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Exit Stage Left - Pursued by a bear. or a boy on a skateboard....

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‘Maths awaits us your highness.’ I said with a flourish, not waiting for him to follow, and feeling a little awkward under his eyes. I heard him chuckle behind me and I took it as a good sign. ...

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Chapter Three: Exit stage left. Pursued by a bear.

We were sitting on the large steps to school, Belle and I. Bitching about all the whore’s and slut’s we disliked as they walked past. Belle gave all the girls callous smiles as they walk by, unnerving them entirely. I just glare as im accustomed.
‘So, im thinking, all the talent in the school has like completely disappeared.’ Belle said from beside me. ‘I mean, all the Jocks are mindless meatheads, the nerds are needlessly nerdy, the so called rockers cant string together a tune on their, so called guitars, and the only decent looking guys in this school, im related to.’ She trailed off angrily as Mikey and Gerard walked past. Their band was going pretty well, and they’d had some media hype recently. Belle waved and they waved back. Gerard smiled at me, I hid behind my fringe.
‘What is that about?’ Belle said again. ‘I cant get off with my cousin yet you can? Its unreal!’
‘I haven’t got anything going on with your cousin Belle, please stop being disgusting,’ I said tiredly watching them walk away. That’s not without his lack of trying. Its not like me and ole’ Arthur Way don’t have some history behind the bike sheds
‘Admit it though. I’m right.’ Belle leant back and watched the bright blue sky. ‘Im always right.’
‘Yes, Belle,’ I said not even listening really as I scanned the front of the school. ‘You’re…’
A black sports car had parked in the parking lot. A boy had stepped out of it, and locked it, by pressing the keys behind his back, very Zac Efron style.
It wasn’t just any boy though.
It was {/the/] boy.
He walked confidently forward, his leather jacket over his muscled shoulder. He flicked his fringe out of his eyes, and looked around at all the girls (and boys) staring at him. He put his head down – but not in a shy or insecure way – in a way that suggested he knew all the girls watching wanted him, and all the guys watching would give anything to be him. Belle had stopped her incesteral tirade and was staring too. The gorgeous boy had such an enthral quality about him, and I saw his black tribal tattoos under his white shirt. It was quite a simple outfit for such a perfect person. I wrinkled my nose. I would normally dislike him for being so god damn perfect but what’s to dislike?
As he passed me on the steps he stooped down and looked me in the eyes. His eyes were impossibly dark, and they swirled and I saw darkness inside them. Then his teeth flashed and I realised he was saying something. I blinked quickly and realised that I was meant to answer. Belle leaned across from me and held out her hand. He observed it as though it was a piece of rotting meat.
‘Hello. I’m Belle Way. And my friend here is obviously zoning out,’ Belle punched me harder than necessary on the shoulder and I yelped. He smirked.
‘Hi, Zoner.’ He said in a low saccharine voice. I smiled back knowing every single person out front of the school were watching the exchange.
‘Hi, Boy. Do you have a name?’ I asked raising an eyebrow.
‘I do. But I think I’ll leave that for you to find out. Im sure you’ll hear it quickly enough.’ Belle near enough swooned. Boy took my hand and kissed my knuckle tenderly. I looked at him shocked.
‘See you later, Boy,’ I said as though my knuckle wasn’t tingling like mental.
‘I’ll see you later Zoner. I’ll make sure of it.’ He stood up and a piece of white paper fell out of his leather jacket pocket, and landed on my lap. He strode off gaining the attention of the cheerleaders huddled by the door to the school.
‘You dropped thi’- I started to say before Belle gagged me. She had her hand round my mouth and all but pulled me on top of her.
‘Belle! What was that about?’ I asked, trying to breath. She grabbed the paper and held it aloft like it was a holy bible.
‘This!’ She said crazily, ‘Is your ticket to getting a boyfriend!’ Gerard appeared behind her and Mikey delicately plucked it from her hand.
‘Damon Chaos,’ He read with a flourish, and sat down closer than necessary to Belle who blushed. ‘A new exchange student from the slums of…. Oh. Florida.’ Mikey held the paper away from Belle who squealed and tried to grab it back. Gerard sat next to me, and I nudged a little further away from him.
We had history Gerard and I. It was… eventful history to say the least. He’d been my ‘one’ for about three years, and I’d been practically nothing to him. He’d been the one to take…something I shouldn’t have given until I was ready. But I thought I loved him. So he’d taken it eagerly and then he’d blanked me like I didn’t exist for over a month. He’d been seeing the head cheerleader at the time. That was about the time I jumped out of the second story window and broken my foot. And my constant reply to everything was Im ok! I promise!. He’d since told me he’d written a song about it but it was on their next album and I wasn’t allowed to hear it yet.
Yes, Gerard was insanely good looking, and popular to boot. But I’d lost too much to him, and all that remained of my crazy feelings for him, were the remnants of friendship.
‘So. Who’s Damon Chaos then?’ he asked innocently. I shot him a withering glance.
‘As though you didn’t see him walk into school just then.’ There was a high-pitched giggling and both Gerard and I, looked at Mikey and Belle in alarm. Then we scooted away from them simultaneously.
‘Their meant to be cousins I said shaking my head. Gerard laughed.
‘Well you know what they say…’
‘Cousin are legal.’ We chorused sarcastically smiling. Gerard held my gaze a little too long and I looked down. I’m not falling for him again. No im not. Plus, it seemed I had bigger fish to fry. The school bell rang and Gerard ran off to find his idiot jock friends. Mikey ran off to find his circle of nerds and Belle and I rushed to get off the steps before we were killed by the stampede.
‘Fuck. I left my shit in Seth’s car. Come back with me will you?’ She asked fluttering her eyelashes. I rolled my eyes.

