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“So what did you think of the movie?” Mikey was bouncing up and down in excitement of the two hours of gore, blood and sex we had just witnessed.
“Dude, there was no plot, story or moral. It was shit!” Ray shook his head in disbelief that his friend would like such a movie.
“I kinda liked it.” Evie was voicing her opinion; she was standing next to Frank, they had got quite close over the night and were huddling up to keep warm.
“I liked it too.” Frank, like a faithful retriever agreed with Evie and winked at the rest of us when she high-fived him.
“All it contained was blood, boobs and shagging. How the hell could you like it?” Gee took one last sip of his slushy before chucking the cup in the bin.
“Well, it says a lot about you two doesn’t it!” I pointed at Evie and Frank and giggled. The others got what I meant and joined in, Frank giving me the middle finger.
“Franklin Anthony Iero! That is no way to respond to a lady!” Bob put on a high pitched voice, resembling that of Franks mum and slapped him before running off towards Central Park, Frankie and Evie in tow.

The night was getting colder as we walked so I moved in closer to Gee; slowly warming up as he put his arm around me. That was when it struck me I had no idea where we were going. Soon enough we arrived at Central Park Zoo, it was their late night, meaning the Zoo was open until the early hours. Bob, Frank and Evie were all waiting for us, out of breath and laughing.
“I wanna see the penguins! They’re the best” Mikey jumped up and down like a small kid, Gee slapped him round the back of the head.
“You dork! The Lions are the best!” Gerard said in a matter-of-fact tone.
“NO! THE ZEBRA!” Ray shouted in all of our faces before impersonating a Zebra, making us laugh.
Soon enough, we were in a mass debate about what animal was the best. This passed the time waiting in the very long queue and by the time we had paid and were through the entrance we still hadn’t decided between Lions, Zebra, Penguins, Gazelles, Pandas or Cats.

We spent the evening walking round the zoo and going on all the play equipment, which was hard on my behalf, Gee helped me whenever he could; lifting me up to platforms and pushing me down slides. It was really fun. It had to be late now; the temperature had dropped even lower.
“OHMIGOSH!” Mikey screeched higher than any girl I had ever known could, causing the group to erupt into laughter.
“What? You utter weirdo!” Ray giggled
“A UNICORN!” Mikey pointed and ran up to an enclosure, all of us tagging behind him. Frank was the first to burst out laughing, followed by Evie then the rest of us.
“Mikey, that’s a rhino!” Bob said in a confused voice.
“No, no, no! It’s got a horn! It’s a unicorn!” everyone burst out into laughter, Ray punched Mikey and Evie fell over laughing so hard.

The announcement came over the sound system that the zoo would be closing soon. We made our way back to the mini bus, I got shotgun again. Evie came back to Gee’s with us, she was a really nice girl. She was also at our college but studying different courses.

Tonight was fun.
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