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Frank watches Lacey... Lacey wonders about Frank...

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He watched over her with his stunning green eyes, whispering some lyrics he had heard her sing that day. She was nestled in her pink pastel bed, her white blonde hair across her face, her soft pink lips slightly open as she breathed fast. His wings beat slowly as he saw her jerk around in her sleep, like he wanted to help her. He felt the urge to fly down and wake her from the nightmare. 'Nightmare,' he thought. 'it's only a nightmare...' Somebody tapped his shoulder, making him avert his attention to the bronze-haired angel. "Frank, we need to speak with you." the angel told him sternly. Frank's green eyes slightly widened. How could they know?

"Sure thing. What's this all about?" he tried to play it cool, like he didn't know what he was in trouble for. The angel narrowed his blue eyes at Frank.

"I think you know what this is about, Iero. Now get up and leave the girl, there'll be somebody else to look over her from now. Damian said he wanted to see you, and you know how Damian gets when he's angry." Gazing back down to the girl he was gaurding, Frank slowly stood up and flew with the second-in-command to Damian. He knew exactly what he had done, and he knew it was a horrible thing. Whatever had made him act that way, he wasn't sure. But he was certain that his punishment would be a brutal one, possibly even death. Looking down once again, he didn't know if he'd ever see Lacey Rose Grebar again.


Lacey shook out of her sleep, screaming and sweating. Tears poured out of her eyes as she realized that she had a nightmare. 'Oh my god...' she gazed around her dark room, frightened. No, they couldn't take the angel away... The angel who's white wings had wrapped around her as he protected her from evil... The angel who's beautiful green eyes seemed to look into her soul and make her feel safe... Those strong, muscular arms that held her close... Lacey shook the nightmare from her mind. It was only a nightmare. It wasn't even about her! She pulled the pink comforter and sheets away, getting up to walk to her bathroom. Maybe she was crazy.

She turned on the light and looked at herself in the mirror, horrified with how she looked. She had to look good, no matter what she did. Her blue eyes were frightened from the nightmare of two angel-demons tearing the wings from her protector. She remembered two new wings growing in the place of the white ones. Two pitch-black, demon wings. His voice was still ringing in her pierced ears, and she closed her eyes briefly only to see that gorgeous face. That pale skin, those green eyes, those pink, soft lips that had whispered sweet things to her... As she opened her eyes, she was staring into her reflection. Her sad, scared reflection. Her body shook slightly and she rubbed furiously at her arms to make heat. She was always cold.

Her white blonde hair was in tangles, her normally olive skin tone was down to the shade of the angels' skin, and her pink lips were in a tight line formed on her oval-shaped face. She sighed and grabbed a brush, combing her hair and then putting it into a bun in case she had that nightmare again. Lacey turned off the light in her bathroom and climbed back into her pastel pink bed, wishing that she wasn't in the safe comfort of the sheets, but in the arms of the winged angel.

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