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rocky horror

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rightio ho here ist thy next chapter!!! enjoy!!!!


OMG Ray was singing S Club Seven!!!!
and i thought it was bad that i sung ABBA.
but this is MILLIONS times worse.

the 4 of us sat in silence and waited till the dreadfull singing stopped.
then Ray came into the room, looking as normal as ever.
"hey guys, whats up?" he says and sits next to me.
i just stare at him.
"S Club Seven! of all things S Club Seven!!!" Frank yelled entering the picture.
"er i dont knoe what your talking about!!" he quickly says. avoiding eye contact.
"well someone was singing S Club Seven, just now and YOU were the only one not acounted for soo....."
"it wasnt me!" he yelps.
"then who was it?" Gee sighs "a ghost?"
"EP! ghost?" Frank squeeks and jumps into Gerards arms.
"Frankie there is no ghost. it was Ray!"

"it was not!" Ray defended.
"hes right" a voice said.
we all turned to the voice...
"ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Frank screams.
"what the hell!!!" i yell.
there in the door way was a Freakin' stranger dressed as "Frank-N-Furter" the leading woMAN from 'the rocky horror picture show'.
"who the fuck are you?" Gerard askes, holding Frankie close to him.
"a stripper darling" he/she looks around. "didnt you hire me?"
we all shake our heads.
he/she sighs "damnit. sorry wrong house."

he/she makes his/her way out and once the door shuts we all let out the breath we all xeemed to be holding.
"that was frightning" Gerard whispered.
i nod.
"who would want THAT stripper?" Bob askes shaking his head in horror.
"dont be mean he/she is probably real good" Ray says then cracks up laughing.
his laughter soon gets all of us on the floor holding our sides.

"I HAVE TO PEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Frank screams getting up and starts running to the bathroom.
but misses the door and runs in to the wall.
which made the rest of us laugh harder.

we finally came to a stop and i look over to see Frank still sitting were he had fell after hitting the wall.
"uh Frank didnt you need to pee?" i asked.
his voice came out high picted "not anymore i dont"
"EWW!!!!!!" the rest of us screamed but it turned into more laughter.
"i feel dirty" Frank says and awkwardly shuffles into the bathroom for a shower.

Gerard whipped the tears from his eyes and stood up.
"shower! shower! shower! shower! shower!" he said running in circles the into the bathroom with Frank.
"SEXI SHOWER GAY SEX!!!!" Ray Bob and i scream.
"YOU BEST BELIEVE IT!!!!" Frank and Gee call back.

"ewwww" was our reply.

there we go. another chapter.
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