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Black Night

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March 17th 2010.
TL, 9.00. P.M.

Lá Fhéile Phádraig.
Happy St Patricks day.
Listening to Deep Purple. (:
I had an amazing day today, my best friend and I went to the parade and saw Chipmunk live. I was loving it, then I was standing beside a guy who looked like Freddie from Skins, and then a guy who looked like JJ was there too. o___O But it was a real good day, watching the parade too.
My friend and I were joking that they must have went to City Hall and asked all the 80s metalheads to push the floats, cuz seriously, that's what it looked like. HA.

I was happy-ish.

There was a few times when I had to stop.
There's voices everywhere, telling me to kill myself, to stop eating, it sound so fucking gay but it's true. I can't get them to stop.

Epic tweets of today:
Nice to see Irish stuff trending. ^__^ GUINNESS!
It's hilarous watching Americans tweet about Ireland. Espeically when they keep calling it "St Pattys"
"I was there by , and my hand." XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Grandma said, "You missed all the old bands on, from my day, better than the ones now, rock n' roll" seriously. WTF. I love that woman.
I'm on a holiday, hooligan's

Some other peeps:
The leprechaun and I formed a partnership. He put up his pot of gold as collateral on my house loan and I winged for him at the singles bar.
I hate St. Patricks day. Everybody and their mother claims to be Irish. IDGAF if your great great aunt was born in Ireland. YOU WEREN'T.

I'm okay.
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