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its MANover time

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"where the hell is Frank! i told him 7" Gerard demanded he was slightly out of breath from running around, making sure everything was ready aka idiot-proofing the house.
Bob and Ray were here already , in fact they came early.
but Frank seems to be having a hard time being early or even on time. hes late as usual.
there was a knock at the door and i bounced over to get it.

"Frank your finally here!"
he however didnt seem to hear me, his face was blank and he looked deep in thought.
then he yelled "Gerard is transgender! thats why hes a hot and girly guy!"
i cant express how much that shocked me.
"Frank what on marz?" i asked
he seemed to finally realize that i was standing infront of him
"hi Mikey"
"uh hi Frank"
i moved a side so that he could get inside.
"whats all the yelling about?" Ray asked looking rather amused
"peanuts" Frank replyed then turned to me
"tell anyone of what i just said and you will pay for it"
pfff as if he could hurt me.
but just to be safe i best keep quiet.

Frank skipped over to Gerard who was watching tv and yelled
"ow! Frank you numnut!" Gerard said hitting Frank lightly on the arm
"you said you would never hit me!!!!" he cried
"yeah well, you had it coming" Gee said rolling his eyes.
Frank actually had tears in his eyes
"i hate you Gerard Way!" and with that he ran into the downstairs bathroom.
i heard him slam the door and bolt the locks.
bloodly hell, now what?

"that i did not expect!" Gerard said quietly while looking at the bathroom door
"maybe you should go talk to him? say your sorry?" Ray adviced,
Gerard looked at him as though he was mad
"your joking right?"
he looked at me
"Mikey could you maybe..."
wow, by big brother is such a man. he sends his little brother to have heart-to=hearts with his mates when he should be doing it.
but as always, i made my way to the bathroom.

tapping lightly, i gleared at Gerard and mouthed "baby" at him.
"go away!" Frank yelled
crap he really was upset.
"Frankie its me Mikey, let me in would you"
"what do you mean no? you cant honestly be upset over something so small?"
well actually, seeing that this is Frank were talking to, he probably could.
"im not. but the lock on the door seems to be broken"
not only does he get worked up over small things but he can break almost anything by simply touching it.
"are you serious?"
"yup. now get me out of here! this room his very small"
sighing i turned to the guys

"the lock on the door broke and Franks locked inside, looks like were going to have to break down the door" man Mom is going to kill us when she finds out!
"looks like you and i are up" Ray said to Bob as they both came over to me.
"im only doing this because there is a chance Frank will get hurt" Bob said and he and Toro got ready to kick down the door.
after about 7 tries, it finally gave way.
and Frank sprung in a flash of pink.
i did a double take and there next to me stood Frank in bight pink fuzzy, feety pj's.

well theres another chapter dunn. and yeah it is kinda short but oh well. please do review!
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