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'Cause I mean this more than words can ever say. - Eleven

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Alexas birthday p.2

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Anyways, for the Mikey fans... =]

“Thank you” I gasped, unwrapping Gerards present. It was a comic strip of the six of us, fully coloured in and framed.
“Dad helped framing it” He blushed as I admired his artwork.
“Its. Amazing but why is Mikey in drag?” I said, gesturing to the last box.
“Hey I’m not am… Gerard you fucker!” Mikey rugby tackled his brother, sending him careering onto my bed.
“I thought that you’d…” Gerard screamed, Mikey had sat on his head.
“Open Mine!!” Mikey said begging like a toddler.
I ripped off the silvery wrapping paper and gaped in shock. It was only an autographed Green Day CD.
“Where the fuck did you get it?” I asked, fingering the Billie Joe’s signature.
“Frank has contacts” Mikey smiled gratefully at Frank, who beamed in response.
The next present was Bobs; I picked up the hard circular parcel. I opened it to discover a black and luminous red studded belt snaked into a circle.
“Oh my God!” I fingered the metal. “How did you know?”
“Toro” Bob blushed, hitting my brother playfully.
“Okay, My turn” Ray handed my another present, yet more fabric.
I tore off the black skulled paper and screamed in joy. Black jeans with rainbow hands on the back pockets.
“I’ve wanted these forever!” I screamed, hugging him.
“Thank you.” Ray replied, choking. “Alexa, cant, breathe”
“Sorry” I blushed, deeply.

Everyone but me and Mikey went downstairs as I put my presents away.
“Alexa?” Mikey asked behind me.
“Yeah” I turned round, admiring my drums.
“I have to tell you something”
“Oh…kay” I was confused at what he was getting it.
“Alexa, I erm” he blushed. “I…love…you” he stuttered finally.
“What?” I asked shocked, walking closer to him.
“I’m in love with you. I have been since we met”
“You’re not just…”
“I’d never just say that, Alexa.” he ran a hand through his sandy hair. “I love you, more than anything.”
The look on his face broke my heart; I got closer to him and closed the remaining gap with a kiss.
It was different from with Frank, more soft and innocent. It was so sweet, and so simple.

Mikey pulled away
“Shouldn’t have done that” he said, visibly shocked.
That annoyed me, I felt like Eve in the Garden of Eden. I’d had a taste and just couldn’t stop myself from kissing him again. I felt a different connection with Mikey, it was more subtle but equally strong. I traced my tongue over Mikeys bottom lip, begging him for entrance. He gave me it, to my shock. I felt like it was somebody else as I explored Mikeys mouth, getting a weird thrill about this new taste.
“Alexa” Mikey moaned.
I suddenly realised what I was doing. I pushed him away.
“What?” Mikey asked, confusion in his eyes.
“I’ve got a boyfriend Mikey”
“And?” he said, staring into my eyes
“And that means we can’t be together”
“You could dump him?”
“Mikey… I can’t,” I moaned, massaging my temples.
“Because, Mikey, I love him so so much” I took his hand, and kissed him lightly. “I’m sorry”
“Honey, no buts” I took his hand and led him downstairs with me.


“And then he punched her” Frank was nearly choking laughing, reciting what happened when Gerard last had an injection.
“I warned her!” Gerard pointed out, shaking with laughter at the memory
“Diddums” I said, hugging Gerard.
We had moved our sleeping bags into a weird circle; I had Frank on my right and Mikey on my left. Gerard was directly opposite me, with Bob and Ray on his sides.
“Ha! What about that time you nearly killed the teacher?” Mikey said, enthusiastically.
Frank was barely breathing with laughing at the memory of me nearly killing our English teacher.
“What happened?” Ray grinned.
“Well, Twink here fell into the class room one time, where the teacher was stood behind the door” Mikey started
“Who was carrying a cup of fresh coffee”
“Twink nearly scalded her”
“It was her fault being behind the door!” I protested, playfully shoving Mikey.
“What about Bryar here?” Ray said, putting his arm round Bob.
“What?” Me, Mikey and Frank asked, as Gerard collapsed into giggles.
“Bryar, well.”
“I didn’t mean to!” Bob protested.
“Yeah, but he was in the middle of an epic drum solo” Ray demoed, his fro going crazy. “And he hit himself in the head”
“Twice” Gerard choked out.
“Oh. How the fuck?” I was nearly crying laughing.
“Just don’t ask,” Bob shook his head.
“Retard” Frank muttered.
“Shorty” Bob sneered, sticking his tongue out.
“Least I don’t hit myself in the head”
“Ooooh, Iero, I’m so hurt” Bob flicked a handful of popcorn at him.
“You will be” Frank seriously, dived straight at Bob, tickling him furiously.
“Get this fucking piece of shit off of me!” Bob yelled, swatting at Frank, making the rest of us collapse into fits of giggles.
“C’mon Frank, time to put baby to sleep” Ray picked him up expertly and slotted him inside his sleeping bag.
“No tired” he pouted, sounding surprisingly baby-like, which made us laugh harder.
“I’m…getting…a…six…pack” Mikey choked.

“Do you good, Skinny,” Frank said, well he did have a point.
“Cheeky!” Mikey stood up and zipped Frank inside his sleeping bag.
“Lemme out! Im suffocating!” He screamed
“Can you hear a noise?” Mikey said, sitting on Frank, who screamed louder.
“Way! Let me out, or you’re deader than five dodo’s”
“Nope” Mikey said, crossing his long legs.
“Buy me coffee!”
“I’ll buy you twenty”
“Yes! Just let me the fuck out!”
“Fine!” Mikey unzipped the bag, and was immediately tackled by Frank.

I swear! It will get better, this is just, yeah... sewing the seeds for Mikey + Alexa.
I have a very... evil plot twist coming up soon... which will resonate with an actual event that happened a few weeks ago.

xo R. (anyone dare me to eat a tuna + whipped cream sandwhich tomorrow?? for Gee's birthday?)
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