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Have You Heard The News? - Eighteen

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Way brothers, walking dead.

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Im sorry this is short. I was packing for a trip and I wouldnt have updated till the weekend otherwise. Anyways, I really apologise for my lacking updates.
Must start correcting that. But it wont happen anytime soon, may and june are always crazy busy for me.
xo R.


Why I sent it. I do not know. Why I took the picture. Is anybodies guess. Why I then felt good about it. Sherlock Holmes will be on the case. I stared at the screen showing me the message had been sent before throwing my phone across the room. I coughed, groaning at the feeling of sickness and picked up the first bottle of antibiotics. I unscrewed the cap and sniffed, it smelt awful, shrugging I poured some onto the small white plastic spoon and gulped it down. I nearly gagged as the taste of medical orange and banana slid down my throat. Shuddering I bolted down the stairs, to the kitchen, and cracked open a can of Orangina. I gulped it down inside thirty seconds, glad for something to rid my mouth of the acrid taste of medicine. Damn Frank, passing his virus onto me. The doctor had said it was most commonly spread by skin to skin contact. I had to fight very hard to keep a straight face. I knew exactly how I’d caught this.

I tried to stop my memory going back to that night by joining Mikey and Twink. She was draped over my brother, resting her curly head on his shoulder.
“Guys, you’re too cute” I smiled, opening another can of drink.
“Was that nearly a complement?” Mikey replied in mock shock.
“Nah, you spoil the effect” I said, causing Mikey to pout, before bursting into giggles.
“Don’t listen to him” Alexa said to him, before whispering something into his ear.
“Don’t mind me” I said as they both stood up, walking out of the room. “Desperately ill, totally gorgeous human being. Its fine if you just fuck off”
I sighed, alone, exactly how I didn’t want to be. And my mind sprung legs, taking me back to where I didn’t want to go.


Frank had come over to get Mikey to help him with some photography project, but Mikey was out having some eye test or whatever. I was half asleep when he told me. Me and Frank were sat on my bed, just talking about life in general.
I don’t even know why, but something he said made me take pity on him. Before I knew it, I was hugging him.
“Gerard? What the?” Frank asked, eyebrows raised, so they nearly disappeared into his chocolate hair.
“Shh” I pressed a finger to his soft lips, then replaced my finger with my lips.
“Gerard. Stop” he pushed me away, his eyes pleading with mine.
“No” I said softly. Kissing him again, pushing him further back onto my bed until I was on top of him.

We only separated when I heard the front door open, Mikey was back.



I was praying I would get better, willing my antibodies to fight. I wanted to face Mikey and kill him, not literally, but make him know what happens when you fuck with my girlfriend. Oh and face Gerard Way. To let him know what I think of his mind games. Way brothers, walking dead.


I was completely owning Mikey at this. He had suggested we play some video game I’d never heard of, and for some bizarre reason , I was completely kicking his skinny ass. Into oblivion. In the end, to win, he pulled the controller out of my hand and sat on me.
“Fucker!!! I was winning!”
“Ways always win!” Mikey declared, then screaming because he won. Oh, and doing a bizarre victory dance. Think Macarena, YMCA and Cha Cha Slide in triple speed. All at the same time.
“Toros don’t cheat” I tackled him and sat on him while he squirmed to escape.
“Alexa! Put me down!”
“Never!” I said joyfully, tickling him with the energy of the sun.

update on saturday??
yeah, I think so.
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