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Viva Las Texas

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Cause Georgie demanded it! Love ya >.

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Frank's P.O.V

I left a scared looking Rachel and a pissed off Gerard to go find Lilli. Which was probably kinda dangerous but I trusted Gerard not to do anything comlpetely stupid.

They had been arguing over a few things:
A) Wither I should change Rachel.
B) Should we let Rachel see her own memory of us fighting Lycans.
C) If we should actually changer her at all.

Lilli wanted to change Rachel herself, after all she did have the most self-control. And that we should show her the memory first and tell Rach all abuot the 400 year war. Let her know exactly what she was getting into, if she chose to join us.

Gerard ws still getting used to the idea that Rach was gonna be where ever I was. He didn't wat her to be changed...ever!

I however totally agree with Lilli. I couldn't watch her grow old, knowing she was going to die eventually. I would follow her as quickly as possible. I want her to be exactly as she is forever. Young, beautiful and just...human.

I shut my eyes listening intently but the whistling of the train made it almost impossible to hear her....almost. The train only had two carriages so it didn't take ong to realise she isn't actually on the train anymore. I was about to go back to the other carriage when a pale hand appeared upside down outside the window. It flipped me off and then dissapeared again. What the fuck???
"Lilli?" I said quite loud, a few people looked up at me and I just stared out the window pretending it wasn't me who said anything. The pale hand appeared again, palm to the glass with a thick black 'DUH!' writen on it. I quickly opened the window, looked about to see if anyone was watching then scrambled out onto the roof. The train was moving fairly quickly but I knew I could run faster. We couldn't be tracked this way. Our scent ends at the train station. Plus Gerard wiped all record of us. Well really killed the one guard who was working that time in the morning and destroyed the security tapes...always with the violence.

Lilli was sittting cross-legged, head in her hands, elbows resting on her knees. She looked up, gave a sad smile and then looked back down again. I sat down just in-front of her.
"He's an idiot" I stated. She gave a quiet giggle.
"Would you like me to kick his ass?" I said with mock seriousness, trying to get her to laugh again.
"If I wanted him hurt I'd do it myself" She looked up at me and there was silence for about 2 seconds before we burst out laughing. Then silence...I hate's creepy.
"I won't apologise" she sighed. I nodded.
"Neither will he" I added. She nodded this time and then I stood up, pulling her up with me. We managed to quickly climb in the window with little difficulty.

We went looking for Gerard and Rach. They were sitting close together having a very intense conversation. We stood watching them for a few minutes, waiting for when they'd notice we were right here.

They're conversation trailed off and they just sat silently staring into each other's eyes. Gerard and Rachel slowly leaned into each other and their eyes fluttered shut. I glanced at Lilli who looked like she was about to puke, faint and cry all at the same time. They stopped just millimeters apart and then burst out laughing.
"WHAT THE FUCK???" we both skreeched at the same time. They both sat back, Rachel shaking with laughter and Gerard just smirking.
"You're right...that was funny" Gerard said to Rach, who just nodded and began laughing all over again. Gerard just rolled his eyes and looked straight at Lilli-anna. Rachel was still laughing this beautiful musical little laugh. I couldn't stay mad at her for long and a small smile was playing on my lips.

His eyes were as wide and as clear as I'd ever saw them and I felt as though I had introuded on some private moment.
"Do you really think I'd do that to you sugar?" he smirked. Lilli looked away as a blush creeped across her pale cheeks. Gerard stood up and stepped past Rachel. Lilli was still looking away and Gerard waited until she looked at him. Eventually she did only to look away again quickly.

Rachel mean while was still laughing slightly. Her pulse was racing and I could hear the blood pounding through her veins. Rachel blushed, the blood pooling just beneath the surface of her cheeks. I was practically drooling. Lilli nudged me and snapped me out of pretty much gaping at Rachel.

We would be in Texas in a few hours before flying to Oregon. I've never flew before so I did wonder what it'd be like. I stood still for a few minutes drinking in every detail about my...actually what is Rachel to me? Not lovers cause well we haven't, ya know and I'd probably end up kiling her. I should probably ask her at some point...

Lilli-anna's P.O.V

Gerard turned his back one me and walked to the otherside of the train. It was empty now except for us and the driver.

I crept up behind Gee as silently as I could. I crouched down just like a tiger about to pounce on its prey. I waited for a few moments till I was sure he thought he was alone. I held my breath knowing it would give me away in an instant. And then I sprung and latched onto his back. Gerard staggered a little and let out a small squeak.
"Suprise" I giggled kissing the sensitive pale skin just below his earlobe.
"A fucking suprise alright" he muttered before adding louder.
"If my heart was still beating it would have stopped right now" He dramatically clutched his chest as though it had happened and I couldn't help but laugh again. The proper belly laugh that come from deep down inside. He took hold of my legs so I wouldn't fall. I know I wouldn't fall anyway but still.
"We're never gonna agree" he said quietly.
"Probably not" I sighed. We didn't say anything for a while.

A crackly voice came over the speakers saying we would be arriving in Texas shortly. Gerard dropped me uncerimoniously onto a seat. I yelped as I almopst fell off it and gripped onto the seat in-front. Gerard just smirked at me and sauntered off.
"You're such a douche" I yelled after him to which he just giggled. So much for me not falling then...He's such a dick sometimes...

Gerard's P.O.V

The train stopped and we finally got off. It was early morning , the sun hadn't begun to rise yet. Rachel shivered with cold. She was the only one who could feel it. Well we can feel temperature it just doesn't affect us anymore. Frank kept offering his jacket and she always refused it. Silly stuborn little human.

We walked about in some little town in Texas for a while. Lilli was smirking as though she knew something we didn't.
"Where are we staying?" Rachel asked quietly.
"Um..." was the general reply. Lilli-anna just rolled her eyes.
"Come on losers. I know where we're going"
"Where?" I asked.
"Just to see something" she grinned.
"Helpful as ever Lilz" I replied sarcastically.
"Stop sassing or you're not getting in" she said, smirking evily. Which with Lilli is never good.
"Fine" I huffed.

After about 10 minutes of silence while walking to some un-known location it finally got to Frank.
"Where are we going???" he whinned. After about 500 years of being a vampire you'd think he'd have some patience but noooo...

"Here" said Lilli finally, gesturing grandly at some abandoned building It was very dark, dingy and crumbling.
"Oh the rest of us said together not very enthusiastically.

Kay, I know its tiny but be thankful!

xoxo Sam
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