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Chapter Ten - Back.. Again..

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Sorry I was gone for so lone.. D:
I love you if you're still reading this. (:
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Chapter Ten

Week into the tour. I haven't heard from Brendon at all, and I'm still extremely guilty for what I did. Week left until my 16th, too. Since what I did with Brendon, I have to admit, I wanna do “things” with Patrick more often. It's hard, but at the same time, it makes it easier to make him suffer to.

“Hey Kaila.” Jake, the bus driver, says as I sit in the passenger seat. I started talking to him again when I got back on tour, he hasn't changed since I last saw him before my back got bad.

“Alright Jake?” I ask,

“Yeah. How are you and Patrick getting on now that you're both together almost all the time?” He asks, putting down the magazine he was reading.

“Fantastic!” I say, and smile at him.

“Good.” He says, and looks down at his steering wheel. The bus isn't moving, the guys have all gone in a radio station building for an interview and we're waiting in the bus park.
Jake's hiding something.

“What's wrong, Jakey cakes?” I ask him, tilting my head. He meets my eyes again.

“I hate lying to you, you know that right?” He says and I nod. “How would you feel if I told you your boyfriend kissed someone while you weren't here?” I feel a sudden rush of jealousy overwhelm me.

“You kissed Patrick?” I ask instantly.

“Nononono.” He laughs. “Not me.”

“Pete?” I say quietly, Jake nods. “On stage or offstage?”

“Both.” Jake admits, “BUT, it was all Pete. Have you noticed his black eye?” I nod, oh so this is why Pete wouldn't tell me who gave it to him? I can't help it, I laugh.

“What about on stage, did Patrick hit him then too?” I ask.

“No. But he pushed him off.” Jake says and I let out a sigh of relief.

“That's all you were hiding?” I ask.

“Kinda.” He says and bites his lip.

“What else, Jakey cakes?” I ask with a smile.

“I, I think I'm in love.” He says, looking down at his feet.

“With who?” I ask.
I hear the bus door open in the area behind us and then people get on, then the door separating us from the rest of the bus opens too. I turn and see Patrick.

“Hey Kayy!” He grins and I jump up and hug him.

“Hey 'Trickface.” I laugh and then I turn to Jake. “Talk later.” He smiles and waves. I leave with Patrick and we head into the back room.

“What were you and Jake talking about?” He asks, as I sit down close beside him. He sounds so suspicious.

“Just the usual, how he's doing, how I'm doing. Actually..” I start, Patrick leans forwards a little and looks right into my eyes.

“Yeah?” He says to beckon me to continue.

“He said something about you and Pete..” I urge his memory,


“He's been kissing you, again?” I ask and Patrick nods.

“But I punched him, and pushed him off.” He says with a smile.

“I know, Jakey cakes told me that.” I smile back.

“Jakey cakes?” Patrick squints his eyes.

“Just a nick name.” I giggle and shrug. “Like, your is Trickle.. Berry..”

“Trickle Berry..?” He raises an eyebrow and smiles.

“Yepp.” I give him a smug look.

“I guess I better give you one..” He says playfully.

“You call me Kay,” I point out.

“Hmm...” He hums thoughtfully. “How about.. Lala?” He says with a smile. My face drops. I remember that. But where from..? Oh yeah. Breebree.. “What.. What's wrong? Kaila, babe?..” Patrick asks, panicky.

“Nothing.” I say and give him a sweet smile. “I love it!”

“You've gone really pale.” He frowns. “I didn't think it was THAT bad.”

“Nono, it's not the nickname.” I assure him, “I just spaced out a bit.”

“I do worry about you, sometimes.” He chuckles and hugs me, I hug back. Why did I get so bothered by the nickname? I thought I'd dropped it..

The bus door opens and Pete storms in, no door knocking, what did I expect? It is Pete, after all.

“Sup?” He asks, sitting right beside me heavily, making me and Patrick almost fly off the sofa.

“Nuffin, just chillin dawwwwg!” I imitate him, Patrick bites his lip and nudges me, trying not to laugh.

“That's not funny.” Pete protests.

“Is.” Patrick says, then we both laugh quietly.

“Ugh, you two are such douche bags!” He whines, frowning deeply.

“I'm sowwy Peteypie.” I pout at him, he just glares at me.

“Peteypie, Jakey Cakes? And I get Trickle Berry? Jeeze. I wonder who your favorites are!” Patrick playfully complains.

“They aren't my favorites! YOU ARE!” I squeal.

“Prove it.” He challenges. He's walked himself RIGHT into this one! I smirk, then turn my body around more to face him, then roughly kiss his lips. He kisses back, I almost let out an evil chuckle into the laugh, he really has no idea? I easily straddle him, it's gotten so easy.

“EW! PLEASE! IF I WANTED FREE PORN I'D GET MY LAPTOP!” Pete complains. I reach a hand out and slap it forwards into his face. Then Patrick pushes me away, and physically picks me up and places me in between him and Pete.

“Awe no fair!” I complain.

“I know what you were trying to do. Lala there's only a week left.” Ugh, that nickname, again? I force a smile. “Want me to stop that nickname?” He offers and I nod. “Okay, Kaywee.” Okay, THAT was cute. He literally pronounced it Kay-weee.

“AWEEEEE!” I coo.

“I didn't just come here to perv on you two, by the way.” Pete buts in.

