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The Rose Without a Thorne

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Anne's Point of view.

On a hot, still morning in July, I sat with my sister on the lawn.

"I'm really gonna miss this place." Said my sister, Katherine looking around.

"I'm gonna miss our friends more." I said. We were moving from California to New Jersey because my parents were getting divorced and my mother wanted to move their because she has family their. I was kinda glad that we were moving because they were always fighting, and he wasn't even my real father. I don't even know my real father.

"I'm sure we will make new ones." Replied my sister confidantly.

"That is sure easy for you to say." I said. "Everyone loves you. You will be sure to make a lot of friends."

My sister sighed and walked into the house. I followed her.


"I hope you are all packed." Said my mother while putting the last things we need into a box. I could tell she was stressed out.

"Yes, mother." I said while watching her.

"Are you really?" She asked looking at me seriesly.

"Well, I just have a few things left to pack." I replied.

"Okay, go do it now. We're leaving in an hour." Said my mother going back to packing.

I started walking away when I heard my mother say something.

"I love you." She said looking at me.

"Love you too." I said walking up to my room.


We could only take the things we really need because we only had one car to fit everything in. I only had a couple more things left to pack. My books. I love reading. My favorite thing to read is historical fiction. I love reading books about Anne Boleyn and England in the 1500 and 1600. My favorite book is Lady In The Tower by Jean Plaidy. I also love reading Little House On The Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I know they are kids books but I love them anyway.

I put all my books and other things that I was taking into the last box. By the time I was done I had 15 minutes left before we had to leave. I had said good bye to all my friends yesterday so I had nothing to do.

I decided to read some more of the book I was reading.

"Anne! Are you done packing?!" I heard my mother yell.

"Yes!" I called back.

"Okay. I'm sending Katherine to help you carry everything!" She yelled.


We finished packing everything in the car and got into it. My step father had been working all day so we didn't say good bye to him.

"Like I care." I muttered to my self.

"What was that, honey?" My mother asked while looking in the rear view mirror.

"Oh nothing." I replied. "Can you put on some music?"

"Sure." She replied smiling.

Waterloo by ABBA started playing.

"Oh mom," Said Katherine. "Do we have to listen to that?"

"Yep." She replied.
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