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here goes another chapter and just so you know most of this story is based on weird things that happen in my life.


I could not believe my eyes!
My little nerdy brother was singing ABBA while wearing a pink tutu.
His pale face flushed red and he grabbed and banket and covered himself.
Not that it really mattered. we already saw it.
"Mikey, do you care to explain?" i asked
he looked at his feet and then up at us
"i like to dance and sing to ABBA in my spare time!!!" i yelled quickly then ran past us and out the door.
"this is one hell of a sleepover you have here" Bob commented.
"MANover" i corrected.

"i'll go talk to him" i said.
i found him in the wash-house, back in this normal clothes.
"Mikey we need to talk" i said and he nodded
"how long have you been doing this?" i asked putting my hand on his thin shoulder.
"about 2 months now" he sighed and i gasped.
"that long?"
ne nodded again and i pulled him into a big hug.


The shock of what we saw was finally starting to wear off and we went to the kitchen to make some coffee to calm us down.
"do you think Gee will disown him?" Frank whispered.
"no you numnut he wont" Ray replyed.
for some reason, catching Mikey doing that didn't seem to freak Ray out.
which could only mean that the Fro has finally taken full control over him at last.
i jumped up and grabbed Rays shoulders and screamed
i was shaking him wildly one minute and the next i was on the floor with one hell of a headach.
"what did you do that for?" i asked Ray
"why did you suddenly attack me?" i asked back but i just ignored him and got up.

"here have some coffee. it will calm you both down" Frank said.
what a numnut, i guess he didnt realise that coffee doesnt calm you down.
but at lest he tries.
"im so sorry that you had to see that guys" Mikey said as he and Gerard came into the room.
he looked as though he was about to cry.
"dont worry about it Mikey" Ray said kindly, handing him a mug of coffee.
"dont give him that! he hyper enough as it is" i said "same goes with you Frank"
"why must you be so MEAN!!!" Frank yelled and ran out of the room...
Gerard ran after him like good boyfriend would.
"lets watch a movie" Mikey says, breaking the silence.
i agree with him and we go into the living room.

"i have to pee" Ray says out loud then runs out of the room.
Mikey and i just look at eachother and laugh for no reason.

we ended up on chosing "pokemon: mewtwo returns"
which is AWESOME!!!!!! might i add.
we were about half way threw the begining credits when we heard it.

"We've got to all stick together
Good friends, there for each other
Never ever forget that
I've got you and you've got me, so"

i looked at Mikey whos mouth way haning open

"Reach for the stars
Climb every mountain higher
Reach for the stars
Follow your hearts desire"

we didnt need to think about who it could be.
there was only one person who could sing so off tune

"Reach for the stars
And when that rainbow's shining over you
That's when your dreams will all come true"

it was Ray!
singig S Club Seven!

and there we have it... please review!!!!! hope you liked it!!!1
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