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I'm not okay.

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Kitty realises there's something wrong with Gerard after mentioning Frank and Scarlett's new found love...

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Kitty nuzzled against Gerard's chest, breathing in his smell; coffee and cigarettes mixed with the sweetest scent. He was fast asleep, his mouth slightly open and snoring lightly. She cocked herslef up on one arm and watched him sleep. He looked so peaceful, so beautiful. She traced his jaw with her fingertip and softly poked his chubby cheek. Gerard flinched, groaning sleepily. His eyes opened, and he pulled her ontop of him. "Hey babe," she smiled at his nickname for her. He stretched, pulling her closer to him and kissed her lips. She closed her eyes, losing herself in his soft touch - but wriggled excitedly at her news. "Stop! Wait! You'll never guess what!" She giggled, sliding off of his body and pulling him to a sitting - position. He laughed, used to her hyperactive child like personality. "What, Kitty?"
"Frank and Scarlett! They're together!" she squealed, waving her amrs aound. "It's so cute! I knew they liked eachother. He did it in the sweetest way as well - He went over to her house, like, really early and-" Gerard grimaced slightly. "Get off me. I need a cigarette." His dull and sharp tone stopped Kitty in her excited tracks as she pulled her arm off him and watched as he walked out of the room. She swallowed. Why was he acting like this? What was the matter? Was he jealous?
Gerard walked to the bathroom and splashed his pale face with cold water. He swallowed hard and looked in the mirror. "Stop thinking like this." he whispered sternly to himself. He placed a cigarette between his pink, smooth lips and trailed back to the bedroom. "Sorry, babe. Had a headache all of the sudden." he stroked her hair softly, his fingers entwined in her strawberry blonde locks. Kitty looked up at Gerard unsure that was the problem. A million thoughts raced through her mind - Was he doing to leave her? Did he want someone else? Did the news upset him? Did he really love Scarlett? She shook her head - Silly Kitty! letting her insecurities get the better of her. She opened her arms to Gerard. "Cuddle?" she smiled. He lit the cigarette and inhaled quickly before exhaling the smoke into the air, the rings fading into the ceiling. "Sorry, Kitty. My head's quite bad right now... I think I really need to sleep. I'll come to yours tomorrow, okay honey?" he quickly kissed her head as she got up. "Right, okay... Uhm... I'll be waiting then, I hope you feel better..." he grinned at her as she walked out of the door. Something wasn't right, she thought. She knew it.
She walked down the road, the tears pricking her eyes; what could be the matter? Why was he so distant? He was fine before he went to sleep. He's going to leave you. She shook her head. It was after she had mentioned Scarlett and Frank... Was that the mistake? He loves someone else. She swallowed hard and walked faster. The worry clouded her mind on her long walk home; she entered the quiet, lonely house and walked upstairs. She layed on her bed, thinking hard; was this her fault? She knew she wasn't good enough for him but he had, so many times, reassured her he loved her and would forever. She smiled. Nothing to worry about! Closing her eyes, she could almost feel him there. But there was still that thought in the back of her mind that there was someone else for Gerard...
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