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Chapter Nine - Party Time..

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Kaila rejoins FOB on Tour. (:

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Brendon comes back with the party supplies, basically, alcohol. And lots of it. My phone starts to ring just as I'm helping him carry it into the kitchen.

“Hey Patrick!” I say as I answer it.

“Hi.” He replies. “Pete said we'll be able to get a one night break next weekend.”

“YAY! I can't wait to see you.” I smile and he laughs.

“I can't wait to see you either, how's Brendon been treating you?” He asks.

“Really well. My back's getting better too.” I say proudly.

“Maybe you can come on tour with us now?” He asks.

“Yes.” I grin.

“What've you guys been doing to pass the time anyway?” He asks, there's a bit of suspicion in his voice. I frown.

“Mainly watching tv.” I say, forcing a smile. “It's been so boring.”

“Awe. I better be going now, uh, sound check. Bye, love you.” He says.

“Talk later, love you too.” I say then hang up.

He's suspicious, that's not a good thing.

“Are you okay?” Brendon asks me, he was standing in the same room the whole time.

“Yeah, Patrick seems a bit suspicious.” I say.

“OH.” Brendon chews his lip.

“C'mon let's party.” I laugh. He grins at me.

“Ya'sure?” He asks and I nod. “Music?” He asks and I nod again, he goes and blasts it from Patrick's living room then comes back into the kitchen. Let the drinking begin. I down some whatever-the-hell he passed me and get another. I drink pretty much non stop, Brendon sipping his drink and watching me.

“More more more.” I plead him as he moves the drinks away from me.

“I see why Patrick doesn't like you drinking.” He chuckles. I give him puppy eyes. “That won't work.” He says, then his face melts into a smile. “Fine. One glass. You've pretty much emptied a whole vodka bottle already.” He pours me a glass.

“THANKYOUBRENDON!” I squeal then down the glass. “PARTEH MOTHERFUCKING TIME!” I yell then grab a full bottle and run into the living room, well, try and run. I fall and hit my head. It hurts, everything goes black and I can't open my eyes,

“KAILA! You stupid girl.” I hear Brendon mutter.

“Is.. is..” I say, opening my eyes.

“Are you okay?”

“Is the bottle okay?” I ask, I hear Brendon laugh.

“You stupid fuck, c'mon.” He slurs, then puts an arm around my waist and helps me up. My body's pressed against his when I get to my feet. I lick his cheek, then run to the sofa. The bottle's still in my hand, it's a screwy top one, so I unscrew it, with great difficulty, then down it.

“Empty?” I ask. Brendon comes over and stands with his arms crossed, grinning at me.

“Yeah. Empty.” He nods, laughing. There's two Brendon's.

“GO DRINK!” I order, pointing to where I think the kitchen is. He walks off, while he's gone I get bored. I climb up onto the sofa and start jumping. I feel really dizzy. I lean over the side of the sofa and throw up over the side. I get up again and jump more. It's fun. Brendon comes in and trips, falling onto the sofa. I giggle and help him to his feet so we can both jump around.

“OH WOW.” He laughs. We both jump about and dance, arms in the air and screaming what I'm guessing are the words to the song. I get bored of it and grab Brendon, pulling him down on top of me on the sofa.

“Ooooopsie.” I giggle. I think he blushes.

“C'mon, enough's enough. Bed time.” He laughs, climbing off me then standing in front of the sofa, trying to get me to sit up. I manage too.

“But the parteh's barely started Breeebree!” I whine.

“Breebree?” He laughs, raising his eyebrows at me.

“Yes.” I say.

“Okay, Lala. What's the parteh plan?” He asks, sitting beside me. I like that, Lala.

“Truth or dare. Then then then PARTEH!” I grin,

“Truth or dare then sleepies for you ma'dear.” He chuckles, scruffing up my hair.

“Fine.” I roll my eyes.

“How'dya play truth or dare with two people?” He asks me.

“Easy. Just truth or dare eachother over and over and over and over and..”
“I get it.” He laughs, hushing me. “Truth or dare Lala?”

“Dare pweese Breebree.” I giggle. I like this nickname thingy.

“I dare you too..” He thinks. “Go to sleep. You're wasted.” He says, standing up and starting to walk towards the stairs, he falls over.

“HAHA YOU'RE WASTED TOO!” I yell, pointing at him, then wobbling over and helping him to his feet.

“You're more wasted, hunny.” He says, then plants a sloppy kiss on my forehead. “Bed time.” He says, then we walk up to Patrick's room. I skip over to the bed, catching the side of the bed so I don't fall. I lazily take my clothes off so I'm in my underwear and climb under the covers. I watch Breebree as he strips himself down to his underwear too.

“Your body's so pretty.” I say as he goes and puts the light off. I hear him trip over something on his way back and giggle.

