said.

"No, she doesn't. That's why she suggested you."

"Me!" Kim shouted excitedly, and then she hesitated. "But I'd have to be naked for ten days in front of all those people."

"Kim, you're naked now, our dorm-mates see you naked," Emily reminded her. "You're always nude in my parents' quarters. Besides these will all be strangers that you'll never see again, and they'll all be nude."

"You're sure this is okay with Jamie and your parents?" Kim asked excitedly.

"One hundred percent sure. They know how close Caitlin, you and me are. They'd love for you to join us."

Kim looked at Emily, elatedly. "Your dad will be nude. I'll get to see Professor Potter naked."

"Maybe even Professor Weasley," Emily added, with a giggle, "but I wouldn't count on that. He really has a hang up when it comes to nudity."

"I'm crazy if I say yes and a fool if I say no," Kim said animatedly. "I want to go. I'm sure my Mum will let me, only...."

"Only it might be a good idea to skip the fact that it's a naturist cruise," Emily finished.

"Yeah," Kim said. "What with everything she has gone through recently, I'm not sure if she could cope with that much detail."

"Great, we can tell my parents after breakfast. Let's have a shower and get dressed," Emily suggested.

The girls each grabbed soap and headed for the showers, Kim not realizing it, singing.

"I've never heard you sing before," Emily said, astounded. "You really have an appealing voice. Have you ever thought of being a professional?"

Kim never heard Emily's comment or question; both were drowned out by the sound of running water. The girls had finished their showers, dried off and were about to get dressed when Marta entered the room.

"What's the weather like today?" Emily asked.

"It's beautiful and sunny," Marta said, giving both girls an approving look. "The temperature is supposed to be rather warm. You should be quite comfortable as you are."

"Don't I wish," Emily said in frustration as Kim searched for her favorite shorts and a mini top.

"I know! I'll wear my little sundress," Emily declared, wanting to dress somewhat like Kim. "My birth Mum got it for me three years ago and it's still my favorite."

Kim didn't respond, but simply shook her head in wonderment. She had trouble fitting into clothes just purchased last year. No way could she manage to squeeze into anything three years old. Kim went to her dresser and brushed her hair as Emily search for her dress.

Kim's first look at the dress didn't come until Emily said. "What do you think of it? Isn't it pretty?"

Kim just stared. She couldn't believe her eyes. Yes, the dress was pretty, quite pretty. It was a bright floral pattern that really caught your eye. The color brought out the highlights in Emily hair. It was a two-piece out fit, composed of a short skirt and a loose midriff exposing top. It was beautiful and would look great on an eight year old that it fit.

"I've grown a little, but it still fits," Emily said happily. "Are you ready to go for breakfast?"

"You're not seriously going to wear that?" Kim asked, not able to take her eyes off Emily. "It barely covers what it has to cover and I'm not even sure the skirt does that."

"You're exaggerating," Emily said defensively.

"No I'm not," Kim insisted. "The top just barely covers your breasts. If you reach your hands above your head, they'll doubtlessly pop out."

"Then I'll be sure not to do that," Emily said unconcernedly.

"And as for the skirt," Kim continued, "if it even covers everything that it should, it only does so barely."

Emily gave the skirt a little tug, which accomplished absolutely nothing. "Other then it being a tiny bit small, what do you think of it?" Emily asked.

"It's very pretty," Kim said, accepting defeat. "I can understand why you love it and hate to give it up. You wouldn't just this once consider wearing knickers?"

Emily looked at Kim as if she had said a bad word.

"Okay then, let's go to breakfast, but please be careful," Kim sighed apprehensively.

"I think perhaps I should have listened to you," Emily said in a conceding voice as they seated themselves at the long Slytherin table. "I'll change clothes immediately after breakfast."

"What made you change you mind?" Kim asked.

"My bare bum against the wooden bench. If there isn't enough skirt for me to sit on, it must really be short," Emily admitted. "It's a weird thing about being a nudist. I'm not the least bit bothered if anyone sees me totally naked or even gets a glimpse of my so called private parts, but it does bother me if people think I am purposely dressing to expose those areas."

"Most people probably wouldn't understand, but I believe I do," Kim said supportingly. "You don't dress skimpily in order to be sexy, but rather just because you hate wearing clothes."

"That's it," Emily said, relieved that Kim understood, "but most people can't identify with how naturists feel having to be clothed all the time." Emily looked around the Great Hall. "Fortunately for me, most people either ate early or are skipping breakfast today."

The Great Hall, which on a school day was always crammed with students grabbing a good breakfast before the start of classes, was normally much calmer of weekends due to many students and even staff opting to sleep in. That was either apparently especially true today or everyone had eaten early, because with only fifteen minutes left before the end of breakfast, there were only about fifty students total at the four house tables.

The Slytherin table was especially empty with huge gaps separating those present. Dick Bancroft and his ever present shadow, Dennis Crow were seated at the end closet to the staff table, so naturally Emily and Kim had sat at the extreme other end. The only other Slytherins present were Denise and Janice who were on the other side about two-thirds of the way down the table and Tyler, who was on their side about mid table, sitting alone.

Emily and Kim were enjoying this relative privacy; using the time to talk about the cruise. Emily had just taken a sip of her orange juice when it happened. At first Kim thought the glass had slipped for Emily's hand and broken, but then she saw the blood and realized that Emily had crushed the glass.

Emily seemed oblivious to her injury as she stood up from the table, blood dripping from her bleeding hand. Kim tried talking to her friend, but Emily appeared to be in a trance, not even aware of her surroundings. When Emily spoke; it was with a voice not her own, but deep and raspy and so loud that her words echoed through the Hall.







When she finished speaking, Emily collapsed to the floor in an epileptic type of seizure. Kim was at a loss as to what to do as her friend violently gyrated on the floor, shaking and tossing about. Since Emily and Kim had been seated on the wall side of the Slytherin table, none of the members of other houses were aware of what had happened to Emily. Most were discussing what she had said, thinking she had perhaps fainted and would be attended to by staff. That was until Denise yelled to her cousin.

"Dick! Hurry, you can't miss this," Denise shouted. "Zacherley is having some sort of fit, she's tossing and turning about on the floor. Her skirt is nearly up to her waist and she doesn't have any knickers on."

You would have thought that she had announced that Honeydukes was giving away free candy. Not only Dick, but also every other student in the Hall, both male and female, ran frantically to witness the sight. But Tyler was nearest and, despite the fact that Emily hated him, he didn't hesitate to run and throw his body on top of hers to obstruct the other students from viewing her.

"Her breasts," Kim shouted in panic to Tyler. He had successfully succeeded in covering Emily's lower extremities with his body and was doing his utmost to maintain that coverage despite her gyrations, but now her breasts were also exposed. Not knowing what else to do, he quickly covered them with his hands.

"Just what type of perversion is going on here?" Professor Malfoy said, looking down scornfully at the couple on the floor.

End of Chapter 23

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