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Chapter Two

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Miley strolled down the hallway clutching onto Ryan's hand. They remained quiet as people stared at them. She knew why but didn't want to tell Ryan. Looking up at him, she smiled lightly.
Ryan also looked down at her and beamed. Slightly letting go of her hand, he frowned. "I gotta get to class. I'll see you later babe." He quickly pecked her on the lips before entering his class.
"Okay..." Miley continued her pace, sullenly. When she spotted Leightonand Chelsea, she hid her head quickly inside her black hoodie. Biting down on her lip, she knew they'd be furious because she ditched them yesterday. Please don't see me...please don't see me. She muttered to
"Hey Miley!" Chelsea said warmly as she spotted a familiar black hoodie mixed with the crowd.
Leighton turned around at the sound of Chelsea calling Miley's name. She sighed, surprised that Miley wasn't attached to Ryan. "Hello Miley." She said coldy.
"H-hey guys..." Miley stammered nervously. Whenever Ryan wasn't around her, she felt self-conscious and anxious. He was the only person who could keep her in line. When she drifted away from her friends he was there for her. Now he wasn't and Leighton looked angry.
Looking pissed off, Leighton put her hands on her hips. "Why did you blow us off yesterday?" She asked, with a touch of annoyance to her tone.
Miley looked defensively at Leighton, reluctant to tell her the truth. She knew that Leighton hated Ryan...since his suicide attempt. "I-I was with Ryan." She blurted out.
"Figures." Leighton rolled her eyes. "Ever since Ryan tried to kill himself you're with him 24-7. And whenever you are with him you cling to him like a lost puppy. It's stupid." Leighton said bitterly. "I want my friend back."
"I-I'm sorry..." Miley said with a weak inflection. "I just love him a lot..." She said, beginning to feel more uneasy as Leighton eyed her angrily.
"Leighton..." Chelsea said with an urging voice. "I know she's too attached to him but their in love. She doesn't mean to ignore us." She said, defending Miley.
Leighton looked at her with disturbance. "Ryan sucked her into his whole depression issue! He made her sick for days and she barely talked to anyone! He basically screwed up her life!" She retorted, knowing that she was 100% right about them.
"That's not true." Miley quietly answered.
"Of course it is." Leighton said with a smuggish demeanor. "Face it Miley, Ryan's screwed up...real bad." She said, hopeful that she'd get through to Miley.
"I-I love him..." Miley whimpered, feeling hurt by Leighton's words. Without another thought, she left them, dashing down the hallway crying.
"Leighton! Look what you've done!" Chelsea said, following Miley as she entered the bathroom. When she finally reached where Miley had went, she walked into the bathroom and spotted Miley crying in the corner. Miles..." She put her hand on Miley's shoulder. "I'm sorry that we sounded harsh back there...we just don't want you to get hurt."
"I'm perfectly fine of taking care of myself." She answered harshly. Her face was red and sullen and wet from tears. She gently wiped her eyes with a tissue "I don't want to talk to you now."
"Okay." Chelsea responded sadly. "But if you ever need me or Leighton, don't be afraid to ask. We're here for you." She smiled lightly before leaving. Miley nodded and stood up. She was still hurt from what Leighton said about Ryan but she tried to stay strong.

Ryan strided along the narrow road of Miley's street. He finally came across her driveway and walked up, ringing the doorbell. Eager to see Miley, he became disappointed when he saw Brendon answer the door. Despite Brendon's hatred to him, he put on a fake smile. "H-Hey Bren- Miley here?"
Brendon gave Ryan a scowling look and answered him trying not to get mad. "Our mom took her shopping...she was worried that Miley doesn't get out much." He looked at Ryan making it clear that it was his fault. "Oh." Ryan answered him quietly. "When you see her can you tell her to call me? She won't answer my texts."
Brendon continued to glare at him. "No." He said rudely. "She doesn't answer you because she doesn't want to talk to you." He lied, knowing that Miley left her phone home. "Listen Ross, you're not wanted here. You've screwed with my sister's life enough, I don't want you to hurt her anymore. It would be best for everyone...ecspecially Miley if you just left her alone." Brendon spat at him.
Ryan took a second to absorb in what Brendon said to him. It hurt him to realize that he was hurting the love of his life. Looking up at the sky, he contemplated what to do. After a while, he came to the conculsion that she would be happier without him. It would draw a knife through his heart but he rather her be joyous than miserable. He glanced over at Brendon again. "I understand...I-I'll break up with her the next time I see her." The words barely came out of his mouth.
"Alright, thanks dude." Brendon finally let out a small smile. "Don't worry about hurting her. She'll make it through."
"Mhm..." Ryan mumbled before walking away. Tears were starting to form but he knew he had to do it. Blinking away the waterworks, he looked back at Miley's house. Brendon had already went inside. He turned his head to look in front of him. She'll be happier without me. He kept telling himself.
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