‘Belle if im more than half an hour late again Constance will have my arse.’ I said bored as she sat on the back of Seth’s car, and chatted away to someone on the phone. My phone beeped once signalling a text. I made a mock shocked face top anyone watching. I actually had a social life. wow

As much as I adore her, tell Belle to get the fuck off my car. I can see her from here. And tell her if she’s on the phone to Micheal, her kids will end up having webbed feet. Thanks Pyro. – Seth I smiled, and looked up at the windowed building of the school. Seth was no doubt in his business studies, doodling in the margin of the book that he didn’t need. Seth had a job. He was a trainee tattooist and he was damned good at it. He didn’t need school. He didn’t need…
A warm breeze swept my fringe across my face, and Belle even stopped talking. The blonde boy from earlier swept in on his skateboard. He saw us watching him, and flipped his skateboard.
‘Kick flip,’ Belle said shocking me with her knowledge of flippy skateboard tricks. The blonde boy stopped abruptly, and kicked his skateboard into the air, and caught it under his armpit. He turned and winked at us again, and I felt a warm breeze again as he walked by.
He turned and walked backwards looking at us genially.
‘Keenan…Summers.’ He said by way of introduction. ‘Look me up sometime.’ He turned around and ran up the stairs into the school. Belle had dropped her phone and was looking down at the floor for it. I watched her for a while and she turned to me expectantly.
‘Oh I’ll get it. Its not like my tights can get anymore laddered is it?’ I said getting to my knees and looking under the car for it. Belle made a noise halfway between a squeal and a squeak and I hit my head on the bumper. I looked around under the car and saw black jeans and converse.
‘Please don’t be Boy, please don’t be Boy,’ I muttered, and Damon crouched down to his knees.
‘Looking for this?’ Said his heavenly voice and I raised my eyes to his. They were twinkling, but I got lost in their depth and darkness. Everything about him screamed ‘bad boy’, and ‘stay away’.
I think that’s what drew me to him. He held out the phone to me and our fingers brushed. I swear, I nearly fell over from the shock off it. It was like an electric shock sweeping through me. And I sulked inside at the clichédness of it all. Then I noticed he was still looking at me, with that solidly amused smile. His face got closer to mine and I could almost feel the jealousy radiating off Belle.
‘The phones hers’ I said standing up quickly brushing my knees off. Belle was motioning for me to get back down there and…. Ahem. Wow. Overly rude hand gestures.
That’s one reason why I don’t take advice from her. Damon straightened up and smiled at Belle. He handed her her phone and their fingers brushed and I looked at her, trying to calculate if she too had felt the electricity coursing through her veins. Belle just seemed her normal flirtatious self.
‘Gina Midnight?’ He asked looking at me, and I nodded hopping up on Seth’s car. My phone beeped but I ignored it knowing it was probably from an irate Seth, along the lines of “Get the hell off my car Pyro!”
‘Who’s asking?’ I asked with a raised eyebrow.
‘I am.’ He gave an elaborate bow. ‘Damon Chaos. At your service.’ I blinked quickly again. He seemed so gentlemanly. So… Phwoar.
‘So why do you need her?’ Belle asked, swinging her legs against the car, making a noise I knew Seth wouldn’t appreciate.
‘Well the sweet old lady in reception –‘ I made a noise in the back of my throat signalling how much I didn’t think she was a nice old lady. Damon noticed this and laughed.
‘Okay. The odious and foul smelling old woman at reception said my timetable had to match yours. And that I’m to shadow you this week. And I believe you have my papers.’ He pulled his papers slowly out of my front skirt pocket. I looked at him. He looked back. And Belle looked at both of us.
‘Well, Damon. Welcome to first lesson. Usually you have Constance – the beautiful maths teacher who adores order and rule –‘ Damon’s lip curled and his eyes narrowed. Belle rambled on, and I cocked my head to the side watching him.
‘I take it you don’t much like order and rules?’ I asked, and he snorted slightly.
‘You could say im the monarch of Chaos myself.’ Damon said his lip curling upwards. I smiled, and he smiled back at me.
‘What about you? Order? Or utter Chaos?’ His voice was barely under a whisper and I felt like it was an intimate moment despite Belle talking too much, like she always does when she’s nervous, and the fact we’re sitting on Seth’s convertible. I also noticed the capital letter when he said chaos, and it felt like it meant something to him.
‘Who needs rules, when Chaos exists?’ I replied quietly and he nodded with a slight smile like we’d sealed a deal.
‘Of course I’d like to join you at lunch Belle. How nice of you to offer. Would it be okay if my cousin sits with us too? He goes here as well.’ Damon said after the flow of talking had stopped. I don’t know how he kept up with her. I’ve known her for years and never been able to do that. Belle looked like she’d died and gone to heaven.
‘If he’s anything like you than sure!’ She said enthusiastically. I rolled my eyes.
‘We’re complete opposites. But im sure you’ll love him,’ Damon said with a smirk.
‘Okay folks. Class. Belle I’ll see you later. Damon. Follow me.’ Belle gave a backwards wave over her shoulder as she walked off. Damon looked at me with those dark black eyes of his, and I coloured a little under his gaze.
‘Maths awaits us your highness.’ I said with a flourish, not waiting for him to follow, and feeling a little awkward under his eyes. I heard him chuckle behind me and I took it as a good sign.
Little did I know the cost of my amusing him…
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