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I constantly thank god for Ian

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Only the beginning

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It was my second week at the hotel when that perfect creature walked in with some other guys. Disgusting. Nobody can be that perfect. I couldn’t remember a word they’d said, that’s how beautiful he was, and he knew it. Even the way he walked annoyed me. I gave them the usual "breakfast starts at seven, lunch at twelve, dinner at five and the reception is open all night for your satisfaction" as I gave them their keys, and they were gone as fast as they came. All except for him. He seemed to walk in slow motion only to bug me even more.

“I liked it when he walked up to us, but girl, I loooove seeing him walk away!” Ian, the bellboy, exclaimed. “Look at that fine behind…”
“Aren’t you supposed to help them with their baggage?”
“Oh no can't you see, Boss is doing that?” he said with a smirk.
"I can see the look he's giving you, someones job's on the loose!" Boss would never fire Ian, he may seem lazy at times but the guests loves his charm and he knows this hotel like the back of his hand.
"Seyah later giiiirl" he called as he hurried away. I could never be a bellboy at this place. I would get lost in all the corridors. This manor is huge! And I’m pretty sure it’s haunted even though I never saw anything. Besides, how could a girl be a bellboy?
I was supposed to work in the reception all summer and then go to art school back home in Chicago. I had to pay for it in some way and this was far away from everything. Actually the big Victorian manor that was the hotel was in the middle of nowhere. The landscape was beautiful and there was a big rose garden, a lake and even a swimming pool. And lots and lots of rich and snobby people that I had to be nice to. I bet that guy’s just like the others.

The night shift? Yeah, sure I can do that! Oh why oh why oh why did I say that? The occasional call from people wanting pillows or something, but mostly nothing. And sometimes, not often at all, new guests comes in. At least I have Ians company 'til 2 a.m, if he could come back any time soon that is. It can't take this long to help guests with their bags. Even the walls makes sounds in this place.
I almost jumped out of my chair and it didn't get better when a saw someone or something with a white cloak.
"Oh I scared the shit outa yah!"
"IAN! WTF?" I pulled the cloak of and saw his grinning face. "DON'T do that!"
"You're such a scaredycat!" You think he would learn after all the years he's known me. "But you're still my bestest friend in the whole wide world, and I'm sooo glad that you got this job!" He said in his silly baby voice. I put my head on his shoulder.
"Could you man the reception while I nap please?" I used my puppy eyes.
"No time for naps, I've got some information about the guys that came earlier. You know the one with that fa-a-ine body? pause I hear they're famous, some little girlie wanted there autograph!"
"Huh, I would have never known"
"What's your problem with them anyway?"
"He just called before you came and wanted some more pillows cuz the bed is too hard... I recognized his voice. He's all cheerful and thanks and please and even his voice sounds perfect! Nobody can be that perfect!"
"Buhu! So he wanted extra pillows. It's not that bad!"
"It's not what he said, it's how he said it, hoping I would bring them up and all"
"Are you?"
"NO! I sent... Did you hear that?"
"Shhh. Sounds like footsteps..."
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