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Romance, when it's best

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Hot stuff in the elevator.

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Hpefully, you'll enjoy it, best wishes / Poli

Chapter 4: Romance when it's best

We took our stuff and went out to his car. The ride didn't take more then five minutes and we were almost alone outside. The sky was extremely beautiful, the sun were rising on a cloudless sky. We stopped outside mine and Ry's apartment, he took my hand we started to walk up to the house. Since me and Ry lived on the tenth floor we took the elevator instead of the stairs. While waiting for the elevator I was leaning against the wall. We hadn't said a word since we left the car. Our eyes met and in about two seconds he was standing right in front of me with his hands on my hips and with out foreheads against eachother. He had a new look in his eyes, a look I didn't recognize, even though I liked it. He looked so happy. Another shock went right through my body again when he kissed me and my heart was racing. Right then the elevator broke our kiss but it didn't stop us. He almost pushed me right in to the elevator still kissing me, things started to get heated. Our hands were almost everywhere. The elevator stopped, we got out and I locked up the door. I went straight to my room, just making sure that everything looked okay. I had barely entered my room before he was right behind me. His hands on my hips, I felt his breath as he started to kiss me on the neck sending shivers down my spine. His hands moved upwards as I turned around to kiss him. He took off my tanktop which left me only with my underwear and my favourite jeansskirt. It didn't take long until we both were on my bed, not really knowing where our clothes were or how they had gotten there.

I woke up around noon, finding the bed empty besides me. I could see that It was a beautiful day and even though my lack of sleep I felt very rested which made me think about last night, or should I say morning? Whatever.. That was just amazing, I just can't describe it. I didn't know he was that experienced, or maybe he was just a natural. It felt like all my daily worries about work, our apartment etc were gone and I knew that nothing, absolutely nothing could make this feeling go away. I wondered where Brendon were so I put on some comfy clothes and went out to the kitchen. There, I found him, he hadn't noticed me yet, so I just stood there watching him. Gosh, he was so perfect, and he was mine, mine only. God, I'm starting to sound like a freak, but I just couldn't help it. I knew Brendon wasn't the best cook, despite that, there he was, only in his underwear with really messy hair, trying to make some breakfast. After a while he noticed me.
“Good morning my beautiful lovely sunshine.” He said with a smile. “How long have you been standing there watching me destroying your kitchen?”
“Just a few minutes, your so damn cute when your concentrating on something that you find so extremely difficult.” I said walking up to him. He put his arms around me and gave me a long hug.
We finished cooking together and then we placed ourselves on mine and Ry's couch watching some stupid sitcom.
“So what's on the schedule today?” I asked him.
“Dunno. I think that we have band practice today.”
“Yeah, that's right. Me and the girls were thinking that we should have our girl-time tonight since you guys are busy.”
“Girl-time without Spencer? Ahw, he'll be crushed.”
Usually, Spencer was counted as “one of the girls”. That's just who he is. Not that he acts like a girl or likely, that's just how it always has been.
“He just has to sit this one out I guess.” I said laughing. “You know, I had this weird dream last night.”
“Tell me about it.”
“I barely remember the dream though, I know it was about when we were younger and more stupid. You know when you, me and Ry used to try stupid things.”
“Yeeah, I totally remember those times, I kind of miss it. But I guess it all comes to an end right. I mean we were young and extremely stupid.”
“Well, there was this one time when Ry had gotten the hold of some acid. You remember.”
“Yeah.. I think so.”
I looked in to his gorgeous eyes, knowing that we never had talked about this before, at least not about the thing that happened that night. I knew he was thinking exactly the same things that I was thinking. No one knew about it of course, except us. But instead of clearing the air, we had just pretended like it never happened. Now, when we knew how we felt about eachother, It couldn't be a problem if we talked about it.
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