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Gerard look at me with his hazel eyes his, as he did not think I would ask that question. He looks as if he wanted to believe me but was unsure if he could or not. I do not blame him I would not believe someone if they were a liar. The scary part it was true I did like him, I think I just told the truth.

“I would think your crazy, “He said still in shock

That was an answer I did not think he would say it is better the being called a liar.

“What if I am not crazy, what if I really did like you, ‘’ I said still trying to make him believe me. I jump down from the top of the wall.

“Why would you like me? And how can I believe you for something like that? “He asks while looking at me.

“I like you. From the moment I first saw you there was something about you that I could not explain. I tried so hard every day to make that feeling go away I kept lying to myself that I did not like you. When we kiss, I could no longer lie to myself I like you. That kiss meant a lot to me more then you will ever know, “I replied. For the first time I think I just told the truth I really did not know if I did but it felt right.

“Did you just told truth, “He ask

“Yes okay I told the damn truth. I did not lie. For the first time I told the truth because I cannot lie to you, “I said while looking him in the eyes.

“You look at me in the eyes, you are telling the truth, “He said not believe it.

“I cannot believe I just the truth it has never happen before. Do you believe me when I say I like you, “I ask hoping he would.

He jump down from the wall where I was he walk closer to him and stood in front of me.

“I believe you. “ He said.

“So now the question is do you like me, “I ask. I was afraid he would say no because I am a liar just because I told the truth for once does not mean I would ever do it again, even though I was try too.

“I always have like you. After the kiss, we had my feelings have grown stronger but I always push them aside because I did not think a liar could love. However, seeing you and how much you want to change, and seeing how much you like me as change that, “He replied.

“I know I am a liar. I am trying to get better I hate lying to you I want to get better so I can show you how much I want us to be together that is if it’s something you want too, “ I said.

“I want us together too, He replied.

And in the moment, I was happy. I could not be any happier but I had a bad feeling this happiness would not last long, that my hell would slowly begin.

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