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Found You On The Bathroom Floor - Nineteen.

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"Shark" he shoved me a tiny bit...

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Incase this is hard to follow... its the same night as Gerard cant take the medicine, and Frank has forced himself better. Oh, and its about 2 am.
And, Im sorry for not updating... science revision... for a test on friday next week. The day before im 15... bah!
Oh and its bedroom not bathroom but same difference

“Crap, crap, abysmal, crap” Mikey said in monotone, flicking through TV channels, trying to find us something decent to watch.
“Dire!” I screamed in mock horror as Mean Girls flashed on the screen.
“Bingo!” Mikey grinned, leaving the channel on some weird sci-fi film.
Mikey placed the large bowl of popcorn between us and put his arm round me. I got closer to him, virtually sat on him, and moulded my body to his. He started trying to feed me the popcorn, I say trying because I kept biting his fingers.
“Shark!” he shoved me a tiny bit.
“Tiger” I grinned, roaring a little.
“Hang on” Mikey muted the TV. “Did you hear that?”
I was barely breathing as I listened, at first I couldn’t hear anything, then a low moaning became audible. This was quickly followed by hollow, familiar laughter.

The door crashed open and I saw a small figure dressed all in black. Something was familiar about the height, the build. I tried to scream when I saw the flash of the blood tainted blade but no sound came out. A second after the masked figure appeared Gerard dragged himself into the room. I saw the red on his shirt and my heart stopped. Gerard nodded and held his hand up, signalling me to dial for an ambulance.
“Now for you” the figure growled, pointing the blade at Mikey. Something was familiar in the voice, something I couldn’t place.
“Frank, it doesn’t have to be this way” Gerard coughed, pressing down heard on his wound.
Frank. The figure was Frank.
“No, tell me he’s lying” I screamed, “Tell me!”
I ran to the figure and pulled of the mask, sure enough, the gorgeous face of Frank Iero appeared.
“Why? You heartless fucker!” I screeched him, hitting his chest over and over again, inadvertently protecting Mikey from the blade.
“Me, heartless?” He laughed, hollow and void of all the happiness I knew it could hold. He held up his phone and my blood ran ice-ice cold.
“I can.. Can”
“Explain?” Frank raised his eyebrows. “Sure you can. But that fucker” he pointed the knife at Gerard “has been secretly trying to turn me.”
“And that fucker will die if we don’t phone an ambulance”
“What?” Frank asked, dropping the knife.
“Gerard, the person you just stabbed” Mikey hissed, venom in his eyes.
Frank turned round and saw Gerard, mouth open in shock.
“No No No…. please tell me this is a nightmare and I’ll wake up”
“Sorry, Frank, its reality” Gerard coughed, his breathing getting shallower and quicker by the minute.
“Fuck” Frank dialled an ambulance, talking quickly to the operator while I tended to Gerards wound.
“Gerard, stay with me” I said furiously as his eyes began to close.
“Gerard, fuck” Frank bent down “Sorry about this” he said to me as he kissed Gerard. I was semi shocked, but Gerards eyes snapped open, he was back with me.
“Baby, stay here” Frank was crying, cradling Gerards head. “Im so, so sorry. Just hold the fuck on”
I raised my eyebrows at Frank, who gave me a look that said ‘I’ll tell you later’.

Finally, the wail of an ambulance could be heard. Gerard was semi-conscious, bleeding all over Frank.
“Shit, will I go to jail?” Frank looked horrified.
“For maybe killing someone? No, fine at most” Mikey spat at Frank. “Even if my fucktard of a brother doesn’t want to press charges, I will”
“Mikey” I moaned at him.
“Twink, he fucking stabbed my brother then tries to blame it on a brain lapse.”
“But, he’s” I paused. “Hang on, Frank? Arent you ill?”
“Yeah” he coughed “Just I had to… I couldn’t.. I don’t know…. Im sorry” he finally said, tears trailing down his cheeks.
I wanted to comfort him, but he had stabbed Gerard, and I was doing my best to keep pressure on said wound.

The knock on the door came too late.
“Finally” Mikey sighed, bounding down the stairs.
“Gerard… hold on!” I could feel the life draining out of him.
All I could do was look on, helpless, as the paramedics strapped him to the stretcher. Screaming as they put him in the ambulance. Yearning as they drove him to the hospital.
As we drove like lunatics to the hospital all I could do was pray.
Pray he would be alive.
Pray this was a dream.
Pray that Mikey wouldn’t kill Frank.
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