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Till The Parties Fade - Ten

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Alexas birthday part one.

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Sorry for the wait. :'( I had to tidy my room, so I didn't have much time for writing, I hoped you liked my little Gerard-getting-stabbed-with-needle bit.
Enjoy chapter ten =]

I woke up at around 9.30 ish. I jumped slightly, remembering that today I was sixteen. I felt Frank breathing softly on the back of my neck and realised, with a slight jolt, that I was no longer a virgin. I turned round, so I was facing Frank and was taken in by his sleeping beauty. I kissed his sleeping face and his eyes snapped open.
“Hello, Angel” I said, stroking some of his stray hairs out of his soulful eyes.
“I dreamt about you” he smiled, semi awake.
“Really” I stood up to get dressed, and I was sore in places I never though could get sore.
“Yeah, but you were nowhere near as perfect as in real life”
“If I was perfect I wouldn’t be bruised… here” I pointed to my underwear.
“ooh, erm, sorry” he blushed. “can that even actually happen?”
“Apparently it can.” I said, trying to work out what t-shirt to wear.

“Happy Birthday!” I heard Rays voice shout through the door, before opening it. Obviously giving me chance to get decent.
He charged through the door and picked me up into a giant bear hug.
“Thank you” I gaped as he gave me another present.
“Erm, before you unwrap it. Will you tell me what a naked mr Frank Iero is doing in your bed?”
“He was sleeping” I began unwrapping my present. A brand new pair of drum sticks. “Thank you!” I smiled again.
“Holy fuck, Frank”
“What?” He replied grumpily.
“Did you have to take such a chunk out of my baby sisters’ neck?”
“She wouldn’t buy me pizza” he whined.
“Hang on, you wouldn’t let us eat, I said it after the pizza we’d…”
“Yes” Ray said, as I burned red.
“Nothing” me and Frank replied in unison.
“And should I be asking, what the fuck are they doing in your room?” Ray was pointing to the pack of condoms from last night, that Frank had left on the floor.
“Gerard put them in Franks bag as a joke” I lied quickly. My brain was pleading with him not to check the bin, then I’d be dead. Twice.
“Ri-ght” it was obvious he didn’t believe it but he didn’t want to push it further. “I’m gonna go.”
“Bye” I said quickly, relived. “You really should get dressed”
“I know” he sighed. “Err, I feel sick.”
“Aww” I put my arm around him.

Knocking again.
“Are you guys making out?” I heard Ray ask.
“No, you can come in” Frank said, wrapping the duvet around him.
“Lex, bad news.”
“What? Mom and Dad forgot my birthday?”
“No, not forgot, but they’re stuck in Chicago, planes delayed till tomorrow”
“what but? I’m sixteen, they’re taking me out” I choked, tearing up.
“Honey, they promise to make it up to you” he hugged me. I love my brother, he always tries to make the best out of a shitty situation.
“Shh, they told me to let Frank take you for a meal.”
“News to me, Toro” Frank said, looking confused.
“Well,” he sighed. “making the best of a bad situation”

Five hours later me and Frank were hanging round on his swings. We were under explicit instructions not to return home until Ray called.
“Frank!” Linda came into the back yard. “I’m going out, I’ll be about two hours. Have fun. Oh and happy birthday Alexa”
“Thank you” I smiled at her as she kissed her son goodbye.
“Pft shitty birthday” I muttered as I swung in tandem with Frank.
“I know, at least you got something to eat.” he smiled at me, his optimism made my love him more.
“The ice cream was fun” I giggled at the memory. The ice cream had been self service, with various toppings. Frank had a very amusing accident with the sprinkles. When he poured the container the whole lot came out.
“The ice cream was” Frank shook his head, jumping expertly off the swing and landing like a cat.
“Ninja kitty not fair!” I yelled, jumping and falling headlong into Frank, knocking us both to the ground.

He pulled my head onto his chest, stroking my hair.
“Thank you for last night, it was, indescribable”
“I still maintain you’re innocent” I stuck my tongue out at him.
“Alexa-not-so-virgin-child, I am as innocent as you”
“So, blacker than midnight?”
“Hell yeah” he moved swiftly, so he was above me, pressing his mouth to mine. “Darker than the lowest part of hell”
He clammed up suddenly, taking my hand and pulling me upright.
“What?” I asked, bemused.
“My room, now” he smiled the smile that knocked my knees out.

“Happy birthday” he produced another present, soft and rectangular.
“What is it?” I asked childishly.
“Open it” he mocked
I screamed. It was a black t-shirt with a cartoon vampire with the tag line ‘life can be draining’.
“Like?” he asked, grinning.
“LOVE!” I yelled, crushing Franks lips to mine.

It was Ray.

‘You and Shorty may return’

“Forward to home” I stood up, showing Frank my phone.

Twenty minutes later I was turning the key in my house, Franks arm snaking around my thin waste.
“This is weird” I said, walking into the dark corridor.
“Getting weirder” Frank muttered, pushing open the living room door.
“Surprise!” Ray, Mikey, Gerard and Bob yelled.
“I thought you’d..” I was lost for words as I looked around the room, the sofas had been moved, in their place were six sleeping bags. The walls were coated with ‘Happy birthday’ banners, ‘16’ balloons and stars. In the middle was a cartoon Gerard had done of the six of us, sticking a card in Rays afro.
“Forgotten” Ray smiled.
“No way” Gerard beamed.
“Nope” Bob said, blushing.
“Not me” Mikey enveloped me in a bear hug. “Here”
He pressed a card into my hands, signalling for me to open it.
“Look upstairs” I said blankly, reading the sheet. Which was answered by four nods.
“Oh-kay” I said walking upstairs.

My bedroom door had another piece of paper taped to it.
‘My Chemical Romance present - a very happy birthday’
“What in the name of all things holy is My Chemical Romance?” I said, before pushing open my door.
My room was decorated as intricately as the rest of the house, four parcels on my bed. The first thing I noticed was an amazing black drum kit in the centre of my room.
I screamed, to five laughs.
“Happy dance time!” I broke into a river dance-tango hybrid.
“I think she likes it” Mikey smiled at me.
“I love it!” I went to go play it, but got elbowed out the way by Bob.
“Hey!” I protested.
“Twink, happy birthday from My Chemical Romance, which Frank is a part of, but we kept this secret”
Gerard smiled at Franks pissed off face.
“We wrote this last night, for you” Mikey smiled at me, and once again I got the feeling of him not quite telling me everything.
They picked up their respective instruments and played the most beautiful song I’d ever heard in my whole damn life.

The world is ugly,
But you're beautiful to me.
Are you thinking of me?
like im thinking of you,

I would say I’m sorry
but I really need to go.

I just wanted you to know
That the world is ugly,
But you're beautiful to me.

Are you thinking of me?
Are you thinking of him?

You could say you’re sorry
but I think you both should go
I just wanted you to know.

There's an angel in my eye
And there’s a burden in my eyes
I could get a new start
But I rather learn not try
I could find a new place
Maybe no one knows my name
But I think its just the thing
Oh are you happy now
Now that you got
What you came for
Are you
Are you happy now
Now that you got
What you came for
Are you happy now?
Now that you got what you came for
Are you haaappppyyyy
Are you happy now?
Now that you got what you came for.

“wow.” I said, simply. I was aware they were talented but. That. Was. Something. Else.
“I think she likes it” Mikey beamed at Gerard.


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