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Phobic - SIDE STORY!

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I'm vibrating from nerves

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Hey! This is just a quick side-plot that I got the idea from at school before I broke up for Easter. I have no idea if they even do this in the USofA but they do it in the UK so, hey ho. And imagining Gee's reaction was too funny to resist. And yes, Nancy is actually based on a real... evil person...

Enjoy! xo R.


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I can’t believe they make this compulsory.
I was shaking as I turned the handle and entered the classroom, moving to the desk where a nurse was sat, smiling.
“Hello dearie, name and birthday” she said.
“Gerard Arthur Way, April 9th” I replied, trying my best to make the words come out evenly. It was only made worse by the fact I was one of the last and had endured four long hours of people saying how much it hurt.
“Ahh, yes, Gerard” she flicked through medical records and found me mine. “Sit over on the chairs and wait to be called”
I moved over to the chairs, shaking. I wanted so bad to stand up and leave, just run away. I felt sick and very very hot. I was worried that I was going to lose the little lunch I’d had. Alexa had virtually force fed me an apple, green naturally.

Suddenly, I doubled up, with agonising stomach cramps. I looked up and a nurse was free, I automatically broke out into a cold sweat.
I felt like I was walking to the gallows, the six feet to her table felt like sixty.
“Hello, honey, I’m Nancy” she said, smiling, as I handed her my form with shaking, sweaty hands.
“Okay, Gerard” she said, crossing across the paper. “You need just the one today. Mind if ask you some questions?”
“Su…sure” I said, stuttering from nerves.
“How are you today?” she has to be fucking kidding me. I’m vibrating from nerves.
“Ter..Terri…fie..d” I held up my shaking hands.
“Its fine, dear, just try relax”
“Yeah…relax” I tried to steady my breathing and calm my racing heart.
“Have you had any adverse reactions to injections?”
“Well, when I was four I gave the doctor a black eye.” I said quickly through nerves.
“Ah, I take it you’re” she nodded.
“Scared of needles.” I giggled, intoxicated and terrified.
“Any allergies”
“Needles” I replied, quicker, still shaking.
“Okay, Mr Way. Put your arm on the table and relax”
“Okay” I breathed in, deeply. Shutting my eyes and singing to myself. Tensing for the needle
“So, Iron Maiden, are they your favourite band?” she asked
“Pretty mu- ARGH” I screamed, automatically punching her out. “Fuck!” I screamed, trying to pull the needle out of my arm.

I started shaking and ran into the corridor to be violently sick.
“I fuckin’ hate needles” I said, shaking.
“No shit” said the voice, I turned and saw Frank, hands on hips, smiling his bad boy smile.
“What are you doing….”
“Principles office. Turns out making paper airplanes out of your English essay ain’t such a good idea”
“Bad boy” I grinned at him
“C’mon, I’ll take you to get cleaned up”
He pulled my off the floor and led me to the nurses’ office.

hey I know it sucks but hey ho! It was fun! btw, all of you on the mcr site, add me "": Review??
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