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Cat Fight!

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Up-daaaaate!!! For Gee cause she bullied me into it :'( ]

Still Gerard's P.O.V

Lilli knocked on the door and a little slot opened . A pair of dark honey eyes was all that was visable.
"Passowrd?" enquired the man, or so it sounded from the deep voice.
"I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS SHIT! LET US THE FUCK IN YOU DICK!!!" Lilli jumped up and down as she screamed. The guy didn't even flinch.
"Yes Ma'am" he said sincerely. The slot shut and the door swung open to reveal a small dingy hallway and we all squashed in. The guy trembeled before us.
"Is Miss Gee joining us tonight Ma'am?" he asked quietly, his head bowed down.
"She's other wise engaged Mol" The dude called Mol nodded.
"What happened Mol? You've never been scared of me before."
"Well Miss Cherry-" Lilli giggled cutting him off.
"I don't go by that name anymore. It's Lilli and drop the 'miss' please?" Mol just nodded once again.
"Well...L-Lilli, we heard about your it really to who we think?" he asked, Mol has finally stopped trembling.
"Who do you think it is?" she asked a small smile playing on her lips.
"Master Way...we heard it was he you it true?" he asked, curiosity had replaced the fear. Lilli-anna giggled.
"Yes Mol, it's true. You don't need to be frightened though"
"Haven't you heard the things he's done?" Mol gasped.
"Duh. We used to fight all the time before we got the scars to prove it"
Mol stared at her with wide eyes. I was beginning to pissed off because she was talking about me like I wasn't there. I almost pouted...almost.
"Besides" she continued. "If Gee wanted you dead he'd have done it by now" Lilli turned to face me, as did Mol. His jaw dropped open and what little colour there was on his face dissapeared.
"He'd have done it by now" she giggled. I smirked as he shrank backwards against the wall, trying to get away from me.
"Uh...lets go in now" Frank urged, practically pushing me through the door.

The door slammed shut behind us and I'm pretty sure I heard a squeak. The room we entered was fairly large with a low ceiling. At the other end of the room was a dark wood bar. A guy with a reddish-brown afro was serving. Everyone looked up to see who was coming in. Most looked away again and some watched us with intrest.

As we walked up to the bar a blonde gangly looking women lept up in-front of us.
"Well if it isn't Miss Cherry and her new gang of misfits" she spat, sheer hate burning behind her pitch black eyes.
"Hello Fiona. Still a stupid blonde bicth I see"
"You can't handle that he liked me more than you!" To which Lilli just rolled her eyes. Who the fuck are they talking about?!?!...Okay so maybe I'm over-reacting a little bit but who is that guy they're talking about?!?!
"Maybe he did...but I'm not bitter. I know you put out straight away and he dumped your sorry ass" Lilli smirked as Fiona fummed. At first it looked as though Fiona had nothing to say but then her eyes swivled to me and an evil smile spread across her face.
"At least I didn't marry the first heartless bastard that came along" Lili froze as though shot. Her eyes narrowed.
"What did you say?" she hissed. I must admit Lilli-anna looks so damn cute when she's mad. I mean she's cute anyways but still...
"You heard me Cherry. You-married-a-heartless-bastard...And I'm guessing, correct me if I'm wrong, because no-one else would have you" Fiona once more smilled viciously. It is true though, I am a heartless bastard. Lilli could have anyone she wants and yet she stays with me. I'll never really understand that.
"Come on" I whispered, gently leading her away.
"That's it Cherry. Walk away like a good little puppy dog. I'm suprise you don't have a leash. Do you always follow him around like a dog in heat?"
"That's it" growled Lilli-anna. Her eyes turning pitch black as she spun around to face Fiona. Lilli lunged at her, knocking them both down.
"I hate you!" they both screamed at the same time. Everyone gather around quickly, cheering for either Cherry or Fiona. Growls and snarls ripped from their throats. Snaps echoed around the room as fangs tried to tear into each other. Nails clawed at skin and ripped open fresh wounds. Me and some other random guy tried to pull them apart but they were locked together.
"STOP!!!!" screamed a voice. And everyone did. The room fell silent and they both stopped.
"You start this shit again and you're both barred. Got it?!"
Both women nodded
"Good" said the afro bar tender guy.

I picked up Lilli and carried her away to the bar where Frank and Rachel were already talking to the afro bar tender guy, who was introduced as Ray.

Lilli sat contentedlly on my lap, purring quietly as I gently kissed each little wound, flicking my toungue over it to make it heal faster. I glanced at Fiona who was sitting in a corner glaring at us, licking her wounds like a cat.

"Your little lady puts up one hell of a fight" Ray grinned at us.
"Thank you" said Lilli quietly.
"Are you really Cherry though?" he continued. Lilli just nodded, then yawned and lazily wrapped her arms around my neck. Although we didn't actually sleep we could become very tired. Just rest for a bit and then we're fine again.
"Wow...pleasure to meet you Miss" he said, extending his hand for her to shake. She shook his hand gently and then returned it to its place around my neck. She yawned once more.
"So everyone calls you Lilli know, right??" he asked. Lilli-anna nodded once more.
"I've heard stories about you" Ray said after a while of silence. Frankie giggled and Rachel looked up at us with interest. I glared at Ray.
"Not bad ones" he added quickly. "Just some of the crazy stuff you and Miss Gee have done" Ray grinned as Lilli looked away guiltily.
"Like what?" I asked, not really sure wither I wanted an answer or not.
"Well...They used to have a party every Friday. Miss Gee and your little lady took turns at either p-"
"-Who wants to see the rest of this place?" Lilli said suddenly, completely cutting off Ray and jumping down off me. Frank and Rachel both giggled.
"No-one?" she pouted before sighing and sitting on a bar stool next to me.

We all sat in silence for a while, except for the quiet hum of chat from behind us. Lilz was staring at something over my shoulder. I turned slightly, following her eye-line to see it was Fione. She was still sitting in the corner by herself, curled up in a little ball.
"I'm gonna go talk to her" Lilli-anna said quietly.
"Be careful, please?" I asked softly, trying my best to plead with my eyes.
"Always am, love" she said, smiling softly. Then kissed the tip of my nose and made her way over to where Fiona was sitting by herself in the corner.

I finally up-dated!!! I don't feel quite as bad now. Lol. So was that good, bad or does anyone actually care? Seriously even a review saying 'meh' or something. Don't wanna just write this for Georgie and myself.

xoxo Mad Hatter
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