“Then why DID you come here Peteypie..?” I ask, turning to face him.

“Hey Monday have to drop the tour tomorrow, Cass has gotta have surgery on her throat. So we need a new support, soon. Or else we're fucking SCREWED. Any ideas?” Pete asks. “It'll only be for like, 5 days or so.. then there's break..” He says, biting his lip.

“How'bout Metro Station? They toured last time.” Patrick suggests.

“Nah, I asked, Trace is busy.” Pete sighs.

“Cobra are the band on tour with us right now..” I analyze out loud.

“Hush Sound?” Patrick suggests,

“Asked them..” Pete replies tiredly,

“Uhh.. The Ready Set..?”




“The Cab..”


“Oh, what about Panic!..?”

“I haven't, actually. I'll have to give Brendon a ring.” My heart almost stops. This might be awkward.

“Good idea.” Patrick smiles.

It's only for five days.. it's not like I'mma be getting wasted between now and my birthday, anyway. And I have total control over myself.
Pete takes out his phone, and uses speed dial number 4.

“Hey dude!”

“Hello Mr.Wentz!” I can hear Brendon on the other end of the line..

“Busy..?” Pete asks.

“If you call sleeping, eating, and writing music busy..” He laughs. I have to admit, I missed that laugh.

“Serious music writing, or just, music writing?” Pete asks, a bit of disappointment in his voice.

“Just music writing, nothing good, really. Why?” Guessing by Brendon's tone, he knows exactly what Pete's about to ask.

“Wanna support us on tour, Cass has gotta have surgery and we're kinda screwed.” Pete says, then bites his lip nervously. I hold my breath.

“Sure bro. I'll give Spencer a ring right away, when do you want us to join..?” I let out a sigh.

“Tomorrow. We'll pay for the travel to get to us, if you want?” Pete offers.

“Where you at?”

“Uhh.. we'll be stopping at Arizona tomorrow..” He says awkwardly.

“I'm in New York!” Brendon says, laughing.

“I know man, but we need you!” Pete says, putting on a smirk.

“Fine, but I don't think we can pay for the plane. Are you passing anywhere closer tonight?”

“Nope. We're actually headed closer to New York by heading to Arizona..” He admits. Brendon makes some squeaky noise. “So we'll pay for the plane tickets, meet us tomorrow at Pheonix Airport, 'kay? I'll get the tickets sorted, just use 'Urie' when you get to JFK.”

“Thanks man, I look forwards to touring with you guys again.” I can hear the smile in his voice.

“I'll text you check in time in a few seconds.”

“Got it.”

“Bye bro.”

“BYEEEEEEEEEEE!” -hang up-

Okay, so he's coming on tour. Not that bad, maybe it's a good thing..? Yeah. Be positive.

“Kaywee are you okay?” Patrick asks, snuggling me into his side. I wrap my arms around him and look up into his eyes.

“I'm gwate fankeww.” I smile and he smiles and kisses my forehead. The door into the back-room slams, Pete's left. I don't bother turning to look. I feel the bus start to move, I guess we're on our way to Arizona. I get up from Patrick's side and wobble over to the door, it's hard to walk at first when the bus is moving, and lock it with the lock Patrick got installed. I wonder who nagged him to get that done..? Wasn't me..

He tilts his head and plays innocent, giving me a confused look. I try and make my way back over to him.

“Just can't be bothered to talk to Pete again.” I make an excuse, then smile. I then maybe a little over-dramatically fall down a few steps away from the sofa. I can imagine Patrick's eye roll right about now. I feel him help me up to my feet. “Oops.” I laugh, then before he says anything I crush my lips against his. He kisses back right away. We both kinda struggle to stay on our feet as the road gets bumpy.
I start to lead him backwards to the sofa, trying not to break the kiss, and then push him down onto it. Breaking the kiss for a second, but then starting it right away by straddling him as quick as possible.

“Kaila...” He begins, stopping the kiss and giving me a half scared, half stern look. But his expression seems really soft.

“No...” I urge him with a sinister smile.

“Kaywee..?” He says.

“Yes Trickle Berry.” I reply, a smug look plastered on my face.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

“Hmmmm...” I wonder out loud, then shrug and lightly press my lips to his. He moans in complaint but kisses back.

“One.. week..” He says between kisses.

“Too long.” I say, breaking from the kiss for a second. He pushes me away lightly but I stay on his lap.

“Kaila, what are you doing?” He asks again.

“Well, I'm trying to do you.” I say innocently. I can tell by the look on his face, he's fighting back a smile. “But you're making it very difficult.” I frown at him.

“You know the deal.” He points out.

“But why?” I whine.

“Kaila.” He says, a stern look on his face.

“Patrick.” I reply, letting my mouth turn into a smile.

“I know what, I'mma punish you every time you punish me like this.” He says, then picks me up and drops me lightly beside him on the sofa. I hate how he does that. “Bye bye.” He says then gets up. I get up after him and stand in front of him.

“Where are you going?” I ask, a stressed look on my face.

“Bathroom, then a bunk. And I'm staying there tonight.” He says, then walks around me.

“You still love me, right?” I choke out,

“Yes Kaila.” He laughs loosely. “I love you.” He turns and kisses me. “But, you've gotta stop this.” He says, looking into my eyes. I nod then let him leave. I go over and sit on the sofa, hugging my knees.
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