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Halloween Night

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The Troll

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As I walked back to the common room, I heard a loud girlish scream and Mikey zooming across the hallway toward the shout.

I looked back and then ran straight toward him as fast as my legs could carry me. I caught up to Mikey and he turned and looked at me as he ran.

"Come on, hurry. They just announced a troll in the girls' bathroom. I think Ela might be in there!!" You could hear the panic and worry in his voice. My legs ran as fast as they ever had before as we entered the girls' bathroom.

There was the monster, all right. Tall, gray, small head. It held a giant club and I heard Ela let out another shriek as the troll destroyed the sinks, making the pipes burst.

Mikey looked around and grabbed a pieced of stone the broke off from the sink and threw it at the troll's back.

"Hey, troll!!" He shouted. "Leave her alone." He troll looked down at me and Mikey. I could hear Mikey gulp.

The troll moaned as it picked me up off of my feet, holding me by my right foot so I was dangling upside down.

The troll tried to hit me with it's club, failing several times, it got me once but not too hard.

"Mikey!" I shouted as the troll aimed for my head, his arm holding me moved so that he missed. "Do something!"

"Mikey, 'wingardium leviosa' spell." Mikey looked at her and nodded.

Just as the monster was going to have another whack at me, Mikey shouted,

"Wingardium leviosa!" The club was healed just above the trolls head, just staying there, levitating.

He dropped me as he attempted to look for his weapon. Mikey dropped the club, making it fall on the troll's head. The troll raised his hand too his head and fell on the ground, Mikey and I moved out of the way before we were crushed.

We all walked toward the troll, I had noticed something in it's nose. I walk up, to find Ela's wand lodged deep in there. I looked at her, confused.

"I was on it's back and it was swinging me around," she says. "I accidently stuck my wand in there."

I lean in to take it out, bunches of snot coming out with it.

"Ew... troll boogies." I moan. I hand the wand to Ela as Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape, and Professor Dumbledore walk in with their jaws almost on the ground.

"What were you three thinking? Taking on this troll, alone. Fifty points taken away from Gryffindor."

"Fifty!" Mikey shouted in shook.

"Each! You know you shouldn't be facing a troll alone, let alone when you're suppose to be in your beds. But..."

Mikey looked up, hopeful. She smiled at him. "I will reward you each sixty points, for bravery and courage."

We all smile widely. Professor Snape looked furious. I look him directly in the eye. As Dumbledore and McGonagall leave, my scar starts to burn. He continued staring at me, and left the room.

I rub my scar in pain. I look over to Ela and Mikey, still rubbing the scar.

"You alright?" They ask at the same time. I nod.

"Let's go to sleep." They both laugh and we walk back the common room, and lie down in our comfortable beds for a nice rest.

I'm so, so, so, so, so sorry that I haven't updated in a month [?] Give or take a couple weeks or days. I will add a chapter tomorrow [Saturday] and the day after [Sunday]. I'm honestly really sorry. Over the past month I've been trying to get my grades up which means less internet, so I hope you all forgive me. I'm sorry this one was so short, I usually have my book with me. I lost it so I have to find another one.

Hope you enjoyed.
Comment please, thank you. Bye! :)
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