“NOT FUNNEH!” He complains, “That hurt.” He says, I think he's still on the floor. I get up and crawl to the end of the bed, then slowly climb off and crawl on the floor slowly, feeling for him. My hand touches his bare chest and I pull it back, then reach out and touch it again. It's smooth, he doesn't have much chest hair.

“Ohh soft.” I grin, crawling to his side, facing him and stroking his tummy and chest.

“What's with this sudden loving for my body?” He chuckles.

“I dunno, it's loverly.” I say, shuffling closer to him and lightly pushing him down. “Mmm.” I say, leaning down and licking his chest. “Tastes good too.” I say with a huge smile he can't see on my face. He's gone so quite. I run a hand through his hair. “What's wrong sir Breebree?”

“Nothing.” He says, he sounds like he's been holding his breath.

“You sound saddened. Tell me what's wrong Breebree.” I say, running a finger up and down his chest and tummy.

“It's just.” He begins, sitting up and lightly pushing my finger off his chest. “Should you be doing this? Patrick's trusted me.” He says, he sounds kinda unsure.

“He'll still trust you Breebree, he won't hate you 'cause I like to stroke your chest.” I giggle.

“Not just that, you've done.. more.” He says.

“He doesn't have to know.” I say sadly, I feel a pang of guilt.

“Okay.” Brendon says. I can't help it, I reach out and stroke his chest again, then push him back down. I rest my hand on his chest and feel it go up and down as he breaths, he lets out a sigh. I lean over him and put my cheek against his, then whisper,

“Cheer up Breebree, what's the worst that could happen.” I know he's gonna say something so I press my lips against his to hush him. I start to work them against his, he doesn't push me away but he lets out a moan of complaint. I slip my tongue into his mouth, expecting him to push me off, but he doesn't. He kisses back. I run a hand through his hair, then rest the other one on his chest as I lightly straddle him.

I grip his hair gently with my hand. I pull from the kiss.

“Is the floor uncomfy?” I ask.

“A bit. But I'm not moving this into Patrick's bed.” He says, then pulls me closer to him and I press my lips to his again. I feel his hands move to my bra strap, then he takes it off. I kiss him rougher as I help him take it off then he throws it lightly. I pull from the kiss and open my eyes, I can see his eyes by the moonlight coming through Patrick's window.

“Your eyes are so pretty.” I smile,

“So are yours.” He whispers. I start to kiss him again, feeling the sides of his torso with both hands. I stop them at his underwear and start to loosely tug them down.

The sunlight stings my eyes. I shut them again. I'm not cold, but I feel naked. I slowly feel my tummy, then my shoulders. I am naked. My head's banging. I try to open my eyes again, it hurts too much so I keep them shut. I feel beside me, there's a body. I run a hand down it slowly. It's Brendon and he's naked too. What the fuck?

I pull myself to my feet, then open my eyes. So painful. I keep them open as I go and pull on the pajamas I find beside the bed. Once their on I notice their Patrick's. My chest tightens and I bite my lip. They smell like him. I miss him so much. I pull the blanket off the bed and over Brendon.

I suddenly feel like I'm gonna throw up. I run to the upstairs bathroom and throw up into the loo. Some got in my hair, great. My head's aching so much. I get up and turn to leave, but then I turn back and throw up again. After throwing up another few times my belly feels a bit settled, I flush the chain as I get up then head downstairs to the kitchen. I grab pain killers and take them, there's a few empty bottles of vodka. I'll clean later. I head into the living room.

The sick is still beside the sofa. I groan. I'll sort it out when my head isn't hurting so much. I lay on the sofa. I don't turn the tv on, my head hurts too much. I shut my eyes and try to ignore the headache. I hear the front door shut. What? I sit up and listen, footsteps. Did I lock the front door yesterday? I think so..

The footsteps stop outside the living room door. I slowly turn and look, I can't believe what I see. Patrick's standing in the doorway with a huge smile on his face. I get up and run over to him, making my head hurt more and jump into his open arms. I kiss his lips roughly, then rest my forehead on his.

“I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!” I shriek. His nose creases a bit but the smile stays on his face.

“I missed you too.” He grins.

“What's wrong?” I ask, pouting.

“You smell like sick. And it's in your hair, are you feeling okay?” He asks, frowning.

“Fine fine.” I laugh. “I'll go wash up?” I ask.

“Go for it.” He chuckles. “And I smell alcohol.” He says sadly.

“Me and Brendon were celebrating my back getting better.” I say, giving him a weak smile. I remember the empty bottles in the kitchen.

“Okay.” Patrick sighs, then kisses my forehead before letting go of me.

“I'mma go wash.” I laugh then walk back upstairs. I head into Patrick's room and luckily Brendon's sitting awake. I walk over to him. “Patrick's here. Get dressed.” I say, giving him a weak smile. Then I walk into the spare room and grab myself some clothes, then go into the bathroom. I don't bother locking the door, but I shut it. I take off Patrick's pajamas and drop them to the floor. I put the shower on and get in. I wash my hair then scrub my body with Patrick's shower wash.

