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New Moon

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Transforming. Sneaking away. And acceptance?

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Little by little, the sun slowly set behind the hills and trees. Sango and Miroku were laying on Kilala in her fierce form, with Sango cuddling Shippou. They all stayed away from Kagome. They were mad at her because Inuyasha didn’t deserve to be sat those times she said that dreadful word.

Inuyasha stared at the ground. After their little episode with Kagome, Sesshomaru surprisingly tended to his wounds and the wolf let him. Kouga moved him under a tree a few feet away from where Sesshomaru had sat and Sesshomaru sat back in his spot. After a few minutes, Kouga fell asleep, his sugar rush finally coming to an end. Inuyasha’s head was still in his lap with Kouga’s fingers in his hair. It was…peaceful.

Finally, the last of the sun’s rays was seen and the moon was out. Inuyasha’s eyes went wide and his heart rate picked up speed. He could feel himself transforming. He forgot. Everyone forgot. How could they all forget? If Kouga and Sesshomaru found out, he would be in big trouble.

Inuyasha, not being able to get up, buried his features in Kouga’s lap and draped his haori over his head, untangling the wolf’s hand. He was in full panic mode. Maybe if he crawled into the forest, away from everyone, he could escape and find a place to hide?

Slowly, he got to his knees and made his way into the forest, hoping no one would see him. Little did he know that Sesshomaru wasn’t asleep.

As soon as Inuyasha was a few yards into the forest, he got up and followed. Why was Inuyasha leaving? Was there danger? He sniffed the air and caught scent of only Inuyasha, but something was different. His scent was much more sweeter than it normally was.

He thought of going back to the camp, but went against it. He picked up his pace to catch up with Inuyasha.

Said hanyou, now human, didn’t sense him coming and it was too late to cover his human features before Sesshomaru saw him.

Sesshomaru stopped and soon after did Inuyasha. He leaned on a tree, with fear in his eyes. Sesshomaru looked down at him, with surprise in his. He knelt in front of Inuyasha and gently picked up his chin. His eyes analyzing every feature of the human. He looked just like his mother.

Inuyasha turned his head, making Sesshomaru’s hand fall from his face. He didn’t want to meet his brother’s eyes.

“Inuyasha,” Sesshomaru spoke hesitantly. Inuyasha didn’t move. “Inuyasha,” he said, more firmly. Inuyasha turned his head and looked at the ground, in front of him. Sesshomaru sighed. Unexpected to Inuyasha, Sesshomaru got up and gently took Inuyasha in his arms. He cradled him, carrying his brother bridle style. Inuyasha’s eyes went wide.

“Se-Sesshomaru, put me down,” he stuttered. Sesshomaru ignored him and started to walk. Inuyasha, too tired to argue from his crawling, didn’t struggle. Inuyasha tried not to close his eyes, but Sesshomaru’s walking lulled him to sleep.

Sesshomaru got back to camp and sat down under his tree, with Inuyasha in his lap. He wrapped his mokomoko around him and brought him close to his body. No one seemed to have awaken while they were gone, so he leaned back against the trunk of the tree and closed his eyes. Inuyasha snuggled closer to his brother. It seems like the Sesshomaru…accepted this part of Inuyasha.
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