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Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us.

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Kitty and Gerard have a massive argument in the woods - leaving Gerard sobbing and Kitty finding out something she'd rather not...

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The clouds moved slowly across the piercing blue sky as the four teenagers sat under the tall shady tree; Kitty laid herself across Gerard's lap as Scarlett and Frank tickled eachother opposite them. Every so often, Kitty had noticed, Gerard would look over at the two and something would change - something in his face would flicker. His eyes, originally bright, cheerful - would turn dull and lifeless; his face would grimace slightly, or he would swallow hard. Kitty bit her lip and sat up, leaning against the tree. "Okay, babe?" Gerard moved her fringe from her eyes. "I'm fine." she mumbled. She looked over at Scarlett; she had become so much happier now she was with Frank. Splayed across the grass, she shrieked as Frank plagued her with tickles. The adoration in Franks eyes was apparent; he loved her to bits. She looked at Gerard. Dull eyes.
"Stop it!" screamed Scarlett. "I'll pee myself!" Frank giggled and got off from on top of her, pulling her arm and kissing her lips quickly. Kitty breathed a small sigh of relief - at least Scarlett still had feelings for Frank. She wanted Scarlett to be happy because she deserved it - she deserved Frank. Gerard's eyes scanned the loved up couple and his face dropped. His heart ached slightly, his eyes moving from them to Kitty. He moved closer and put his arms around her. "Hey, you okay?" Kitty mumbled. Gerard rocked her back and forth, his hands stroking her back softly. He leaned downwards and smiled against the skin of her cheek. "I love you, Kitty." She looked up at him with a smile on his face, to find his eyes couldn't meet hers. His eyes could look at every other part of her body, they could analyze Frank and Scarlett but he couldn't look deep into her eyes and say those three words. She swallowed hard and shot up, standing there. "Get off of me! You don't fucking love me. I can see it. Everything has fucking changed and I know it!" she ran off, her heavy feet hitting the ground hard as her heart ached; her tears blinded her eyes and she stopped amongst a row of trees and a small pathway for joggers and dog walkers. She breathed hard and leant against a nearby tree, catching her breath.
Kitty slumped against the tree and began to cry silently to herself. She hugged herself, the tears violently running down her cheeks as she tried to forget the dull ache in her chest that consumed her whole body. It was over, and she knew it. She has messed it up, just like everything else.
Gerard had been running after her, and looked around worriedly. Where the fuck had she gone? He peered in the bushes, around trees and was about to give up when he saw her bright orange hair shining the in the sun. He swallowed his doubt and walked slowly towards her. "Kitty..." he said softly. "What the fuck is the matter?" He kneeled next to her, and tried to get her to turn her head. "You know what the fucking matter is..." she whispered. "What?"
"YOU LOVE HER. I know you do! I can see it your eyes! The way you look at them! The way Frank looks at her - I can see it in his eyes- he adores her! He fucking adores her... When I look in your eyes - I see nothing... Nothing..." Kitty looked at him, and still, the fucker couldn't look into her emerald greens. "You do." she laughed, almost hysterically. "You're in love with Scarlett..." she stood up and leant against the tree, her eyes closed, the tears staining her pale cheeks. Gerard looked up at her and took her hand.
"Babe, you know I fucking love you! I don't love Scarlett, you know I want you... I just don't feel myself-" she pulled away from his grip violently and looked at him with pure anger and hurt pouring from her heart. "Feeling yourself?" she began. "How do you think I feel knowing you'd rather fuck someone else? Rather have them kiss and hold you? My best friend! How the fuck could you, Gerard?" she laughed and turned her body. "I know I was never good enough for you... I wish I would have found out a different way, or not at all..." she began to walk away slowly, and Gerard, in tears, screamed her name. "Kitty! Come back!" he fell to his knees, his sobs shaking his whole body.
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