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1: Falling Like Stars

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"Frank, you have violated the law 296." Damian boomed, glaring hard at the saddened angel. Frank glanced up, his eyes holding a tiny bit of fear. An angel wasn't supposed to be afraid. "Do not just stand there, Iero! Haven't we already been through this before?!" Damian was not a patient one, and in that lost his temper quickly. Frank nodded.

"Sorry, Damian..." his voice was small, his wings shaking slightly. All Frank really wanted was to go back to watching Lacey. He didn't want her to have that nightmare again. It scared him.

"You are not sorry, because you killed one of my men! Do you have any idea what kind of punishment you are going to get?!" Frank shook his head, peeking his green eyes up to catch a glimpse of how Damian was. His angelic face was red with anger, his lips in a snarl. The gray eyes held no compassion for the young angel.

"No, I don't..." Damian tsked.

"Such bad grammar these days! What are they teaching these kids?! Men, get him out of my sight before I do something that I will regret!" Damian's eyes narrowed at Frank, showing he really meant what he said. Frank staggered backwards as two of Damian's men dragged him away, already knowing what to do. The taller one laughed, his great wings keeping shade for himself, but not for the rebellious angel.

"You got Damian's wings all bunched up, Iero. He's not gonna like that next time he sees you." Frank felt a little hope. At least he'd still be alive. The thought left him when the angels pinned him down on a metal table and picked up a knife. Possibly the only knife in Heaven.

"What are you going to do?!" Frank cried out, his eyes growing frantic. Tall, blonde, and handsome laughed.

"Orders are to cut the wings off this wretched being. Paul? Would you like to do the honors?" the other angel took the knife gladly and pressed it to the very beginning of Frank's wing. He growled loudly as searing pain took over him. He remembered how pain had caused his outburst.

"Let. Me. Go." Frank's mouth was stretched back, like he was baring his teeth like a vampire. Paul laughed. Mortals had vampires so wrong.

"Not at all, Frankie Boy. Damian gets to decide." Frank watched with anger as his once gorgeous white wing fall to the floor, shriveling up gray. The nicer of the two cut the other wing off quick. He figured it was too much to let the creature go through so much pain.

"God have mercy, let me go!" Frank screamed. Damian smiled from his perch and flew over to the squirming boy.

"Having fun, Frank?" his tone was sarcastic. Bland of kindness, but full of rage.

"You wish." Frank glared at Damian. He watched as Damian grabbed the knife and felt him cut two holes in his back. This time it wasn't pain that he felt. He felt warm. Alive. Two great black wings grew where his once pure ones had resided. His skin got paler, his features sharpening just the tiniest bit. He was forced to keep his wings in, though Frank desperately wanted to know how they flew.

"Get up!" Paul slammed his fist down on the table, making Frank jump. "Damian's taking you somewhere!" Frank shook his head from the image of him flying with his new wings, and following Damian winglessly. It felt so weird to not have any extra weight on his back. He figured that this was what humans felt like.

"Frank, you're sentenced to..." Frank's eyes grew wide as he saw the most magnificent place on Heaven. Just below him was where she was. "Earth."


Lacey woke up again, thankful that she hadn't had that nightmare again. She yawned and hit her alarm off, stretching and glancing over at the time. 6:00. She had plenty of time before she had to get to school, so she got up and padded barefoot to her bathroom. She started the hot water, stripping of her bubble-gum pink pajama's. She stepped into her hot shower, enjoying the tension it was releasing on her muscles. She quickly washed her hair and body, then stepped out and dried herself off. She grabbed another towel for her dripping hair, and turned off the water before walking into her bedroom and pulling on some red underwear.

"Red is for bitches. Pink is for hoes. White is for virgin's, and I'm none of those!" Lacey giggled to herself at her little rhyme, and strapped on her bra. She looked in her shorts drawer, grabbing her favorite short shorts. She pulled them on and quickly put on her favorite V-neck. She fastened her heels and went in the bathroom to apply her makeup.

Finally she was done, walking down the stairs with her Juicy Couture purse in hand. She flashed a smile at her mom, who smiled weakly back. Nora glanced at her daughter's clothes, feeling a slight ache. Was she the reason her daughter dressed so... sluttily? She wasn't sure.

"Bye Mom." Lacey said as she saw Alice honk her horn. Nora went to give her daughter a kiss but all her lips touched was the door slamming in her face. Lacey ran to Alice's car, happy to be free of her mother and her home. The high school was her territory, and she needed it to be ruled. By her and only her.

"What up, Lace?" Alice smiled, giving her friend a kiss on the cheek. Lacey smiled.

"I had a dream last night, Allie." Alice's smiled widened.

"Ohhh, was it about Jesse again?" Lacey shook her head.

"No, this guy was hotter than Jesse. Like, major hunk alert. But he was like, gothic and stuff." Alice scrunched up her nose.

"Ew! Like Brandon?!" Alice was mortified. Had her girl been drinking last night? She turned into the high school's parking lot. They got out of the car, both girls laughing.

"No, absolutely not! You think I'd dream about some creepy molester guy like Brandon?! Psh, no way!" they walked to Lacey's locker, her eyes drifting away from her combonation and to a guy who was getting shoved into a locker.

"C'mon faggot! Fight back, pussy!" she watched as Jesse continued to call the black haired guy names. She quickly forgot her locker and ran over to Jesse, pushing him away from the guy.

"God, Jesse, leave him alone! What did he ever do to you?!" Jesse smiled at what his baby was wearing and soon got a major boner.

"Nothing, baby..." his voice was deep and seductive as he pulled her close to him. "But I know a lot of things that you could do to me..." Lacey rolled her eyes.

"Cut it out. I'm not in the mood." she turned to the guy Jesse was beating up... and stopped. Staring right into her eyes was the angel from her dream. "You..." she whispered.

Frank smiled, his eyes giving her a sense of warmth. One word ran through his mind.

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