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Sweet Nothings

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Skylar is a local girl that takes a job helping out backstage at the town's small music festival. She meets the guys and falls for Mikey, and he falls for her. Not knowing that he was about to star...

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Skylar sat in the dressing room in front of the mirror; putting on the dreaded make-up that she knew would be sweated off during the show. But, it was part of the band's image. She looked over at her bandmates as they warmed themselves up for the coming show. This being the first time that they were opening for a mainstream band; one that she had followed sence the band had started. My Chemical Romance.
"Hey, Sky, you need to hurry with that grap and warm-up yourself." Hawthorn, the lead vocalist, said as he sat down next to her. He sat a pair of drumsticks down on the table beside her.
Skylar rolled her eyes and got up from where she was sitting. Looking at the clock, she saw that it was almost show time for them. She threw one of the hats hanging on the mirror at Samuel, the bassist, waking him up from his sleep.
"Get up." Skylar said as she walked over to the door. Her sixth sense telling her that she should open it. Just as she did, a red hair teen ran in almost taking her out in the process.
"What's up with you, Aura?" Hawthorn asked.
"They're actually here. We're actually opening for them!" Aura said through gasps for air. Confirming to her bandmates that this was real; that they weren't just being set up like so many times before. "They're coming down the hall right now."
The words had just left her lips when a knock came on their dressing room door. Exchanging looks at each other then looking to the door, they were in complete shock. Each wondering when they would wake up from this dream.
After another knock, the door swung open revealing Darren(their manager)and the men that made up the band that they themselves had model after.
"Told you guys that this one was real. I don't think that I need to introduce these gentlemen. But, they may need to know your faces to put the names they know to." Darren said, standing aside and letting the guys into the room.
They each gave their name as their hand was shook by each passing member.
Mikey kissed Skylar's hand when he got to her and gave her a wink and smile. Letting her know that she had definetly caught his eye.
"You guys want to hang out with us after the show?" Gerard asked as he took the nearest seat.
"That would be amazing!" Aura said with excitement flowing from her voice. She couldn't stop herself from hugging to the nearest person in the excitement of the moment. The nearest person happening to be Frank.
The entire room filling with laughter when the two of them fell to the floor. Aura having lost her blance and taking Frank down with her. Her face went blood red when she realized what she had done. She shot up from the floor and backed up against the wall.
"Hey, no big deal. I'm still alive." Frank said as he took Ray's out stretched hand. He knew that he would've probably done the same thing if all his dreams were coming true in just the matter of minutes. He could only guess at how these guys were feeling on the inside. Her little out burst showed him what the others were hiding.
They spent several more minutes getting to know each other before another knock came on the door.
"Show time, guys." Darren said, motioning for them to come out of the dressing room.
They all filed out of the room and headed towards the stage. The sound of thousands of people filling their ears the closer they got to the stage.
"Good luck, guys." Ray said right before they started towards the stage.
Mikey gave Skylar one finally smile before she disappeared onto the stage with the rest of her band. He was already sizing her up.
Darren noticed right away what was going on; already seeing the gears working in the bassist's mind.
"Let me say this once. Hurt her and I'll hunt you down and kill you." Darren whispered into Mikey's ear as he walked passed him.
Mikey nodded, understanding where the guy was coming from. Knowing that he was just looking out for his friend. Mikey knew that he would probably be giving the same warning if he was in Darren's shoes.

The whole show ended around mid-night; both bands went back to MCR's tour bus for the private after party. Skylar was the last on the bus where she found her friends drinking and partying with the guys. Frank and Aura were definetly getting closer by the minute. Hawthorn and Samuel were in a game of poker with Ray, Bob, and Gerard.
"Hey, beautiful, what took you so long?" Mikey asked as he pulled her down to the couch.
"Have you ever tried to get through a crowd of fans trying to get to their cars at the same time?" Skylar asked. Her body already having cold chills running through it; knowing that tonight her dreams were going to come true. A one night stand with her favorite member from her favorit band.
Mikey must of been feeling the same way as her from the way he kept moving about. Shifting her onto his lap to cover it up.
"Do you want to go somewhere else?" Skylar asked, her body getting the best over what her mind was telling her. 'He doesn't have to know that I'm only sixteen.' she told herself as she got up, letting him lead her away.
"Don't do anything that I wouldn't do, brother." Gerard said when he noticed them heading for the bus door.
Skylar shook her head when Hawthorn and Samuel started to get up; she didn't want them to get in the way of this. Her eyes telling them that she wanted this. Both of them nodded and relaxed back into the poker.
Mikey lead her back into the venue and into one of the dressing rooms. Neither saying anything as they let their bodies take over...

Skylar awoke the next morning when her cell phone went off. Looking at it, it was a text from Aura letting her know that it was time to go. She looked over at the still sleeping Mikey and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She got up and put on her clothes and headed for the room's door. Thinking that it would be best to leave the night like this; knowing that that was all that it ever would be, just another one nighter with a fan to him.
Skylar walked out of the building with tears in her eyes and her head dropped. Feeling bad for leaving without telling him.
"Hey, he didn't hurt you, did he?" Bob's voice came from beside the tour bus.
"No. I just feel bad for leaving without saying something to him. Which, what does it matter, this will probably be the last time we even get an opener this big." Skylar said, taking the cigaratte that was held out to her.
"Let me tell you, you're not just another fan girl. You're the first he's slept with in months. He has feelings for you." Bob said, he handed her his cellphone."Put your number in it, and I'll put mine in your's. That way we can keep contact with one another."
"Don't let him know that you have this. I think it would be best if he were to let this slip into memories." Skylar said.
"Wasn't planning on letting him know. I know that you don't want him to get in trouble for sleeping with you. I know that you're sixteen. Us famous people do our research on our openers. I just want to stay in touch with a group of people that are already considered friends." Bob said as he punched in his number. They gave each other their phones back and exchanged a hug.
Skylar walked over to the band's van and climbed into the back seat withouth looking back as they drove off to their next location...

Mikey woke up about an hour later to the emptiness beside him. Feeling in a way heartbroken that she had just left with a single word to him. But, he knew the reason behind this. Knowing that it was probably her way of leaving it behind; her thoughts were probably those of nothing more than another fan girl. But, deep down, he knew that this wouldn't be the last time he saw her. He wasn't going to let it be. After the tour, he was already planning on searching for her.
Mikey got out of the building and headed towards the tour bus, seeing the guys all standing outside for a smoke. A very familiar and extremely obsessed fan girl annoying them. Eyia.
Eyia had been following them around all tour; annoying them whenever she could. They had already filed a restraining order on her five times in the past month. He could see Bob texting behind his back; a skill that had come quite in handy sense this fan had came along. She still hadn't figured out how the cops kept getting called on her.
"Let me have one of those." Mikey said as he took the pack from his brother.
Within minutes of joining the group for a smoke, the cops arrived and pulled Eyia away. The whole time she fought against them.
"Crazy fans." Ray said as he finished his cigaratte and boarded the bus.
Mikey took out his phone and looked at the only picture he had gotten of Skylar. He looked over when Bob put his hand on his shoulder.
"Forget her, man. She's just another one in the sea of people out there." Bob said as he got on the bus.
"Yeah, forget her." Mikey echoed Bob's words as he followed him onto the bus.
"I'm going to miss that Aura. She was amazing." Frank said, going into his own little world as he followed Gerard on the bus and pulled the door behind them.
They took off to their next show. They wouldn't think much about the group of teens until months later...
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