Once I'm done I turn the shower off and dry myself off, then get dressed. I wrap my hair in a towel, then grab Patrick's pajamas from the floor. I head into Patrick's room, the bed's tidy and my stuff's all been moved into here. I drop Patrick's pajama's into the washing basket. My clothes from last night are all in the washing basket too, Brendon's aren't. I go into the spare room. Brendon's clothes and suitcase are in here. Clever Brendon. I head downstairs, I can hear the tv.

“Oh, hey Kaila.” Brendon smiles as I walk into the kitchen. “You didn't say Patrick was home today.” He laughs.

“He surprised us.” I grin.

“It's awesome!” He says, walking over to my side as I make myself some juice. “I managed to hide the empty bottles in my room. And I insisted on cleaning up your puke but Patrick did in the end.” He whispers and I nod.

“Thanks for sorting the rooms out.” I say. I check the kitchen door, Patrick can't see us. I hug Brendon, then lightly kiss his cheek. “This is over now, though. Okay?” I whisper.

“I understand.” He says, smiling at me. I smile back and he checks the door then kisses my cheek. I pull away, I drink the juice then Brendon hands me the hot drinks he made me and Patrick and I carry them into the living room, an uncontrollable grin on my face as I hand Patrick his and sit beside him.

“I'm so happy you're back.” I smile, then kiss his lips briefly.

“I was hoping you would be.” He laughs. I snuggle into his side.

“How long are you home?” I ask, looking deep into his eyes through his glasses.

“I'm leaving tonight, you can stay if you want.” He says.

“I'll come with you.” I smile, then kiss his lips softly again, it always sends shivers down my spine and makes my heart beat so fast.

“You sure?” He asks, I nod, then hug him tight. I pull away but still lean into his side as I sip my coffee. “Brendon, have you got any plans?” Patrick asks him, in between sips of his own drink.

“I was gonna make my way back to New York.” He shrugs, “Then the tour manager said he's planning us a tour soon.”

“Hey, if you want, stay here until the tour manager gets it sorted? And I'll pay for the flight. You took such good care of Kaila.” Patrick says to him, I see a hint of guilt in Brendon's eyes and frown to myself, too.

“Nah I'll pay, but thanks.” Brendon smiles.

“If you need a place to stay, or some money to lend. I'm always the other end of that phone though, got it?”

“Got it.” Brendon chuckles. “I'm gonna book a flight, then.” He says, getting out his phone. He plays around with it for a bit and I turn to watch Patrick sip his drink. I missed his hands. I lightly take one and feel the back of it with my cheek.

“Mmm soft.” I smile and he chuckles at me.

“I missed how weird you are.” He smirks.

“I like soft things! Sue me!” I laugh, but I do feel a little guilt. Patrick smiles, then kisses my forehead.

“I never said I didn't like your odd obsession.” He whispers into my fringe. “I missed the way your hair feels.” He says quietly. I take his hand and run it through my hair. “Mmm.” He murmurs, then we both chuckle. I cuddle him tighter.

“Alright, I'll see you two later?” Brendon says, we both turn and look, he's gotten his case from upstairs already. Me and Patrick get to our feet and go over and hug him.

“Bye bye.” I whisper.

“Thanks for everything bro.” Patrick adds. Then we pull away, Brendon leaves and I turn to Patrick.

“Where were we?” I ask with a smirk. Patrick takes my hands and leads me to the sofa. He sits down then lightly pulls me onto his lap. I turn to face him and kiss his lips, he kisses back and wraps his arms around my waist. I twist my body around and straddle him, it's easier to kiss him like this.
I loosely wrap my arms around his neck, and put more passion into the kiss. I really really missed him. He lets out a small groan and I smile into our kiss. I missed these kisses. He pulls away lightly.

“I really missed you.” He says.

“I missed you too.” I say, a smile playing on my lips. He returns it then we get back to kissing. It gets more intense and I move my arms down his sides, then up his chest and start to undo his jacket. He lets me but before I pull it off he lightly stops my arms.

“See, you're doing this again.” He says sadly, I give him a confused look.

“Doing what?” I ask.

“Trying to undress me. Kaila, you're only 15, almost 16.” He frowns.

“Patrick. I know this, I'm not a kid anymore. I've been through way more than most kids my age have. I'm practically an adult!” I say, giving him puppy eyes.

“Kaila, please. Not the eyes.” He frowns, his mouth almost breaking into a smile. He's fighting it!

“Pwetty Pweese Twick?” I say. “I'm not a babeh anymowe.” He gives me a stern look. My face breaks into a grin.

“We'll talk about.. this... after your birthday, maybe.” He says, giving me a sympathetic look. “Only about two weeks left.” He adds.

“Fine!” I say, then climb off him and snuggle into his side. “But I'm gonna make this hard for you, too.” I say evilly, then kiss his cheek.
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