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Good morning sunshines

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Waking up at Brens, Saras and Spences place, and a tiny, little bit of "drama", at least if you ask Ryan.

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Chapter 5:

Becca's POV

I yawned and stretched. I was still lying on the floor with a pile of pillows under me. Someone was snoring. Probably Jon. I sat up only to find Sara next to me, Spence and Jon all over the couch. But where was Ryan, Oli and Bdon? I slowly tried to stand up, it felt like I was still sleeping. I searched the room but I couldn't find them so I went straight to Spence's room, where at least Ryan usually ended up.
“Heeey, good morning brother.” I said as loudly as I could but all I got was a loud snore. I jumped up on the bed starting to jump around. At least this method was a success, after a few seconds Ryan woke up.
“Stop....Jumping......Around.” He tried to say between my jumps. So I sat down instead.
“Where's Olidon?”
“Who the fuck is Olidon?... Ohh.. you mean Bren and Oli?”
“Duuuuhhh dumbass, who else? I though it would be a cute nickname for them.” I said with a grin.
“Totally...” Ryan said, falling asleep again.
“Oh.. Cmon sleepy head. Wakie wakie. Or I'll torture you.” I knew that would get Ryan up. He hated my tortures, which definitely included tickling.
“Alright.. alright. I'm up.”
“So where are they? I've been looking all over the place. Well, almost.”
“OLIDON of course, stupid little brother.”
“Ohh.. well sorry I can't keep up with such a genius as you. Some people are trying to sleep here. I don't know where they are. Probably freeloading on Saras bed or something..”
“Euuuw.. Don't be such an ass. You give me nasty pictures in my head.”

After a lot's of ifs and buts I finally got Ryan out of bed, we still couldn't find them though.

“Whooa.. Take it easy bro. No one understands you when you're yelling like that. And besides that, I think that you woke everyone up.”
“Who the fuck is yelling?” Someone snarled. It sounded like Jon but he was gone. “Spence get the off of me.” All of a sudden Spence flew off the couch, landing on top off Sara, who was still on the floor.
“Whats wrong with you?” Spence said staring at Jon. “And why is Ryan screaming?”
“I fell asleep last night and totally forgot about Samona, Olidon are gone and I really need to go now or Oli will send Bren after me, he'll KILL me.” Ry said looking like a little scared kid, I knew he always had been a little bit scared of Bren, since he got some temper. And since I'm practically the mum of the band I knew how to calm Ry down.
“Wait Ry, I'm pretty sure that's why Olidon is gone. They probably left when we were sleeping. Bren wont kill you, if he tries to, I'll kill him first! I'll call them.” I said trying to calm Ry down. This was so typical us, whenever we decide to have a slumber party there's always drama in the morning. Ry is so damn touchy when he's tired.
“Let me get this right? Olidon is gone, and by that I guess you're referring to Bren and Oli?” Sara said with a confused look on her face.
“Well duuuh?” Jon said, playing smart. Like he already knew me and Ry had given them a nickname. I picked up my phone and went in to the kitchen to get some quit while calling Oli.
“Hey Becca, what's up?” Bdon answered on Oli's phone.
“Just checking that you're alright. Ry has been hysterical since he woke up, he had forgotten about Samona.”
“Oh, no were great. And Samona is right here next to me.”
“Alright, just checking.”
“Yeah, can you ask Jon when we have band practise while you're at it?”
“OKAAAY. Yeah, you heard, right?”
“Kinda hard not to.” He said giggling.
“Talk to you later bro.”
“Later, sister.”
I hung up and went back to the livingroom.
“Samona's alright Ry. No worries, she's with Olidon.”
“Good, now let's eat something.”

Brendon's POV

The second she started to talk about that night it all came back to me. It had been the most amazing night ever, but we had never talked about it before. Even though I couldn't remember exactly what happened I remembered the feeling it gave me. Even though I knew that it probably didn't mean anything to her back then, or at least that was what I was thinking right then.


I picked up my phone and I knew before I answered that it was Ry, he had his own ringtone, his favorite song by The Beatles.
“What's up Ry?”
“Guess what?” He said, I could hear the excitement in his voice.
“John Lennon has resurrected and he kidnapped you dressed as a little elf so that he can have you as his pet?” I laughed to myself, Ry hated when I was playing unserious with him, especially when he had something fun to tell me.
“No silly, I've gotten the hold of some acid.” He almost whispered to me.
“Really? You're kidding right?” I mean, how the hell could he possibly gotten the hold of that?
“No man, I'm serious. Some guy at school sold it to me.
“That's frikkin awesome man.”
“I know, so are you up for it tonight?”
“Yeah, totally. Have you told Oli yet? Is she free tonight?”
“No, I've been to busy, and she doesn't answer my calls. So you call her, okay?”
“Yeah sure, I'm on my way to her place right now so.”
“Great, talk to you later man.”
We hung up and I kept walking towards the Farro's house.
Jean Farro, Oli's mum opened the door.
“Hi Brendon, it's good to see you. Come in.”
“Hi Mrs. Farro. It's good to see you to. Is Olivia home yet?”
“Yes, she's in her room.”
“Okay, thanks.”
I ran up the stairs and flew in to her room. I may have caught her by surprise. She was on her bed playing her guitar as usual. She was really good and had a great voice.
“Hi Bren.” She said smiling. She put down her guitar and walked over to me.
“Hey there sunshine.” I said and gave her a long hug. She smelled like she used to, strawberries. After the hug I pushed her down on her bed and sat right next to her.
“Guess what?” I said with a huge grin.
“What?” She said.
“Ry has gotten the hold of some acid.”
“No way, really?” She said, looking quite surprised.
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