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Movies and junk food

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Gee's decided to have a nice night in.. Just him and his crush

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I went to the car taking some shopping bags.

"Gerard... pssstt Gerard?"
Who the fuck was that.

"Gee, over here"
"Mikey?" I asked turning around.

"Mikey what are you doing?"
"keep your voice down" He wispered.
"Why are you in the bush?"
"I'm sorry Gerard"
"Well you should be"

"Please tell Frank im sorry too"
"no way, Your friends hurt him, They can make it up to him"
"Thats the thing Gerard.. Its an act... I don't want to be like them.. I've begged for them to leave Frank alone. I hate being someone I'm not. Gerard, please
you have to tell him I'm sorry."

"Mikey, I know thats not you. Your much better then them but I'm sorry I cant bail you out now. Frankie is afraid of everyone at that school not to mention
his own parents... The only way he can take everything you guys throw at him is because he got it at home Mikey, I want him to feel safe and loved. but hes
not gonna do that when your fuck whit friends are making his life at school a living hell"
"He gets beaten up at home?"
"he gets rapped at home Mikey, by his own Mom and Dad, Then they would get absolutely wasted and beat him up... he didn't even know what movies were.. or the
arcade.. And you fucking idiots made him even more self conscious"
"I'm so so so sorry Gerard.. I-I had no idea-"
"Excatly Mikey, You have no fucking idea what that boy has been through, Hes only 16!" I said in an angry hushed voice.

"Gerard.. Is everything ok?"
"Its Fine Frankie, I'm coming now"
"ok. Should I make the popcorn?"
"do you know how to do it??"
"I'm sure I'll figure it out" I knew he was smiling.. I could hear it.
"ok then Frankie"

"I'm sorry but I have to go Mikey"
"Please Gerard... I really dont want to be like Jaxon. I want to be how you tought me to be"
"Go back to Alicia's, Shes probably worried sick" I said turning my back on my baby brother.

had he really come to make everything ok? or come to get dirt on Frankie? well if it was the second one I would make his life not worth living. and send him
to live with Mom and Dad.

I carried the bags in to find Frankie standing infront of the microwave.

"I figured it out I think"
"It smells like you have"
"Yeah... Gerard?"
"Yeah Frankie?"

"Why were you talking to a bush?"
"...It was Mikey" I said looking down.
"oh.. Well is he ok?"
"Don't worry about Mikey. Hes big enough to choose his own actions and he'll be living with the consequences for the rest of his life" I said stacking food in
the cubbord.

"Whats that ment to mean Gerard?"
"Nothing Frankie... its not ment to mean anything"

I walked over to the bag of D.V.Ds "What one do you wanna watch first Frankie?"
"uhh Anyone.. I dont care"
"ok then"

I took Edward Scissorhands from its case and put it in the player.

"Should I just do one packet Gerard?"
"nah.. Do two"
"Are you sure?"
"Ok then"

I went to the kitchen taking some bowls placing them on the bench.
Then I went to the cubbord taking salt and vinegar crisps, Marshmallows, chocolate, Oreos, chocolate chip biscuts, Banana chocolate chip muffins and a bottle
of Coke

"Wow thats alot of food Gerard"
"fuck yes it is" I replied pouring it all in seperate bowls.
"God, I'm gonna have to walk this off tomorrow"
"I'm gonna have to walk it off"

"So I dont put heaps of weight on" he said pouring the popcorn into the bowl
"Frankie.. Your not fat. Your so so so fucking skinny"
"Your just saying that"
"no, I'm not, Honestly Frankie, You need to look in the mirror to realize your true beauty... Not many people have it"
"But you have it Gerard" he said looking into my eyes.
"Not like you Frankie.. I've never seen someone so.. Naturaly pretty before and I've been to art school" I said putting the bowls down on the coffee table.
"Yeah, your Fucking gorgeous... Take it to your advantage"
"Whats that ment to mean?" He asked worriedly
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