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How Things Started

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Here's a Flashback for you. I couldn't pick a genre that worked with this chapter, so I just took one.

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Chapter 3: How things started


”Olivia.. come down here. I have some exciting news for you.” My mum said.
I flew down the stairs, always with so much energy. I never got tired of running around playing all day long.
”What? What? What?” I almost yelled at her with the biggest smile on my face. I loved good news.
”Guess who's coming to stay here almost the whole summer?” My mum said.
”Ryan?” I said knowing that would be a stupid thing to say. Why would he live at our place when he lived right across the street. We always hung out. He was my best friend and we had known eachother for six years, since the day we were born.
”No, not Ryan, don't be silly! Your cousin will be staying here for six weeks. Uncle Sam have a new job in Florida over the summer and aunt Audrey will be joining him, so we thought it would be a good idea. So that you and Jon get to know eachother a little bit better.”
”That will be so fun!” I said with the hugest grin on my face. I barely remembered Jon though. He was three years older then me and last time I met him was when his parents got married, for about three years ago. The walker family was always on the road because of uncle Sam's, Jon's dad, job.
Maybe it would be a little bit awkward, I mean why would he want to play with a six year old and her friends?

Two weeks later Jon came to us. I was right about the awkward thing. But it worked out. Since me and Ryan always hung out his sister Becca sometimes came along. She was one year and a half older then me and Ryan, which made her eight. Everytime she came along her and Jon did things together, things me and Ry weren't allowed to do like hanging in the park all by themselves.
Even though the there was an age difference between us, it didn't stop us from hanging out together. Sometimes me and Ry went to the park with them. I remember that I learned how to ride a bike without any training wheels that summer, mostly thanks to Jon.

When I think back to that summer I like to remember it as the summer when it all started, when it all changed. Since then me, Ryan, Jon and Becca have been best friends. Jon visited us every summer since then, until he graduated high school and decided that he wanted to go to college in our town. Like I said, this is the summer who I like to think of the summer when everything started. Yeah, I almost forgot, Becca and Jon has been inseparable since he moved here, which was for about three years ago. They're the cutest couple ever, I don't think I've ever seen them fight. They are so adorable to eachother.
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