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Meet The Second Aarons Family

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'"Are you ready to meet Sadie and Cynthia?" Holly smiled at me as she unlocked the door and took my coat from me.'

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Rhianne's POV

It was about a 3 weeks after I had woken up and I was finally being discharged from hospital; with six broken ribs, a snapped shin, a chunk of hair missing from the back of my head, a fading black eye and a scar on my forehead. College had been cancelled again for investigations once again and so that left me with time to waste. I had agreed to move in with my dad and today I was on my way there, with Gee in tow. Today I was going to meet 'Sadie and Cynthia' my two stepsisters who Holly talked about passionately anytime she came to see me. She was ecstatic that I was staying with them and did her best to make me feel comfortable and like her. As much as I hated her for breaking up her family; she was a nice woman, behind the fake tan and fake boobs, and the horribly tacky hair extensions. After seven days of her spending an hour of me each day I knew her upbringing, her life story and the story of her kids. Surprisingly I wasn't bored by it. Gee was working on his art coursework and helping get materials for mine while I was in hospital so I didn't get to see him much. So to pass the time, I sat and talked to my dad, smoothed things over, there was always going to be some hard feeling but me basically dying had brought us back together it was sad that such a thing had to happen but I was happy that it was nearly the same as before.

Finally I came out of my daydream with the stop of the car. On the opposite side of the road was the college.
"See Rhi, I told you we were right by college!" Dad giggled like a school boy as he said it. Soon my door was pulled open abruptly by Gee. In his mind, me going back to England was less dangerous and less painful than to let me live with the man that had caused me emotional and physical hurt. I had told him to push his concerns out of his head, he was such a worrier. He helped me up as I had a brace on my leg like the one Bella has in 'Twilight' I laughed at that comparison.
"Are you ready to meet Sadie and Cynthia?" Holly smiled at me as she unlocked the door and took my coat from me. The house was beautiful and light, the kind of townhouse you see on Sex In The City Gee even gasped as he entered, wrapping his arms around my waist to support me as soon as we stood still. Dad walked out the room and shouted up the stairs.
"Sadie? Cynthia? Can you come down stairs please there's someone I'd like you to meet." As soon as Sadie walked in the door I knew there was going to be trouble.
"Oh My God! You married her father?!?" Sadie had noticed it too.

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