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It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

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I woke up to the sweet smell of Gerards smokes

"Mmmm can I have one?"
"Oh Honey are you awake?"
"Yip I am and I'm all rested up"
"Thats good"

Gee passed me his smoke, He must have only lit it because he hadn't smoked any of it yet

"yea I'll get another one"
"All right sweetie"
"I was thinking today maybe we could rent some movies watch them lax out in bed all day me you junk food, How does it sound?"
"It sounds absolutely fantastic"
"Good well our days planed out then"

I kissed Gerards lips.
He slipped his tounge into my mouth. I returned the Favour and the next thing I knew Gerard had me pulled on top of him
I was gazzing into his eyes as I normaly do when ever I get into this situation.

"mmmmm I love you alot"
"I love you alot too"

I kissed Gees lips again

"You want some Coffee?"
"Yes please Sexy"
"All righty then I'll go do that now."

I Kissed Gees neck before I moved
He gave my ass a little smack.

"Hmm do I want cocoa pops and coffee or-

I ran to the counter and jumped on it
"BABY!!!!! BABY!!!!!"

Gee came out super fast
"What, What is it"
"ok baby i'll get rid of it"
"No don't kill him, Just put him outside"
He laughed
"ok then"

I watched him super closely to make sure he put it outside

"there 'ya go honey, All gone"
"Thank you baby."
"Its fine"
"What would I do with out you?"
"well right now you'd be stuck on that counter freaking out because your phones in the room"
"That is true, I'd probably be crying"
"I couldn't have that now could I"
"Nope, Well I'm having Cocoa Pops, you want some?"

Gee got out the bowls,cereal,spoons and milk

"Ok then looks like I'm doing coffee"

Gee Giggled


I Didn't even ask what was funny. Gee sat our Cereal down accross from each other and I was just putting the milk in our drinks.
once I put away the milk I took both the cups and placed one infornt of Gerard

"thanks Babe"
"Your welcome"

I Picked up the spoon with cocoa pops on it and put it in my mouth when I felt Gerards foot go up the inner side of my leg and when I looked at him he gave
me a smile. Then he rested his leg on mine

"God dam your beautiful"
"So are you my love"
"how did it end up like this?"
"It started out with a kiss"
"yes, Yes it did"

"well I'm gonna go have a shower if thats ok?"
"Yip it certianly is."

Gee got up and walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the lips
I watched his sexy little ass as he walked down the hall and I heard the shower get turned on
I rinsed the dishes and put them in the dish washer.
I went to get my phone. 5 new messages all from Bob
I deleted all of them because I wasn't letting anyone ruin today.
Just me and my Gee

While I was in my room I found myself cleaning it.
I Had the bed made when Gerard walked in. I could smell the strawberry shampoo in his hair
When I turned around just a black towel hung from his hips. His hair had water drops dripping from the ends

"you smell good."
"I feel good too, Although I did expect your company in the shower"
"Oh well then I'm sorry I don't have a mind reading device stored in my head"

Gerard giggled like a girl,Fuck how that turned me on

"Well when I'm dressed I'm gonna go get some d.v.ds"
"Ok then"
"any reccommendations?"
"Uhh, Trainspotting"
"Lord Of The Rings?"
"all right then, I'll go get them now"

We got up. I walked Gee to the door

"Don't forget popcorn.
"I wont"

Gerards lips connected with mine once more, My hands took a hold of Gerards black hair, His hands took hold of my waist and pulled me right into his chest

"tell me again why is that your not coming?"
"Because honey, whos gonna get the house ready for when you get back"
"Oh well then thats ok as long as I have some where to fuck you when I'm ready"
"Haha ok then I'll have that done I promise"

He gave me another kiss

"I'll never leave you I promise"
"Thats good, You keep that promise"
"I will, I love you"
"I love you too"

I watched him as he walked down to his silver subaru and I heard it roar to life
I got a red bull out of the fridge and went down to my darkened room.
I Plugged in my D.V.D player and put the remote on my draws next to my bed
My phone began to vibrate. Its gotta be Gee.
I picked up my phone nope its bob

`Wanna hang out today?

`Sorry Bryar me and Gee have plans today, maybe another time yeah?`

`oh yeah thats cool as then well I'll leave you to it

`Ok see ya later`
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