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Unexpected Emotions

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InuxSess What if they didn't really hate each other? What if it was just an act? What happens when one is caught spying?

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Inuyasha,Koga,Sesshoumaru - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] - Published: 2010-04-07 - Updated: 2010-04-09 - 1186 words

Sighing, Inuyasha waited for the rays of sun to rise up over the beautiful outer castle of the western lands. He would do this once in a while when the lord of the west, his only family, was out doing his leisurely duties as lord. Inuyasha bit at the inside of his lip. His guard down, knowing full well that he could be caught any second by a guard. Sesshormaru wasn’t home and wouldn’t be back for a week or so. He didn’t care if someone found him. No one had a chance against him except for Sesshomaru. Inuyasha day dreamed of entering the castle many a time, but his lord despised the sight of him. Inuyasha never hated anyone. He didn’t even hate Sesshomaru, who left him to die after their father and Inuyasha’s mother left their world. The little hanyou only wanted a brother, but somehow he would always come to the conclusion that Sesshomaru didn’t want a brother, especially a filthy hanyou, as his bother loved to call him.

Deep in thought, the young Inuyasha didn’t sense the aura of a strong youkai coming his way. “Filthy hanyou, why do you shed the pathetic tears?” said a venomous voice. Surprised, the young Inu jumped into another tree farther away, trying to get away from the killing machine.

“Hey, I ain’t crying, ya bastard. Why the hell would you care anyway? As a matter of fact, why are you even here?” growled a flustered Inuyasha. He couldn’t believe he was crying! He never cried.

He wiped his tears and ignored Sesshomaru as he made his was into the forest, toward a nice, cool spring a few miles away from the castle and his brother. He knelt down next to the spring and splashed some water onto his face, trying to get rid of the smell of tears from himself.

He sighed and stripped himself of his clothes, then climbed into the cold water. The crying had given him a bit of a headache and he wondered why. He leaned against a boulder and closed his eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep. His ears twitched at every little sound, but his nose didn’t pick up the scent of his brother.

Sesshomaru watched his brother as he slept. He approached him slowly, giving his brother the chance to catch him creeping up on him. He stopped suddenly. His brother didn’t seem to notice him. That was strange. He stood next to Inuyasha knelt down next to his head. He was radiating off more heat than usual. That was also strange. “Little hanyou, what ails you?”

As he listened to his brother’s slow breathing, Inuyasha suddenly whined like a kicked puppy. It surprised him. Inuyasha was a harsh, hard headed inuhanyou. He would never make such noises. Something must be wrong. He sniffed the air and caught the scent of salt. He looked down at the inuhanyou and saw…tears running down his face. He placed a hand on his cheek. He was burning. Inuyokai don’t get sick and inuhanyou, he supposed, don’t get sick often at all. He felt…worried. About…his brother? Preposterous.

He tore off a piece of his hakama and dunked it in the spring and wiped Inuyasha’s face and neck with it. Inuyasha started to shiver and his lips were tinged blue. He gently took the half demon out of the water and placed him on the edge of the spring. How long had he been in the water? An hour? Two? Four? Sesshomaru took of his haori, forgetting about Inuyasha’s own clothes and draped it over the shivering body. He moved away and built a fire.

After his fire was built, he sat next to the hanyou and leaned back against a tree they were positioned under and closed his eyes. He heard every little sound and smelled each little scent. Being this close without fighting his brother, he never really noticed his scent. It was the smell of trees and bark. Flowers and dirt. It was a sort of sweet smell. Delicious.

He ran his fingers through Inuyasha’s hair absentmindedly. Why has he not awakened? Maybe I should… He lightly shook Inuyasha, waiting for some sort of sign that he was indeed okay. After five minutes of trying to shake him awake, Sesshomaru started calling his name. Wake up…

“Sesshomaru…please…don’t be mad. I only…only…want…brother. No…don’t hurt…” Inuyasha whimpered. Sesshomaru grew worrisome. Why was Inuyasha dreaming about him? Could he sense him?

“Inuyasha. You must awaken. Listen to me. Follow my voice. Awaken!” Sesshomaru became somewhat frantic. He wrapped his mokomoko around Inuyasha and pulled him close. As close as possible. “Inuyasha…please open your eyes.” Sesshomaru suddenly licked Inuyasha. Once. Twice. Three times. Finally, the pup stirred. He sniffed the air and scrunched his face. He smelled…Sesshomaru. He stiffened. He was close. Too close. Something wet was on his cheek. He opened his eye and blinked.

“Se..Sesshomaru?” he managed to get out of his mouth. He looked up at Sesshomaru’s face, hoping he wouldn’t yell or hurt him.

“Yes,” Sesshomaru said simply.

“What happened, brother?” Sesshomaru cringed slightly at the name. Inuyasha had called him that many times, but this time it contained no hatred. He…didn’t deserve such a title.

“You have fever. I attempted to make you awaken, but you would not. I had to…lick you awake.”

“Lick me awake…Why?” Inuyasha asked incredulously.

“You are of inuyoukai blood.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Sesshomaru was surprised at how little the hanyou knew of his heritage. Then again, he was the one who was supposed to have taught him about it.

“It is out blood. It connects our souls,” he said simply. Inuyasha blinked and realized that he was in his brother’s arms. He quickly got out of the somewhat protective embrace with a blush on his face. “Little brother, you must not ge-” was all that Sesshomaru could get out before Inuyasha teetered and started to fall. An instant before he could touch the ground, Sesshomaru caught him by the waist. “Inuyasha, you must not move. There is something wrong.” Inuyasha stopped moving. Wrong? He paused in thought. What was today? Think, think…The new moon. His eyes went wide and thought of a way to escape.

“Wrong? There‘s nothing wrong. Why do you care anyway? Why did you follow me? Let me go!” Inuyasha struggled to get out of Sesshomaru’s grip. He didn’t know why Sesshomaru was helping and he wasn’t taking any chances. Inuyasha used all his remaining power to finally get away from him and wasted no time in leaving. He grabbed his belongings --forgetting he had his brother’s haori -- and dashed away into the forest, leaving his only family in that little clearing, hoping never to see him again..well..not never. Sure enough the hanyou was more than a little confused.
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