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No more secrets

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"Suprise!!!" Frank screamed, throwing his arms into the air,
i stared, eyes wide, mouth hanging open.
what the hell?
why was he wearing feety pj's? and why were they pink?
"Frank, why are you wearing Feety pj's?" Mikey asked, failing to hide the shock in his voice.
"well you see, i found my lovely Feetys in a shop the other day and as soon as i lay eyes on them i brought it" he said, well more yelled.
he was buzzing with excitment,
and i had to admit he did look rather cute in the fuzzy pink suit.
i mean who wouldnt think he was cute in it....

"Frank wearing fuzzy, pink feety pj's are not cool" Ray said explained
i watched as Franks face fell, and i had a sudden feeling that i should back him up somehow.
"you have to admit he does look extra cute in it" i spoke without thinking.
the others nodded, the froze.
"what did you say, Gee?"Bob asked, slowly turning to look at me,
oh crap, me and my big mouth!
"nothing, nothing at all" i said a bit to quickly.
"you said he looked cute" Mikey said with an amused look on his face.
i shot a glance at Frank, who was staring at me silently.
"i um said...that he looks cute in it" i said quitely, looking at the floor as i spoke "you know, cute as in, a little kid" crap, i had no idea where i was going with this.
"no" Mikey said "you said that he looks extra cute"
damn him, i could have gotten away with it!
"no i didnt" i said, giving him my 'shut the hell up now or you will pay' looks.
it didnt effect him as must as it used to "im sure you did, right guys" he looked over at the others who were still slightly frozen.
Ray and the fro nodded, while Bob spoke up "you did"

i looked at Frank who now was looking at the ground, sensing me looking at him, he looked up.
with a light blush on his cheeks he spoke "you did Gee"
"well so what if i did!" i was over pretending "so i said you looked extra cute, it doesnt mean anything"
"well ok Gee, no need to get worked up" Mikey said " about we watch a movie?"
we all nodded, happy at the change in conversation and activity.
while Ray put a movie on, the rest of us had a mini battle over who say where.
i ended up sitting between Frank and Bob on the sofa, while Ray and Mikey got vhairs to themselves.

while the beginning credits played i stole a glance at Frank,he sat with his hands in his lap and head down.
just as i was about to ask him what was wrong when Bob elbowed me in the ribs.
"what?" i asked turning to him only to have his face centermeters from mine,
"could you hit Frank for me, this 'only insults' thing is not working, plus i wouldnt have hit him"
i stared at him "no!"
"party pooper" he muttered and sat back, crossing his arms.

what is wrong with these people?
there not acting like themselves.
OMG what if Frank and Mikey were serious about the aliens, trees and fish crap?
what if my friends have been taken over?

i glanced at each of my friends faces,
they didnt look any different, but that didnt mean anything.
what if there watching me now?
what if one creeped up behind me and grabbed me while i watched the movie?
what if one was behind me now, just waiting for the moment to.........
something touched my shoulder.
"get back alien master mind!!! you wont take me ALIVE" i screamed and started hitting and punching and kicking whatever had touched me.

"Gerard stop it!" Frank yelled from the direction i was punching
i slowly came to a stop,
"fuck Gerard, what did you do that for?" Frank asked, he was leaning away from me,
and around his right eye was turning black.
"oh shit sorry Frankie, i thought you were an alien trying to take over my mind"
he looked at me like i was an idiot.
"what the hell?" he asked
"well what you and Mikey talked about earlier came into my mind, you know about the aliens"
"dude, i made that up to hide the fact that i do, on occasion, look at your pants....."
what did he just say?
"what?" i asked quietly.
"thats right, and you know that, i love you! i love you more then i should! and im sick of keeping that to myself"

i just stared at him.
there was no way he just said he loved me.
that had to have been a joke.
but.... joke or not,
i grabbed his arm, pulling him to me.
he got what i was meaning to do and quickly closed the space between us.
"that the fuck are you two doing?" Bobs voice stopped us in our tracks.
what were we doing?
i was about to kiss him.
i was about to kiss him in front of my friends and little brother.
what is wrong with me?

Frank was inch's away.
and i did the only thing i knew what to do.
i fled, like a coward, to my room, locking it behind me.

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